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CPUN Servers?/Banner Making Service for September!

September 3, 2010

Howdy! It’s Dee here today to post about servers and re-opening the Banner Making Service for this month! 😀

It’s September! I’ve been gone for a few days attending to some stuff at school and my mother’s recent birthday. How’ve you all been?

Well.. here’s one thing I’ve noticed. We’ve ended up with Atm, Jared, Soccer, and me again. We need to get attention again like we did in the past month before we had a couple weeks of vacation here.

First let’s talk about the servers. 😉

During the year 2009, we had very good representatives for major armies and these representatives really contributed and stayed active at this site. Ads and Miroos worked well for the MFW, Person and Akabob getting the Nachos to attend events, Articsledder giving us servers.

Yeah well, we had about four servers once upon a time. We had actual embassies with a staff, site, and server of their own. This didn’t stay alive so long. I had Benu2, Articsledder, and I think it was Speed, as the Ambassadors for each. And we had our own CPUNHQ on Klondlike headed by myself and General98. The Ice Warriors servers (Mittens, etc.) were provided by then active member, Articsledder. And Ktman gave us permission to stand an HQ on Klondlike. Soon Gjh came knocking up my door asking me to remove any claim of Ice Warriors servers or else action will be taken. By the time he had requested that, CPUN embassies were inactive anyway.

Now maybe we could get a land-grant from a Major Army. One server would be great. We could tell all CPUN Nations that they own that server and can meet each other anytime on it. They’d then be checking on our Nations page to see who else owns that CPUN server. Also, people would join us more and small armies will have a place to call their own. And maybe we can stand an official CPUNHQ on Mammoth. No wars or claims will be done anyways. We’ll simply put and HQ on it and then we can always have a place to hold our activities. Most f our activities are non-violent anyways!

That’s it for servers.

I’m also thinking of an event in which we can give a voice to all nonmember armies for a day. 😉

And now for the Banner Makin’ Service!

Last time we made a banner, it was free and very special. We gave it to our friends, the Defense of Club Penguin. They had a free customized penguin made by Aan as well to go with it. Well, they didn’t show much thanks even if we did give them one of the biggest privileges of this service – being first to get a banner for free with much effort put into it. Some did say thank you though. Then again, how thankful should they be? XD I instead will thank Aan myself for that.

But once again, I’d like to call Aan and other Banner Makin’ Service staff to prepare for a new banner! In the next few weeks, we’ll being looking for the army that needs a banner the most and will know how to use it well. So, for the CPUN Staff, as you take care of your divisions, please look around and see if they are doing well. I hope you guys make rounds and handle your divisions.. I’ve also put Shimmy222 in charge of Division 5. There are no numbers on the divisions yet but you can count the borders. 🙂 If Shimmy is able to do that for 40 days, we’ll have him on the site as an author or editor.

Also, guys, prepare for Header/Banner making contest! We’ll probably be holding that contest at the same time we distribute the banner for the chosen army of the Banner Makin’ Service, so if you’re a good designer, prepare! We’ll be holding that contest within a week or two. 😀

So, we’ll be looking for an army in the Club Penguin United Nations that has will be lucky enough to take the banner of this month. CPUN Nations – do your best. 😉 Being active in both the CPUN and your army is a big part of the criteria. Goodluck. 😀

CPUN Staff, please tell your divisions of the Banner Making Service and that we are getting ready to give a new banner for this month! Please direct them to this post! Thank you!

Have a great weekend everyone! It’s September! 😀



10 Responses

  1. moo

  2. Sound like a plan.

  3. What really makes me sad is how so many people have left us. I know they are major army leaders and stuff but come on. They should have enough time to come here and comment. Like Miroos, Ads, Rio, Houndy, Flipper, and even Cas. They come comment every once and a while like how Flipper said “moo”. Those were the good ol’ days. What was that Summer ’09?

    Also, maybe I can talk to Ads or Rio or someone and see if we can get them to make a post about CPUN or put the “I am a CPUN Member” badge on there site. And do you want us to put together our own divisions? It won’t be hard. 🙂

    If you need help with the banner making service I can help a little. I can’t make custom penguins but I’m good. Nice Post Dee. 😉

  4. Yeah,It seems ilke ATM,Me,Soccer,Dee, are the only REAL active ones.I know its people ilke Flipper who comment or post every week or so.Im going to get unactive myself because my teachers said they are really gonna pile up on the homework next week.They said this week was just to get in the feel of doing it.

  5. I thought speed was only inactive because of his mother in the hospital or something like that. Before that, he did everything with us.

  6. That would be awsome

  7. Speed said she got a little better.He said that “I have a great girlfriend and im getting a social life” .Nothin wrong with that.You cant be on here for the rest of your life.Really if you 15 or old and you still get on this you gotta problem (If your ilke a major army leader or known legend its ok).Im probably gonna be the only one commenting in ilke 2 years.Most of you guys will be in High School and the old people now will be looking for a job or playing Xbox Live.ACP is gonna have a jacked up future I can tell.CP armies might collaspe as a whole.RPF came back from a bad fall in the last couple months so did UMA and WW.You probably wont notice ACP’s hard times but they have it rough too sometimes.We need to really talk about this .Semi-Experianced people ilke me will be left with leaders and 2ic and 3ic jobs.We need to pick our 2ic and 3ic correctly.Just ilke Emp and Sofia (Sofia retired but anyways) Ive been here longer than both of them and have wayyy more experiance in all catergorys.Emp hardly comes on.Sofia hardly came on when she was 2ic.Artic is semi-active hes not on every second but he comes on for a couple hours everday and he post.If another generation is to be succesful we need to make sure this generation is not jacked up’ed for the next.

  8. Oh god, I’m in highschool in 2 years, but I’ll probably still be around with you guys.

  9. By the way, when did speed say that.

  10. YOU ARE MEAN… how di we not show thanks we all thanked u on chat. we had 2 posts about it. and almost the whole army comented. Also do u think u could make us a advertisement banner???

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