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Shimmy’s Top 10

Dee: Thanks for participating in the Division Check-Up! I combined Sky’s shorter ‘Armies of the Week’ post with this post. 🙂

Hey its Shimmy with another Top10

1. Crystal Warriors of CP (+0)

Wow They finnaly take some pics and when they do they are amazing absolutely brilliant at their tactics session proving Grant who said their tactics were rubbish and lame. They brought out epic ones!

2. Blue Army (New to the Top10)

This army came out of the blue to post on my last top10 They are huge averaging 15 most of the time. But do they use bots it looks like it, maybe they will prove me wrong next week!

3. CP Aviators (-1)

They Recently merged with RPF but are still going strong as a indiviual army. Trying to prove they dont use bots. CP Aviators are still big though.


3. Team Red (-1)

Team Red Still Going Strong With 20 On their active count Definetly Could be higher next week

5. Black Panthers (+2)

The Black Panthers had a Great turnout at an Event and they are going really strong. With Loads of good armies ahead, it could be hard for them to get higher.

6. Snow Fighters (First Time in Top10)

Everyone has heard of Snow Fighters the Major army that soon declined and then died a couple of times?? Well they are back and they as big as ever. The only drawback is that there leader dantheman1 Just retired Leaving them with a lot to live up to. Can they do it?

7. Earth Warriors (-3)

Earth Warriors are a yo-yo Army they are 1st in the top 10’s then they out of the top 10’s but yet somehow they get good turn-outs and are now doing pretty well. JackJack Just has to learn not to speak in capitals all the time! xD

8. Club Penguin Titans (+0)

CPT had an epic PB with the Steel Warriors of CP They got big turn-out and I am sure will be higher next week! Maxign around 10 They are pretty big!

9. Amy Republic (New To the Top10)

Another army who commented on my post they have been around for quite a while and some of you will remember them facing ACP For mammoth and being crushed well they are back and they finnaly have a bit of sense.

10. Bacon Flavoured Army (New To the top10)

I would rank them higher but I didnt know about them till Today when they commented on our post. They are definelty worthy of this spot and if they keep going. They will defenetly be higher next week.

Thanks I hope you enjoyed my second top 10




Sky’s post:

My second Armies of the week post,

This weeks armies are:

Cp Blue Army, Link

Club Penguin Spartans, Link

And the CP Party Hats, Link


45 Responses

  1. Visit our site : http://www.cparmyofblue.wordpress.com

    Visit our chat : http://www.xat.com/cpbrc


  3. http://www.bfaofcp.wordpress.com

  4. cool

  5. we should be high rank im a ar the army is beter then that

  6. Umm, we split up with RPF a while ago. We merged a LONG time ago, nd you must have seen our old site. Our new site is cpaviators2.wordpress.com/ if you didn’t know.

  7. I got some questions here for shimmy22 :

    How an army without a good pic can get on 1st place?

    Why do you accuse every army of bots?

    Why did you accused me of bots last time we met ?

  8. Becuz all these dumb armies are being well… DUMB! By How you ask??? Because they are useing bots!!
    You use bots,
    You errrrrr Get dots lawl

  9. By the way the CPFG are growing fast everyday http://clubpenguinfieryighters.wordpress.com/

  10. I think Sky needs a better job. Let’s wait for promos. 😉

    By the way, a legendary army has returned to the scene. You’ll find out later this week in my next post!

  11. I think Sky needs a better job. Let’s wait for promos. 😉

    By the way, a legendary army has returned to the scene. You’ll find out who later this week in my next post!

  12. Everyone is trying to make there own army now a days.Many unexperienced noobs arent getting proper ranks in the big armies and they try to start there own.Only about 15% of them make it to be a “Medium Army ” about 5% of them go on to make it to the top 10.Most small armies are surviving by merging,they just cant make it longer than 3 months.Many small armies leaders think these days”I will be a medium army in 6 months” but then there army goes unactive in the first month.And there like make a post with the title of “What happend?” or “Where is everyone?”.

  13. avitars use bot u guy are cheaters

  14. @Dee Thanks, I do need a better job, or at least another one… cause I’m bored just doing one job once a week…

    @KingJared7 That’s right, its so hard to keep a small army continuing when nobody is willing to join. Right now, I have 12 soldiers, but only like 7 are actually active…

  15. Hey guys spyguy here. I have proof the blue army uses bots. I have there leader admitting to use penguin storm on a pic.

    ~SpyGuy202 Leader Of Crystal Warriors

  16. Awesome. Where did you get all these pictures? Hey, just to remind you people: Dee and I won’t be on for around three days. We have to go camping. So, see you. Dee will probably arrange it later.

  17. spy guy ur a fag that dont know the rules. u even asked scamp bri and he told you that its not automatically a bot program … u just fail

  18. We attacked woolsocks server of cw and we won it today . I got pics of them editing comments i never made and saying nasty things . I will soon add pictures of the war too. Those guys doesnt deserve 1st place we beat them without any problem but they still complain like crybabys. Move them out of here. They put pics of them before the war 30 mins and saying them won. all their pics are 30 mins before the war . move them outta here they really dont deserve 1st place.

    our site http://www.cparmyofblue.wordpress.com

    • No, you used bots and penguin storm. I ruled the Crystal Warriors won but you took it like a baby.

