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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Shimmy’s Top 10 (Small)

Hi I am Shimmy222 A new reporter here And I am very grateful I got to work on this historic site. My first post will be a small Army top 10.

1. Crystal Warriors (New to Top10)

This army has been very strong for a while and could be medium next week they beat MFW for Snow Day and very easily at that the MFW Leader 77hockey giving up after 10 minutes. But  they Have no pictures to show their size

2. CP Aviators (New to Top10)

The CP Avaitors are getting bigger and bigger and are getting 18+ at events but people have started accusing them of bots, Is this true. Who knows or is this just a fluke. Well I have put them as 2 for the moment if they prove that they are not using bots I will move them up to one!Photobucket

3. Team Red 2G (New To Top10)

Team Red used to be an army that was made by Sammy Cannon they were always in the top10 but they died. They have been brought back and are again in the top10. People might Say I am biased but they are big and could get bigger.

4. Earth Warriors (New To Top10)

Earth Warriors are an army that have been up and down in the CP world but they are big once again, Tonight they have a 3 way tie with Team Red and Awesomes. If they can win that maybe they will be bigger and higher in the top10. They have also been accused of bots but I dont think Earth Warriors did use bots.

5. Sun Troopers of CP

The Sun Troopers a fairly new army our big but there leader Ty990 has recently retired which means Tydog1999 has to lead ST They had a fight against the Earth Warriors and the judge said EW won but Ty990 went mad and now they are rethinking the result.

6. Elites Of CP (New to Top10)

The Elites of CP used to be in the CPAC major army top10 All the time then they merged! Into LOL (League Of Lighting) Meant they died very quickly. They have been reformed by Flames181 and have already got 8 at a recruiting session. They are quickly rising and I think will be definetly higher next week

7. Black Panthers of CP

The Black Panthers of CP are a big army and are rising very quickly but are getting inactive with events not with posts but with events and are slowly decaying will they be higher or lower next week

8. Club Penguin Titans (New to Top10)

Club Penguin Titans Are an army that used to be very small only getting 1 or 2 at events but now get 7 or 8. Is this a fluke or not if they get more they will definetly get higher with a good size all-round they will have 8 for the moment

9. Your Choice

10. Your Choice

Ok Well the last two they are not enough good active armies to be in those two spots so if you comment with

1. Army Name

2. Link to the site

I will consider you for a position until next time



18 Responses

  1. Finally the CPUN is back up.. and running swell. It literally makes me want to cry. Good Job Dee,good job.

  2. Great post Shimmy. I think your a pretty good author. 😉

  3. name : strong troops
    site: http://www.stroops.wordpress.com/

    Soon i will upload some pics for you to see when we patroled .

  4. Thanks for the compliments I really appreciate it . Stron Troops need to be a little stronger before I consider them.

  5. CP Aviators bots… The rest is good

  6. Hi,Uhh my arm is in a sling I cant touch time and my typing is down to one letter per 50 seconds.I cant hold my game controller XD.Im still around but ill be gone for a week or so.

    Your Comrade,Kingjared7

  7. I ment touch type XD.

  8. Hey dee I was wondering about the divisions should I start doing it straight away or wait a couple of weeks? I think my next post will be either tommorow or monday Thanks

  9. CP Aviators don’t use bots and maybe icy fighters deserve #8

  10. I am the leader of the Cpaviators, and I would just like to say that we do not use bots! You can look on our site, as we just ahd an active count of about 30 people. Thanks for listing us!

  11. Hello, I am Shadowclub6, LOL Founder and Main Leader.

  12. I must say Shimmy, pretty impressive post. 😉

    I’ll answer all your questions in the post I’ll be making tomorrow probably. I’m not feeling very well and need more rest. Until then, see you guys! BTW, I’m back from exams! 😀

  13. Wow, and thanks Stev! Couldn’t have done it with our people today. They make the community. 🙂

  14. We invaded CW’s capital, Crystal.

  15. Death Bringers

  16. Army Leader : Ioio Luk1

    Army Name : Blue army of cp

    Army Site : http://www.cparmyofblue.wordpress.com

    Army chat : http://www.xat.com/cpbrc

    We are very active and i think we deserve to be on this page .

  17. ok im sierous is it like illegal to put ar in a top ten?!?!?!?!?

  18. Blue puffles of cp http://www.gonebaty.wordpress.com

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