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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Division Check-Up

Dee edit: Sorry Chumpo, had to sticky this because it’s more important right now. 😉 If you have one idea, I think it’s best if you’d comment it on an idea post, or any post for that matter. There’s been 4 Idea posts with many suggestions in it. Comment on our posts as well and comment your ideas instead if you think of one from time to time. 🙂

Still waiting for your reports on whose dead or not guys. Welcome back Charliem. I believe you joined an army here 1 year ago and you were an active member.

October 8, 2010

Howdy everyone! Dee here with yet another post. I’m telling you guys, I’m so relieved that more than just one person is posting. Different opinions and different people. It’s good to see that. Back in the days, there weren’t just two heads or three. There were up to 6 or 8. Now imagine that.

So for this post, I’m going to be talking about jobs and Divisions!

Well, we have a lot of new guys on our site! Let’s see who the most active people on the site are: (Not in any order)

  • Mr Deedledoo
  • Atm23
  • Color Peng
  • Soccer793
  • KingJared
  • Rex5555
  • Pwner
  • Jd2222/Shimmy2222
  • Sky
  • Spartan/Donut
  • Charizard

There’s some more but please comment here if I forgot you!
Well, this is what we’re gonna do. We’re going to check on our Divisions to see which ones are dead or have merged. It’s very simple and I’m giving good positions in the CPUN Board to those who are able to complete the task. Those who aren’t CPUN Staff such as Charizard, you can do anything voluntarily. If you voluntarily check on one of our armies, please comment here and I will note your contribution. 😀

First Division – Under Mr Deedledoo

Second Division – This division will be handled by Atm23.

Third Division – This division will be under Soccer793.

Fourth Division -This division will be handled by KingJared

Fifth Division – Under Jd2222

Sixth Division –  Pwn

Seventh Division Rex55555

This can also be a good time to check on the armies in your division who are alive. Basically, your task now is to check on all five of the sites and see if they are still alive. How do we know that? Here’s a few tips:

  • What is the date of their last post?
  • How many comments are on most of their posts?
  • Do they even have posts?
  • Are they still there? O_o

When you do check on your divisions, report back to this post:

  • Division Number:
  • Armies alive: (Full name of armies)
  • Armies dead:

If an army only seems to have one person, add it to the dead section but put a note next to the army saying it is ‘dying’. I’ll know that there is only one person in that army and I’ll handle that. 😉

If armies have merged, please report that too. Report anything you find important or cool that has happened to your armies. This is also a good time to comment or ask how they are doing but it’s all up to you and your strategies.

We have many ideas as well. In the past few days, we’ve had about 3-4 Idea posts. Lol. In my next post I’ll be promoting some of the ideas most of the viewers liked and we’ll discuss. I like Donut’s idea of the CPUN Defence Division as well. We used to have an active one, and the United Nations has a real one – the Security Council. Our old registration form used to have Security Council Representative below the General Assembly Representative. It’s time to bring it back. Armies who join will feel their purpose here and will keep their morals up. 🙂

That’s all for this post. I’m gonna keep it short and clean for everyone to report to.

Until the next post! 😉


P.S. Articsledder, former CPUN member (also former soldier of the Club Penguin Rangers, leader of the Union which joined the CPUN 3 years ago and Order 67 veteran) and now IW 2nd in Command reported about the background Order 67 in CPA Central last month in their Army History release of the week. All the unknown secrets are revealed here in this post. All your questions answered. The history of Order 67! Sadly, it has poor views but it brings an interesting story to one who reads it. Comment if you want! 😀


20 Responses

  1. Well DCP is doing well the end 😀

  2. Nice Post. 😉 I’ll check on my positions right now!

  3. Comment I want it. Could You please add the Club Penguin Fire Ghosts To the nation list. Thanks,
    BTW lawl post http://clubpenguinfieryighters.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/hey-2/


  4. Soz I cant get onto the Nations page it just will not load!! I am really sorry but there is no change I can do the divisions

  5. I have done jd222’s

    Alive:Club Penguin Cavemen Army has Changed there name to Club Penguin Chocolate Army,Supreme Army of Club Penguin,American Army of Club Penguin,Under Cover Club Penguin Army

    Dead:Squid Team Of CP

    Sorry I had to do this quickly cause my mum wanted me off the computer O_O

  6. division:6

  7. Thanks So much mate Meet me on Team red Chat some time And you will get a Prize!!! *GOO*

  8. ROFL “mate me on Team red chat” thats sounds sick xD

  9. Lol Didnt realise. Oops I meant Meet ROFL xD

  10. Now what?

  11. No Probs.

  12. And yeah I joined here abut 1 year ago

  13. Cool also

    Aqua Warriors are pretty much dead.
    Thats right
    D-A-E-D dead! Wait I spelled it wrong XD

  14. Pretty nice.

  15. Division: 6
    Armies Alive:Under Cover Club Penguin Army, American Club Penguin Army , Supreme Army of Club Penguin, Club Penguin Cookie Army
    Armies Dead: Squid Team of Club Penguin

  16. Division 2:

    Golden Troops Of Club Penguin
    Status: Active And Alive

    Aqua Warriors Of Club Penguin
    Status: Active And Alive

    Defense Of Club Penguin
    Status: Active And Alive

    Penguin Counter Of Club Penguin
    Status: Inactive And Dead (Last Post August 16)

    Underground Mafias Army Of Club Penguin
    Status: Active And Alive

  17. Thanks for doing the check-up guys, apparently, 4 people checked on the same division and 1 person checked the right one. O_O

    Oh well, I’ll just check on the others. Where’s Soccer and Jared btw? 😀

  18. Sorry, I went to New York City (nce nce nce) because my sister had a skyscraper project, then we went to Princeton for my cousin’s birthday at a restaurant, went to Philadelphia to drop my sister (the same sister as before) at her apartment, and went back to my hometown in northwest New Jersey.

  19. LoL sorry I did div 4. Ima n00b. lawlz

  20. […] Thanks for participating in the Division Check-Up! I combined Sky’s shorter ‘Armies of the Week’ post with this […]

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