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War Servers

Pwn: War Servers start today! Let the battles…BEGIN!!!

Hey guys! It’s Pwn. You may know that the other day the Nachos hosted a War Server meeting for major armies. Most people voted yes to war servers, but NW and UMA voted no. Neither of them said why. Majority is majority, so thw war servers will be:

  • Mammoth
  • Outback
  • Sleet
  • Frozen Pwn: Frozen has been changed to White House.

Since Mammoth was chosen, the ACP are now rethinking the whole war server idea. They say that they want to keep Mammoth, and Frozen isn’t a very good choice either. Boomer20 said:

Mammoth is a worthless war server, it’s always full and battles would have to be moved elsewhere anyway. Outback and Frozen are the only servers on that list with much potential, as the others will be full to nonmembers all the time and members nearly half the time. I don’t understand why Sleet was picked considering just a few weeks ago, ACP and IW had to agree to fight a battle on a different server because no one could get on Sleet. Again, the servers you use for war servers have to be consistently available and able to hold large amounts of soldiers, and Mammoth and Sleet are probably the 2 worst servers for that. I think servers like Grizzly, Freezer, Frozen, and Outback would be better size-wise. But you can’t pick servers for massive battles that are constantly full, that’s just common sense

RPF is now debating the war servers too. They say that they invaded Sleet not too long ago and they want to keep it. Frozen is also NW’s server. Tomb has said NO ONE will be allowed to enter Frozen and fight on it. They opposed the war server idea, and although they didn’t say it directly, this may be the reason why they didn’t like the war server idea. The Nachos have not responded to any of these armies yet. The only server that everyone agrees on so far is Outback.

Do you like these war servers? Do you think these are good serves? Do you agree with the armies that disagree? Do you like the server choices, or do you want different servers? If so, comment!



18 Responses

  1. Mammoth USED to be a war server, its been through ‘to many’ and now its just a memorial, a place of rest, and where small armies come to recruit, its not fair if a giant army like ACP or Nachos comes in and starts recruiting for no reason, but truly, nobody owns Mammoth anymore, its wrong to set the server of Mammoth as a capital, its a recruiting server.

    -WyoSkyGuy-Long Live NAM-Long live NT2nd Gen-

  2. Great Post. I think it would be a great idea for war servers. But Not mammoth the others are good but not Mammoth Too Full and Always has ACP ON it. As boomer said!! Somewhere like Mittens or Mountain would be good

  3. i think the war servers are a good idea but they shouldnt pick servers that armys already own because its unfair that servers that armys ALREADY OWN are made neutral

  4. HI, dee i have an idea that maybe i could run like a chat show for cp armies it would be really cool and i would be happy to do it for editor role as i would set up a chat page but it would be really good

  5. Mammoth needs to be a free server.Its always being fought over.Noobs army claim and they think they run it.Then they start a fuss when the major armies get on.

  6. I agree with jd. ACP is always on Mammoth. They should make it on some server that is never full. Like Thermal

  7. This won’t work on servers like mammoth and such.

  8. You know, the fact that Mammoth is used by everybody maybe it should be OUR Capital since we represent everybody that joins and since ACP and Nachos are in the CPUN, maybe we can get it to be a CPUN server.

    • But Mammoth is used by many armies. Many that aren’t in the CPUN. So therefore, it cannot be given to us.

  9. Dee, I emailed you on what I think on what we were talking about in PC earlier. I emailed it to mrdeedledoo@yahoo.com

  10. Well then they can join the CPUN

  11. Mammoth was one of the best servers before. We can’t even use the Dojo anymore. The Dojo was one of the best war locations before. Then Club Penguin had to put some Card game so that’s why servers are full. We should email Club Penguin to take off the Card game on some servers so we could have the old Dojo war place again!

  12. Dee, The CPAviators leader is almost never on.. while I’m on, so what do i do?


  13. http://bluejaysdontrulejk.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/wow/#comments


  14. It’s a great idea but we do need smaller servers. Like Vanilla or Wool Socks or Fjord or soemthing

  15. Fjord is a big Nacho server.

  16. Colorpeng, you can always buy the old dojo.

  17. If so I want beat the **** OUTA HIM!

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