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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Retired For Good

Hey guys, Speed here. Well as you probably know, I havent been on in ages. Well the past year has been tough because my mom has had heart surgury, and I have recently gotten a really bad concussion. As I enter a new year of school I find that it is harder and harder to get time to check the CPUN for updates and comments and posts. So I forgot about it until I went onto my computer and saw the CPUN icon in the bottom corner, long ago forget.

My new year of school has had me double in homework, more sports, more friends, more girls, and a heck of a lot better social life. So everyday I basicly go to school, chill with my friends, kiss some girls, do my homework, go do some sports like football, go swimming, and then go to bed. Long, long, long day. I never have time for CPUN anymore. So I’ve sadly, decided to quit.

I remember my time in CP like it was yesterday. I first joined WW (Watex Warriors) and fought in battles in the dojo with my friends. I then decided to join Nachoes, then when I found there ways not fair, I joined ACP and rose in the ranks. I quickly became inactive in all of CP after that until I had met Jarlo777 in an ACP chat.  He introducted me to Mr. Dee who let me join the Navy, Royal (forgot the last part), the VSA, the Minstry, and the CPUN. I didnt get active in the CPUN till two years ago. I then got bored last year and inactive and tried to retire. I was in the VSA and started writing stories, then Dee had me come back and I joined the CPUN again.

Now I say good bye to all my friends in the CPUN. It has been a pleasure serving with you, and fighting besides you.  I would like to thank Mr Dee, Color Peng, Jarlo777, Soccer, Ktman, and all my other friends here. I’m going to miss you.

-Signing off for the last time…. Speed015

“How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to”


13 Responses

  1. This sadness me in many ways.Though its time to move on for you.My “Social Life” hasnt really picked up yet so thats why im still here.Glad to hear your mom got better.Please check in with us once in awhile to keep us informed.Great retiring speech you will be greatly missed.

  2. Well out of the CPUN you were one of my favorites, now kingjared is starting to take that place. Sadly, you are like a lot of people and your post is a lot like the others that made me come here.
    If I need to say my story I will, because these times it makes me get sad again: So I started Club penguin in March, 2007. After a few months I got a little bored and I thought “Hey, almost every game has cheats, maybe this one does too?” And I stumbled upon a bunch of cheat sites until I found this one, ogojoe100. It seemed right, so I stayed there being active and all. He also had a friend gjmc784 who I also stayed active with. Then one day in May ogo quit. Gjmc quit soon after so I became inactive and he mayed a few more posts until his last one in April 2009. But anyway, once they became inactive around august, I tried making my own sites and such including the UPCP (which I think I made before the CPUN, I started getting more active on it at this time). I realized I couldn’t be active on making posts so I decided to look for a new site. I stumbled upon this site while trying to look up my own or something. I saw this place had hits so I thought maybe it could merge with my UPCP since they had the same meaning. Eventually I realized it was no use and I might as well help this site since I needed something to do. I was welcomed here by you and Dee. This place seemed really nice and I stayed and now I have found another friend of mine leaving. All I can say now is that I will miss you. 😥

  3. I don’t have a big long paragraph to write like Soccer did but I’ll say what I want to say anyways. Thought I didn’t know you much, I really never, ever talked to you before, I have heard you are a great person, and soldier. I hope you have a great life. I like how you said “kiss some girls” in once of the sentences. Goodbye Speed. *salute

  4. It’s quite unbelievable. The first line of CPUN Heads are all officially gone. I’m the only one left.

    I realize that Speed, (and aside from my brother, Color Peng) was the only one left all this time who knew about my past before the CPUN. He knew the armies I lead, the armies I allied with, the Order 67, everything until here. He’s ancient.

    He was also one of the most loyal people ever. He entered about 5+ armies into the CPUN.

    The notable people with him were Freshzac, Wombat99, and Color Peng. Then Monkekman, Soccer, and more. And lastly, Atm23, King Jared, and Soccer793.

    I was planning on making a retirement post for Ads. Little by little, people are leaving. And when an old friend retires, it’s heavier than 5 together.

  5. Aw man! You’re the reason I usually go online then that’s when I noticed you weren’t going online, too much.
    Sigh, I don’t think you’re gonna be able to read this…
    I’m gonna say this, I’m never able to meet new people because I don’t get to go on meetings because I can’t log off Dee’s Xat account in the laptop. And in the posts, I don’t know what the meeting was about. And maybe, my comments will get ignored.
    See ya, Speed!!

  6. People who retire from armies come here to the CPUN to do some last-minute jobs. They come here to get a normal job because the army stuff is heavy and the CPUN is a great place to be. But when someone is too busy for the CPUN, now that’s different.

    I wish you all the luck in your life Speed. Hopefully, like Wombat and Freshzac, you’ll check in on us. We’ll be waiting here for you. 😉

    God bless you and your mom.

  7. Thank you guys, your all amazing and Im so happy tht Ive spent these years getting to know you and serve with you. Im going to miss you.

    I think I may check in every once in a while but idk if it will be a lot.

    Its a pleasure to have known you all these years.

    Soccer, I have to say that you were one of my favorites here, you seemed to remind me of a little brother.

    And Dee, you’ve been so helpful to me, and its been a pleasure seeing you lead these armies and the CPUN. Youve been a great insperation

  8. Im not an author anymore!!!!!! Can I still be one?

  9. Well I hope you keep your word saying that you will come once in awhile like itachi because I can’t help thinking you are gonna wipe off the face of the internet!

  10. Nahh, actually Im surprised I culd even get on today… but yeah, this is the last you’ll here of me .. srry good bye *sluates

  11. If you ever see this, maybe you should come during holidays and other times like that.

  12. bye Speed 🙂 Hey Dee im back! anychance i can help at all with anything??

  13. Hi guys, Wombat again….. :O shall i start a new army again? thumbs up for yes on my cooment or thumbs down for no

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