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Potential World War?

Recently a war has sparked between GT against UMA and DCP. GT, a dying army, had declared war on UMA the week before, but the war since then had been put on hold. UMA sparked it back into place, bringing DCP into the equation. This made the sides, VERY, unfair. GT recruited RFW (Roman Fire Warriors) and WW (Watex Warriors) onto their side of the war, sparking the revival of the Orange Alliance. The sides were fairish, and everything was going smoothly. Until NW got themselves involved. NW could get 40+ and were a real army to be scared of. To equal it out a bit, NW went to DCP and UMA’s side.

GT tried to recruit Nachos onto their side, but they haven’t got a reply yet. Anyway, these are the current sides:


The Orange Alliance:

Roman Fire Warriors

Warex Warriors

Golden Troops


[Insert Name here] Alliance:

Dorito Army of Club Penguin

Night Warriors

Underground Mafias Army

This post will be updated with more information as the war goes by.



11 Responses

  1. If there is a war, maybe the Pancake Mix Alliance can become involved.

  2. Sooooooooo, which world war is this? I lost track of how many.

  3. well soccer if this were to be a war i would say its either 5 or 6 but the noobs would say 16

  4. I dont think the major powers are gonna join this one RPF,ACP,Nachos,and IW.

  5. It looks fair. It’s time to see action from the under armies.

  6. I just started an army called ‘Chaos Seekers’. We’ll probably come along and join the Orange Alliance.

    We only have 3 members though so… Ya.

  7. warex.

  8. I can’t beleive you are the leader of ACP now, flipper.

  9. It’s strange too. Imagine all our friends here right now – they’ll become big people too one day.

  10. I didn’t know RPF was once a world power!

  11. Wtf Super Pal? RPF was once number 1 and 2 holding spots in the Top 10. The Commando Days…

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