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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Another post about War Servers/ Team Red vs. MFW and RW

Pwn’s 3rd edit O.O: Since Panfu vs. CP is so popular, I think it should be made into a page.

Pwn with another update: Team Red is now claiming MFW has not taken any servers from them. The Red Warriors taking Tundra still stands. MFW leader Miroos has retired from the MFW. How will this affect them???

Pwn with an update: MFW has taked Wool Socks, the TR capital, along with Patagonia and Bubblegum. The Red Warriors took Tundra from TR last night when they failed to show up.

Dee edit: Hi there! Sorry for drafting your Top 10 Shimmy. I needed to give Pwn’s post another day and a half since it was only made last night. I’ll get Shimmy’s post back on ASAP. I apologize once again if anything Shimmy. 🙂

The War Server System may not work correctly if 2/3 of the armies are using it while the other third are not.  That is why now I think we should have 15 servers that can be invaded and 1 or 2 neutral servers purposely for War. I don’t hate invading servers though I’m annoyed how all 130+ servers in Club Penguin are open to invading.  Having a collection of 5 servers isn’t much of an accomplishment when there are over 130 servers in all of Club Penguin.  Why not make our server system more stable?  Why not make a server collection look like an achievment?  And why not have another War Server like Mammoth again? If we put a poll for this on a site such as Club Penguin Army Central I’m confident that at least 2/3 of the voters will agree.  Here are the servers I think should be invadable, just my opinion.

  • Breeze
  • Snow Fort
  • Mammoth
  • White House
  • Sub Zero
  • Frozen
  • Fog
  • Tuxedo
  • Tundra
  • Sleet
  • Snowbound
  • Big Foot
  • Grizzly
  • Crystal
  • Rocky Road

-50 Cent 254

Thank you 50. The problem with this system is how will small armies fit into this? Even if they do manage to take over a server, how will they be able to keep it? The server will be invaded by a major army in a matter of days. This idea will not work for small armies. 50 Cent needs to look at small armies. I personally like the old idea better. There is a problem with that, too. No one has really been using the server system. Which system do you like better? Comment!


This post is not all about War Servers though…

A war has erupted! It was originally Team Red vs. MFW, but when the Red Warriors found out the server Icicle was involved, they quickly sided with MFW. The Red Warriors are invading Tundra from Team Red tommorow. MFW and TR are going head to head later on in the week. I will keep you posted!



24 Responses

  1. 1st and Shimmy when are you making next top 10?

  2. This is a major issue since both armies (Team Red and MFW) are in the CPUN. I know we shouldn’t stop wars, but what do you suggest we do?

  3. Yes, that’s true. If this plan happens then small armies might not even hold their server for a long time. Major armies might not even know about the army claiming that server and declare it’s their’s with no war.
    I’m also thinking of starting a new army. I want to know how it feels like leading.

  4. I’ve made the website. It’s called The Colored Penguins Clan. Here’s the link http://www.coloredpenguinsclan.wordpress.com
    Please comment just a bit even if you’re not joining. I just need a few comments.

  5. I think that the war servers have only served larger armies. Also, colorpeng, would you like a position on the CPR?
    here is the link

  6. No Probs Dee Btw did it have any comments when u drafted it?

  7. They only reason we are declaring war on them is because they made a n00b pretend to be a fake CPAC Judge. The “CPAC Judge’ said that only MFW could recruit before battles and that apprently we had to move to the Boiler Room because of a so called “Tornado”

  8. WTF?? How is Fjord not included in this list.It is alway being fought over in nachos battles.

  9. I’ll make a post on Monday or Sunday m’k?

  10. Álso Fjord is not a netural server cause they don’t want to take away they’re own servers but will take away the other armies capital which is sad

  11. Sorry about that Shimmy D=. I didn’t know you had a post drafted! Also, Read the Nachos’ I didn’t plan this post. It’s a heartbreaking post D=.

  12. Not yet though Shimmy. At least it wasn’t spoiled. 😀

    That’s alright Charizard that’d be perfect. Anyways, we’ll be seeing to the TR vs MFW War.

    Fjord is reaching the height of Mammoth in terms of.. well, sacredness.

    P.S. Hi there Fishpop. 😉

  13. Sure, fishpop, I’ll check the site and I’ll comment there

  14. MFW have not invaded any servers yet On the first 3 they didnt claim 5 rooms and on the second they didnt Have 5 people I dont know about Red Warriors though I was asleep during the battle 😮

  15. Love the striking news Pwn. Everything’s happening so quickly. 🙂

  16. On the second day they didn’t show up

  17. Oh Btw MFW have not taken our capital we still own it Due to some faults. So MFW do not own any of our servers. We defended them all Thanks

  18. Think of Mammoth,Fjord,and Sub Zero as the Gaza strip region.Its a war every couple years over it.Everyone claims it (Isreal and Palentinean Fail grammer) .

  19. Publish Shimmy’s post now. I really have wanted to see it.


  21. Panfu vs. Club penguin as a page? No, all the hate comments to each other would be horrifying.

  22. Yeah, and those Panfu fans are so immature except one. They have bad grammar.

  23. Hey Bluejay, BE PATIENT. You don’t know who you’re talking to in this site.

  24. Yay! The Ice Vikings have been nominated. I must be doing better than I think I am. 😀

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