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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Fixed Nations Page Update System

August 29, 2010

Hello all you happy people! 😀 How are you all this weekend?

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in couple weeks. Thanks to those who did post. I’m very grateful.

Many of you guys have started school, I can see that. It’s gonna be a lot busier nowadays but remember last year? This part of the year was the season in which we flourished. We’ll hold up for at least 3 months. Let’s try reaching a good December for the CPUN this year, shall we? 😉

Here’s a couple of questions for you guys:

When should we hold CPUN Day?

In Your opinion, what should we improve in the CPUN?

I think we should make an official CPUN Day. Many people believe April should be the month. King Jared brought this up a few months ago.

I’m glad Atm23 made a list of ideas for the CPUN. I loved his video. It was cool. It should’ve been featured in the CPAC or some other site. Few have reported about Commando’s retirement. We must get our CPUNTV Staff more involved in this. 🙂 Yes, we need to make a CPUN Banner. We’ll be having contests for that. The banner which is chosen will have it’s army’s banner featured in our site. 😀 Guys, please remind me of this. 😉

And yes, we need to make a schedule for when we could meet.

Soccer, if you could arrange a General Assembly for the beginning of September 2010, that’d be a great start of the month. We need to practice holding General Assemblies monthly. But first..



We need to do a check-up on our CPUN Members. Atm helped me with this idea:

I’m going to put armies in divisions of five. This way, we can have an easier system of checking on our armies. For example, King Jared could be assigned to check on division 5. I think it won’t be so hard handling five armies checking on them whenever you wish (minimum is once a week).

From time to time, we’ll be switching divisions. Hopefully, the divisions you’ll be assigned to will get to know you more. Maybe you’ll find a home in your division. 😉

First Division – Mr Deedledoo and Staff (Anyone in the staff willing to check this division from time to time is free to do so. It consists mostly of Major Armies).

Second Division – This division will be handled by Atm23.

Third Division – This division will be under Soccer793.

Fourth Division -This division will be handled by KingJared

Fifth Division We need people

Sixth Division We need people

We’ve come to the point where it’s just the four of us again who I can rely on. Earlier, we had people like Rex, or Chumpo, or Silver Soldier. We need to get back to them. I will do fifth and sixth for now.

Here’s the responsibility of the people of the division –

  • At least once a week, check on your people. Tell them of the lastest post. Ask how they are doing and maybe chat with them. It’s all up to you. 😉 Copying and pasting your speech on each site is easier and is allowed!
  • If one of your armies have gone inactive (not in the CPUN, but inactive as an army), try commenting on their top post for a while and encourage them to maintain their morale. If they are truly gone, replace them with a new army from the recent comments.
  • You can hold activities and General Assemblies for your division whenever you like. For General Assemblies, ask the permission of Soccer793 first. You are allowed to post the details yourself about any activities you wish to hold.

But this time, our main objective is to call them back. We had a two week hiatus and we need to check on them. So please, check on your five armies and tell them you’ll be checking on them to see ow they’re doing. Remind them they are in the Club Penguin United Nations and don’t forget to check if they might be going to war with a fellow CPUN Member. Also, let’s inform them we’re holding ‘auditions’ (or whatever you want to call it) for CPUN Staff. We need at least two more people to help us check on the last divisions. If they do their job well, they’ll get a spot with us! Please inform them about this post. 🙂

Getting one of your armies to actually reply to you an comment on our points increases your standing as a division handler. We’ll learn more on what advantages we can give the divisions in the future. 🙂



Well, that’s all for now. New goal for next week! 🙂

BTW, I’ll be reading the Community page again.. It’s been a while and I think it’ll be good to have a review of it once in a while. I hope you guys find interest too! 😀

Have a great week! Finally, I posted. 😀


P.S. It’s almost my mom’s birthday!


22 Responses

  1. Hey Dee, nice post. 😉

    When should we hold CPUN Day?: I think it should be on a Weekend day, so everyone won’t be at school.

