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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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EPF Updates along with 2 secrets.

The PF has updated their catalog! They now have a tactical section including:

Alpha Headset x 1

Delta Headset x 1

H2O pack x 3

Range finder x 2

Tactical gear x 4

Tactical boots x 2

Unfortunateley for a non-member like me, they haven’t gotten any non-member new stuff. If I was a member this would probably be my favorite. Now onto the 2 secrets, the first one is a secret silent movie that starts showig when all penguins are seated in each seat. The movie is showing new locations to enter the EPF including the Lighthouse, the phoning facility (not new), and the cove. The second secret is when you are clicking the channels on the EPF TV, go to the 2 talking penguins and wait about 5 seconds. There will be a message saying:

This coneversation would probably be a lot more interesting with sound…huh?

So that is it for today.


24 Responses

  1. Pretty cool. But I’m not a member anymore.

  2. I need votes please I managed to get from 10 votes to 20 votes in less than 3 hours. http://www.icewarriorsarmy.wordpress.com first post click read more thank you!!!!

  3. Kinjared, you took out the y but you also took out the the.

    It should be http://theicewarriorsarmy.wordpress.com/

  4. You got 22 votes (second) but you are off from first by 9. 😦

  5. I know im just rushing so im kinda not paying attention.Its 10 seats for senator and 18 people ran .About 15% of those people are noobs and not known.So thats kinda good………………………………

  6. how did sk8ter boy get so many votes (81 as of right now)?

  7. Hey, I work for graphicdemand.com and I was wondering if I could be this amazing sites graphics designer please respond to this comment.

  8. They say some of his “Facebook Chums” pitched in and help.Someone also told me he told some noob to hack the poll.When Icey hears about it hes probably gonna kick him off the ballot or some other punishment.In my mind he doenst count so im in 2nd place.

  9. I’m on facebook (not giving it away) but wouldn’t people find it kinda weird for him to be playing club penguin (although I do remember when back in 2nd-4th grade EVERYONE thought Webkinz was cool). I think I would be made fun of bad and nobody would help, ESPECIALLY for an even geekier version of CP being CP armies (yeah, I just called myself a geek).

  10. I voted for you Kingjared.

  11. Thank you for you guys support .I need every single vote there is possible.I managed to hold out my 2nd place position through the night.Its alot noobs that would vote for me but some dont even know a CP army.They just come on chat thinking its a place to talk and what not.So hopefully I can hold 2nd until I get outta school .

  12. I’ll post about it tomorrow. 😉

  13. So, did you guys read my post? Sometimes it annoys me when someone comments on a post but doesn’t say anything about the things in the post and sais something completely different.

  14. http://theicewarriorsarmy.wordpress.com/
    Since your voting King Jared as Senator, can you Vote Zayer as Associate Judge? ^.^ please
    Also, liek da post. Sounds fun 😛 I cant get the clothes though, because my computer won’t let me do the missions- it always glitches, and then freezes.

  15. I didnt even campaign today and I STILL kept my 2nd place positon.

  16. That’s too bad. Club Penguin’s getting cruel to non-members. I hardly play Club Penguin anymore, anyway. It’s slow in my computer and none of my friends go online anymore.
    So, ATM when’s the meeting going to be?

  17. They are colorpeng, sometime around my birthday it was like “take things away from non-member day so that only members can have that much fun.” Non-members lost the soda-seas, every level that requires a key except one in the ice game, a bunch of astro-barrier levels lost, some jet pack adventure levels were lost, and maybe more stuff was lost.


  18. At least the two secrets I showed aren’t for members only.

  19. Oh thx Colorpeng, I forgot cause no one was commenting what times they can come. :l Well, I’ll post today or tomorrow about it. It will probably be on Saturday or Sunday. My school starts Monday. 😦 And I agree Colorpeng, very cruel.

  20. Alot of people are quiting CP because of the mistreatment of non -members.I myself just go on CP for army events and sometimes Card-Jitsu.Ktman once mailed CP via e-mail.I could tell you what it said but I know the respond he got back was biased.It said some cheesy about “We treat all our penguins fairly ” or somehing of that nature.CPUN have tried boycotts,Messages,rallys, in the past.None of them really had a effect.

    • I do the same, accept I just go on for army events not Card Jitsu. Card Jitsu needs to be more a game of the mind, its like a game of chance.

  21. I’ve got a drafted post which is half dowm and I’m gonna post it tomorrow. 😉
    BTW, we need to make ‘Day for Nonmembers’ Program. 😀

    • Ok, cool. Man, I wish I had an iPhone.

  22. Noobs on CP are becoming a problem to but we cant change that -.-

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