• do army active counts on club penguin (we need to know how many armies+staff)
  • do a CPUN world cup or event date
  • make a parliment page (where all politics and cpun stuff can be posted)
  • sorry to say but get rid of inactive staff there are far too many inactive authors whose have important roles to play.
  • well i want to start the weekly CPUN news which i would run
  • get more events for our armies and gatherings
  • war recorders to investigate and keep up to date on battles

6 Responses

  1. 1. Has been done
    2. has been done
    3. I think it has been done (see history page)
    4. We don’t have replacements
    5. Someone tried to do that but got inactive
    6. Don’t get me started on how many events we had!
    7. That could work

    3, 5, and 7 are good.

  2. 1. We do that quite a lot. But thanks for reminding. I’ll post that on October the 2nd probably. 😉
    2. We have done quite a few. But we could use more organizing.
    3. EVERYTHING you need about CPUN Info is in the Community page including 4 sub-pages.
    4 You might not seem to know who those authors are. XD Soccer’s right – no replacements.
    5. CPUN news, I can go with that, as long as you post a little better than this Chumpo. At least capitalize your first letters. Major army leaders come to the CPUN like it’s their home. 😀 Make posts presentable.
    6. We’re having some soon. 😉
    7. Good idea. We used to have a points system on this. We need to organize more PBs. 😉

    Good ideas.. 🙂

  3. MY idea is that you all bow down and worship me. 😀

  4. All of them are ok I think.

  5. Dee. One Idea that just popped into my head was CPUN could supply judges for invasions/defences. So that army couldn’t cheat by saying they won etc.

  6. it might work… i notice that armies r epicily out numbered and they say they win…

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