    In Your opinion, what should we improve in the CPUN?: Just keeping people active, we assign so many people with authorship, they post the first couple weeks then go away. Such as Ads, Rio, Miroos, Ktman, etc.

    And I like the idea of the divisions. I remember when you said you bookmarked all the armies and checked each one every day, then your computer crashed. 🙂 This will take some of the stress away from you and get everyone involved. Also, I can help you check on the 5th and 6th divsions until we get people to handle them. Happy Birthday To Your Mom Too! 😀

    Dee edit: Haha. Yep. This way really helped me get all the pressure off my back. 😀 Thanks Atm! I appreciate it. And thanks for the greetings!

  2. ill do fifth division

  3. I always thought CPUN day should be October 24th because it is the birthday of both our inspirerers, Club Penguin’s birthday and the United Nations! Combine that and you get the CPUN.

  4. Atm,CPUN day would be held on the day CPUN was founded.I check up with Artic and tell him the lastest news in CPUN.He hardly comes on IW chat (Well atleast once a day .) What we need to improve is our posting.If you dont post in a 1 week period you should be given a warning then kicked off unless you say ill be gone for so and so days.So people ilke Zayer (Hes on IW chat almost all day) need to be given a warning.Furbur (In high school now is what im told) should be excused.Ads is nacho high command rank isnt he??so he should be excused.I dont post because I forgot my wordpress password and im to lazy to make a new one.Sambeat needs to be kicked off.(I hope not) Gen98 is long gone.Speed says hes getting a “Real Social life”.Some people say Jedi comes on once in a blue moon on ACP chat.We really need to look at whos on whos not.I know the school year started but must of those who I listed above didnt post or comment in the summer.This could be one of our long unactive periods starting up again.

    • Oh! lol I didn’t know CPUN Day was like a anniversary! 😆 Well, we could have it on the anniversary date or some weekend nearby to the the official date.

    • And whoa whoa whoa. If we do do a 1 week posting thing it should be raised to about 2 and a half weeks. Because keep in mind. A lot of people don’t post ’cause they are major army leaders. Ads, Rio, Miroos, etc. And since I am the representative of the RPF Furbur should be excused as you said.

  5. HEY! I am active but I don’t post much. Why? Because I like to keep up on important club penguin thing because this is the CLUB PENGUIN United Nations. Unfortunately, these important things and secrets don’t come often.

    BTW kingjared, you haven’t posted since May, and you want people to post every week so they are more active but you are too lazy to make a new password? That is hypocritical.

  6. Okay so for the third division can I have:
    Defense of Club Penguin
    Elite Romans of Club Penguin
    Screaming Swords of Club Penguin
    Silver Soldiers of Club Penguin
    Elite of Club Penguin

  7. Well,I comment on every single post.So I dont see a problem with that. Im talking about all around activeness.

  8. Then why’d you say to “post in a 1 week period” or else you will get a warning.

  9. Do I have to explain myself???

  10. I am just saying you are being hypocritical. When you said “Well,I comment on every single post.So I dont see a problem with that. Im talking about all around activeness,” you could’ve just added that in the original comment saying that if you comment on every post, then you don’t have to.

  11. Soccer, I didnt even put YOUR name in my little posting and active speech so it shouldnt effect you.

    • You put my name. 😛

  12. April 29 please. It’s my b-day

  13. Hi Dee sorry i have been so inactive lately. I will do one division. I was inactive because of my horrible internet connection

  14. Kingjared, I know you didn’t say me but I was included because of the 1 week period thing.

  15. Well,You dont post but you comment ilke me sometimes.

  16. You do post but sometimes you dont and you leave a comment.

  17. I will happily do 5th divison if you need

  18. If you need me, I can help out. School has started for me alredy, so I may not be as active.

  19. This is a great post. Something I’d like to mention is that your website sometimes isn’t displayed correctly on my browser…

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