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Shimmy’s Top 10 

Dee edit: Howdy there people. Charizard! I just drafted your post until the end of today so that we can give Shimmy at least the second day of this post. Then we’ll have yours later tonight all the way ’till the dawn of Monday. I apologize I wasn’t able to tell you earlier. Anyways, there weren’t any comments yet so it wasn’t spoiled. 😉 We’ll be seeing Charizard’s debut post in about 12 hours.

Hey guys I got the day off school today so the teachers can prepare for Open Day on Sunday so that means I cant do the Top10 On Sunday I am going to do it today.

Moved into Medium or Large:

Crystal Warriors: Crystal Warriors recently been getting amazing turn outs and have moved to Large Status!! Well Done CW

Now For the Top10

1. Cookies Of CP (New To the Top10)

The Cookies Of CP Everyone remembers they were a medium army for a long time they then died well they are back with a new generation led by Nathan1cool. They are averaging 5-9 at events and are doing very well!!

2. Army of Repuclic (+7)

In my eyes The top 2 were the only armies which deserved Places in the Top10. This army has been rising getting very good numbers recently one more turn-out like that and they will be medium

Picture 27

3. Snow Fighters (+3)

I know they deserve to be higher but they need to be consistent. Losing Dan was not the best thing for them but they are starting to do well. Averaging 10, they should be first. But there are not that active but if they get near 20 again of course they will get Medium lets just wait and see!

4. Puffle Warriors

Just started a new gen not that active and also needs some pictures gets some good sizes on Chat But they are building And doing well. Average 5-10

5. Team Red (-2)

Team Red didn’t have the greatest of weeks maxing around 5 at the last couple of events had an ICP Event which went okay. Starting to Lose servers from MFW. Need to pick up before Next week!

-No Recent Pics-

6. Churros Of CP

A new army on the rise averaging 5-6 on CP recently had a PB with Supreme Army Of CP And came out on top. Doing very well and having good tactics. I am sure they will be higher next week

7. CP Spartans

An Ok army Not that active. Needs to start posting. Anyone actually got a good army? Spartans Average 4 But need to be active

8. Ice Vikings

A New army on the horizon and this army looks good. Defentily could fight with Spartans averaging about the same 4-5 But has good tactics and good leadership. Maybe higher next week. Recently had a PB with Snow Warriors came out good averaging 4-5 throughout the battle and having good tactics meant they won by a margin!

9. Supreme Army of CP

A good small army that average 4 on CP getting bigger and still could with good leadership and good tactics if they average more they will be higher let me assure you of that. In the Pic they are the left side army 😉

10. Snow Warriors

An Old Army everyone knows about There used to be medium then a couple of the leaders retired and it all went down from there. They are active on the site but not at events. Averaging 3-4 on CP Needs to be more active before next week. Had a PB with IV Lost averaging 2-3 throughout the battle. Needs to improve

Armies that are out of the top10:

Blue Army: Convicted of Bots unless they stop will not be back in the top 10

BFA: No pics no activeness not good

BP: NO posts in days No leadership. They are dieing

CPA: They are dieing with no posts and with no leadership. And Grant focusing on SMAC. Well they are nearly dead.

Earth Warriors: Active but once again No pics. Need to pick up a bit more

I hope you liked it



36 Responses

  1. Awesome Ar Army is going to be medium very soon

  2. i have 2 problems with churros placment (i am churros leader)
    1. churros gets -8
    2. churros invaded SACP’s servers it wasnt a PB

  3. Replied to ACP warriors’ Comment 1. So do all the armies above.
    2nd I got a tiny fact wrong I will make sure I will correct it mmk?

  4. no offence but u must be really dumb (no offence) i mean but Earth Warriors are much better han alot of these armies not saying names but im just saying we are big and strong enough to be in ALL SMALL ARMY TOP TENS Earth Warriros max about 15 at events and they have alot of events coming up youll see
    ~JackJack2006 EW Leader http://clubpenguinearthwarriors.wordpress.com


  6. That seems accurate. You did good 😀

  7. 1 word . STUPID . ur starting to piss me off with ur complaining shit and all . we dont use bots now get over it . how many f***ing times i have to say it ? 1000000 ? seriously … do you have a proof ?!?! no, then get out …

    • Please, go away. Your starting to piss us off with you bringing all your shit here saying “Oh, I didn’t use bots” Also, you sound like a 6 year old or something.

