in need of work

hi penguins iwas wondering if you could give me some work i am bored because i thought i was hire to do the cpun news???????? anyways i need work


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  1. Don’t make posts like this, it should be a comment to Dee.

  2. I have a job for you, re-write this post 1,000 times and I’ll send you 1,000 er… what’s the highest currency?

    Just kiddin’. Like what soccer said, you should just comment. I was about to comment on the last post.

  3. Random post dude. If you want work, look around a bit 😉

  4. Give em a brake……………………………………..Hes new

  5. Its funny, he made 2 posts in his first week or so whereas my first post was like a month afterward.

  6. i hate cp cp sucks

  7. Whoa, we really need to go over posting. I’ll finish my drafted post on this sometime today.

  8. sorry about all the posts, but like he said were new

  9. Chump, try reading the comments of other posts sometimes, and at least read the commentd of your own posts.

    I commented on the latest posts that all questions will be answered in my coming post. 😉 Sorry for the delay Chumpo.

    Anyways, go Atm! 😀

  10. We need a manual Spelchecker Puncuation etc. Someone to clean up the posts. Personally I do not think that is neccisarly Right

  11. Sorry Guys I am not going to be able to post till saturday due to school. But get ready for another Top10 on Saturday!!!!!!!!!

  12. I would love to help, as a Reporter! Or you could give me my own CP talk show! “It could be called Late Night with AJCP”!
    I could be like Jay Leno or Jimmy Fallon! I would be great! I could make jokes once in a while!

    Check out my youtube channel at:

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