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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Successful General Assembly/Plans for the month

September 14, 2010  

Howdy there CPUN members! Once again, it is I, Dee, here to present to you another post. 🙂

I want to say I’m very happy that we had held a good General Assembly. In fact, it was the first in about 4+ months. Thanks to Atm23 who held the meeting, and he was there to help me entertain our guests. He has pictures of the Assembly.

The assembly was at 2AM in my place. Luckily, I was able to get my phone to alarm and get to the meeting. Thank you to those who came especially from the (now dead) Ninja Troops of Club Penguin. Many from this army came. I have a feeling we should feature this army. 😀 Very active troops, not only with the CPUN but in their army as well. The leader got his soldiers to actually come. Thanks also to Pippy, MFW 3iC who responded to my invitation. And to others who came, please comment here! 😀



Plans for This Month

(And first few weeks of October)

  1. Hold the banner making contest and release a new give-away banner. The CPUN will be holding a CPUN banner making contest. This will last for the last week of September which is from the 27th to the 3rd of October. I’ll be having exams during this time and I will not be able to get on. In fact, I will do my best not to get on during this week or do any major things. Maybe I’ll comment in case. When the weekend arrives, I’ll help you guys out. When the post is made for this Banner Making Contest, it will be stickied through-out the week. On the third to the last day of the contest (which would be on a Friday), we’ll put up the poll and have people make a vote on which banner is best. On Sunday, the best banner will be announced and put into the CPUN Header. The winner’s army will be featured. I’ll input some rules in the post I’ll make about this such as only CPUN members can join the contest and etc.
  2. Post more about individuals around CP Warfare. For some time now, our friend Cas has been ranting about ACP Leader Dryvit. This has made a lot more discussions in the CPUN Community. I’ve thought of the way this brings ideas into the minds of people and thought we’d post more about leaders people would want to discuss about. So what we’ll be doing is, once a month, we’ll be opening the CPUN for people to complain about a certain thing/war/person/rule and etc. We’ll then author that person for a week and allow him to make a well-written post of his complaint. We will then publish his opinion for members and soldiers from all over CP Warfare to review. Our community can then be more known to giving it’s members the freedom of speech – like the old days.
  3. Employ new CPUN Staff. I know you guys have been talking about whether we should remove the inactive users or not. I think we’ll be removing the inactive users by next month but, replacing them with new users this month. We have a few members who want to join the staff. Most of them joined the General Assembly this month and I’m giving them the privilege of being able to join the CPUN in an easier way.
  4. CPUN Hall of Fame inductions. This will be held in the month of October. I’m going to need everyone this time to nominate their own CPUN Hall of Famer with description added. I have a few, do you? 🙂 Note: Must have been a CPUN member and we’ll probably review the nominees anyways. 😉
  5. Hold another General Assembly. I think that holding General Assemblies do well for us. We should hold another one next month with a more prepared crew and schedule. 🙂
  6. Promotions. Next month! 😀

CPUN members and staff, please take note of these events in case you are willing to see to any of them! 😀 I’m pretty excited. We have many new events coming up and I wish our members would see this post.

I think we are a bit poor in notifying our members. If you cannot handle notifying 5 armies in your division about our events or a post, please tell me so I can try finding a replacement for you. Few people from the divisions saw the latest posts we had, especially the General Assembly. There were a couple of posts that I told the staff to notify their divisions about as well but there weren’t any big waves of hits. But there’s good news. The CPUN hits have raised quite well during this month. Congratulations to the staff and my thanks for your hard work! In case you have forgotten your divisions, see this:

First Division – Under Mr Deedledoo

Second Division – This division will be handled by Atm23.

Third Division – This division will be under Soccer793.

Fourth Division -This division will be handled by KingJared

Fifth Division – Under Jd2222.

Sixth Division – We need people Pwn: I can run either one of these.

Seventh Division – We need people :S

If ever you notify a division for any reason, please comment on the latest post so I can see. I will truly give good promos to those who truly do their job. 🙂

If you don’t know how to see your division, there is a number above each set of five armies. Not only that, but there are borders above the first and fifth army so it’s easy to see. See the Nations page.

CPUN Division 1

Anyways, we have new employees coming along to help us. We hope to see them soon.

Have a great week everyone! I’ll be gone for the last week of September. 😀


P.S. Please notify your divisions about this post of our upcoming events! Remember to comment if you have already notified them! 😀


21 Responses

  1. I retired. No one cares. Mean.

  2. Wait, what? Did you retire from CPUN or CP Warfare?

  3. Like always, nice post. 😉 I can’t wait till we get to all of these events. I hope more people from CPUN come to the next GA. And, I could post the couple pics I took from the recent GA at the bottom of this post if you want.

  4. I just informed all of the armies in my division about this post. 😀

  5. CPUN is the most organized CP Army Site, etc. I’m glad I got to be an Author here for a Week 😆 Continue the amazing job!

    • Oh cool, your the author. Nice. 😀

  6. I already put down my name for Sixth and Second Divisiom

  7. Sixth and Seventh*

  8. Dee, I can run a division -.-

  9. I cared, Ads (D)

  10. Hey, I was the leader of the now dead 😦 Ninja Troops, if you guys still want to be in the army that i lead, then go to http://reconspartansofcp.wordpress.com/ and Join!

    Agrippian, Recon Spartans Leader, STTA Owner,

  11. Atm, I’m retiring from everything. Next week, you won’t even see me.

    • Whoa, I didn’t understand you before. 😦 Why Ads? Don’t retire. You’ll be leaving all of the freinds you’ve made behind…

  12. Hi guys on one of my very rare visits to the website! looks like all is well and going good! Dee is there any chance i could have a part time job seeing as a i would like to become more active throughout CP Warfare once again! Safe to say though MOCP is no more!

  13. My army, RSCP, is doing well, i dont have a clue why they told us to post that on here, but anyways, @Ads354, That sucks and i agree w/ Atm

  14. Hey Good Ideas

  15. I’ll post on Sunday. Hopefully, someone will post tomorrow! I’m having review for my coming exams soon. 😮 We need people who’ll be able to take over the site and hold activities soon! 😀

  16. ok Dee, can you appoint me a job i am thinking of making another army anyone wanna join or got name suggestions?

  17. Wombat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no see friend 🙂

  18. Yeah 🙂 trying to make a comeback!

  19. Hi, I am one of the soldiers of the dead Ninja Troops. I have made a new army. To join type or click this link: http://thespartanwarriors.wordpress.com/

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