  19. Could you please add the Club Penguin Fire Ghosts to the nation list.

    Thank You,


  20. @ATM23 Learn how to judge faggot. Ur a cw friend just like jd222 ( 2 crybabys ) . I realized that those two faggots put CW in 1st everytime even if they suck ( they always did ) . guess why ? cuz their cw friends lol … HOW IT COMES CP AVIATORS AND BLUE ARMY ARE ACCUSED OF BOTS AND CRYSTAL WARRIORS ARENT? HMM , STRANGE. MAYBE CUZ THEY ARE CW FANS? U must be dumb to not realize that . Those two noobs accuse everyone of bots expect CW . if u want us to prove you wrong next week we already did . if u cant accept the words ” no bots in blue army” then get outta this site -_- .i didnt even used penguin storm fag watch my pics and ull see im on miniclip playing cp.

    • Whoa Whoa Whoa. No need for namecalling. You need to learn how to accept loss. You guys called me and asked me to judge. And I ruled the Crystal Warriors won. Before I said who I thought won, you weren’t whining, you were chill. Then when I said CW won, you started acting like little babies and cursing at me and all that. Then that one guy wanted to fight me on CP. xD Noob.

  21. Haha i took other proofs of them cheating and that i was on miniclip when the war was going on . Suck it ATM and JD222 . You both didnt realized i was on miniclip loool.

    CW FANS … Thats why they say CW won. But we got all the proofs .

    • No, I saw the photos. You were on Miniclip, but it isn’t hard to open up Penguin Storm in another window. The proof of your army using bots is on your site. Look at it, they are exaclty the same in uniform and when asked to chant, every single one of them said the same exact thing. Please, learn to accept loss.

  22. Whats your proof that i had penguin storm open btw? Whats your proof that i had bots? We have the same outfit cuz our outfit is VERY simple . I checked the tactics with my friend ioionutnut12 and they show on cp . The proof is not our website at all lol . I never asked a cw friend to come judge. CW did so they could win it . Your still a crybaby why dont you just accept that we dont use bots? Your like IW , saying they won when they lost . And going before or after the war to take pics of their “victory” .

    Before you told me that i can logg into multiple accounts i never did it. I never knew that i can do this . Ask Joee125 . Or other blue army members . I never told them : OK IM COMING WITH 20 PENGUINS WE WILL WIN!! I never knew i can do that . I swear … But your still not going to believe me cuz u cant accept defeat. How can it possibly be fun if you guys keep cheating? You are lying in most of the things you say.
    If you dont believe me we can get together on cp and ill show u all the tactics and prove you that it shows . This proves you that i didnt used bots . Now stop crying about it you lost woolsocks thats all .

    • How many times have I showed you the proof and how many times have you just reponded with that question? You asked for a CPUN Representative to judge the battle. There I was, I called CW winning. Spyguy wouldn’t accuse me of being a blue army freind if I said he won. HA HA I’m nothing like IW. I’m RPF All The Way.

      I can see a lier by the way he speaks. Why would I ask them? There a bunch of noobs. xD You didn’t have to tell them, its a matter of keeping it a secret. I can’t accept defeat? I’m not in CW or Blue Army. So just shut up, and move on.

  23. ioioluk, please do not use that word.

    Oh yeah, I noticed that the Blue Army’s uniform was like the legendary Navy’s uniform.

  24. Yeah I noticed that too. What A coincidence. O_O
    And if you didnt use bots you dont write 58 lines saying you didnt.
    You calm down and say excuse me but our army didnt use bots and/or Club Penguin Storm. If you dont use bots then you dont have to act all defencive about it

  25. Why do i keep talking with this noob? Whatever the reality is that we won not a noob like you and jd222 will erase it. Who cares about the judge in this battle? I mean you dont even need a judge to see who really won . Now bye im ont going to talk about bots again cuz im losing my time doing it.


  26. Sure Sure It is obvious now that you use bots!! Your lying is complete Rubbish! Also 30th Comment :d Back to the old days huh dee

  27. Ioio, I was considering putting you back in the Armies of the Week, but not anymore, how your treating the other CPUN members.
    And Atm, You are definitely NOT a noob…


  28. you both dont know how to judge an army without the word “bots” .

    • We do, its just you can’t be judged without denying and whining about everything I have to say.

  29. Sounds cool, count me in!

  30. I got good news, since this is totally not worth a post, I’m saving it for my Armies of the week, but NTCP is back… and better then before… NT2nd Gen… Yea, I know it sounds cheesy, but I don’t want to waste a post on such a lame excuse, xD

    -WyoSkyGuy-Long live NAM-Long live NT2nd Gen-

  31. This is seriously an issue. If ioioluk agrees, maybe I could interview him and post.

    Sky, if possible, maybe you can try interviewing the leader of the CP Aviators for a post on the CPUN? I’ll then combine it with my interview (if any) and publish it together. We need to discuss the use of bots and let the people being interviewed defend themselves. Don’t ask biased questions. Keep them comfortable and try letting them find a way to defend their names instead of destroying their reputation. 😉

    If anyone else wants to interview someone, interview NOW and tell me. I’ll combine them into an interview post soon. 😀

  32. @Dee, Of cource I’ll Do it! *bows and runs off to interview*

  33. Yea you can interview me…

  34. 40th! *wary*

  35. http://www.gonebaty.wordpress.com CHECK IF IT GOOD!

  36. The Blue Army does NOT use bots.

  37. r u thing bout blue puffle army? http://www.gonebaty.wordpress.com!

  38. When is the new top ten coming?

  39. Soon I am working on it Now

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