      1. “how many fucking times i have to say it ? 1000000 ?”
      My Take: Hmm, I think you’ve only said it about 6-7 times.

      2. “do you have a proof ?!?! no”
      My Take: The proof is on your site. Go look at all of those pictures.

      3. “then get out …”
      My Take: Uh, just in case you didn’t know, I’m apart of this site. Your just some noob coming here trying to cuss us out like a little faggot.

  8. Thanks For your Nice Comment Ioioluk. Also Jackjack The problem is you have no pics so i cant do anything Soz

  9. EPIC top ten man 😉 i’m working on my post it will stsy drafted untill sunday.

    Btw here’s a hint of what it’s gonna be alot of things! 😀

  10. Change of plans i’ll post it tommorow, and also it’s only 1 thing it’s an army in focus

  11. Sorry rest of CPUN. I got mad. 😦

  12. then stop fucking saying i use bots if u dont want me to bring my shit here idiot … i think it makes sense -_- … the proof is on my site ? shut up noob .

    • Shut the fuck up already! Stop using bots if you don’t want me to say you use them dumbass. Yes, it is on your site. I am no noob, go ask the majority of CP Warfare.

  13. SHUT UP IOI! AR beat you without bots ass hole.

  14. WTF we beat MFW and they are medium. Look at our Invasion of Icicle. Maybe we didn’t have any pics is becuz we only have 2 GMT troops. When the times where 12EST

  15. MFW arnt meduim. They may say they are but they arnt if you ask me.

  16. […] Well AR was on the verge of merging with CPA but we won’t. We were almost a new army called CPAR. But that is just to much. Grant, we are sorry but we just cannot do it at the moment. So no worry AR is still AR. Bart wanted to merge but there are just too much objections. I’m sorry. But to be honest I think we are fine on our own. Look it! We are 2 in the top ten! https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/shimmy%e2%80%99s-top-10%c2%a0/#comment-1034…  […]

  17. Bluejay, just be more patient next time. We try to give each person here a chance to have their posts lighted.

  18. I have not been focusing on SMAC, but now I am, and CPA is doing just fine. I take it as an insult that you say we are dying because we didn’t make a post in 3 days. We are holding a training session, tomorrow, on Saturday. We will have a great turnout, and you can check the pics after if you like…

  19. Grant you didn’t make a post in 7 days on cpa and you havent been on cp in over 2 weeks

  20. Wtf? If I am thinking right, you use pics to rank armies? 😐 You don’t rank armies out of their pics, you rank them on how good they are, their activeness and their tactics. Also, could you use more puncuation please? It’s annoying having to read a whole paragraph at once.

  21. Beaver the thing is Maybe their are active but how would I know how many they average or how many people are actually active and come to events. I would not know that without pics. Like ACP the CPAC top 10 is not based on ACP’s Comments but on their pics and how many they get in events. Also I use punctuation, Do you like hate me or something ;(


  23. Hehe, CPT got out of the top ten, also okay Dee i’ll add some extra stuff, bye!

  24. Blue Puffle Army?

  25. http://eliteromanscp.wordpress.com/ ELITEROMANS ARE BACK!!!

  26. churros epically beat SW http://churrosofcp.wordpress.com/2010/10/23/victory-of-glacier/ (CHEW)

  27. PW’s not active? Yeah right!

  28. stop fucking being a complaining noob if u want me to get out … you started all this with ur noobness . i never asked a post to be made here about blue army using bots so shut up !


  29. ok look i have nothing on you , i wasnt talking to you to get out but i was talking to jd222 cuz hes saying i use bots in any of his posts wich is really pissing us off .i never asked you to judge anything btw. ..


  31. You should of added Pirates: http://thepiratesarmycp.wordpress.com/

  32. Listen, I think we deserve to be in the top ten.
    WE did plenty patrols and recruits, we had a war and we own alaska.
    Come on, we have 9 troops and I know that seems bad but its so hard work!

  33. i think maybe we should upload pics. so you can see.
    Please cpun stay focus on my army:


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