Finally! im in the CPUN! im sooo happy that im finally in ^.^

Thanks Dee or Atm or whoever made me an author!



9 Responses

  1. Dee made you an author.

  2. cool sky 🙂

  3. I hope Wombat99 is really coming back. 😀

    I’ll try making a post later this week. I’m preparing for my exams as you can see. Sorry if I haven’t been attending to much things. Hopefully, KJ, Soccer and Pwn will do their rounds at least 2 armies! 🙂

    Well, yep, I’ll post later this week. I authored a couple of people. Please try keeping the posts neat and organized. We aren’t just any site. XD


  4. dee plz make me editor

    • Chumpo you have to earn it.

  5. Cool!

  6. Wait, what am I doing with my group of armies, Dee?

  7. Yepp Dee 😀 im back!! sometimes i may become inactive e.g Mondays,Tuesdays,Sundays,Saturdays. and other events :).

  8. hey guys u wanna see a war go to this chat

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