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The Finals of the Legend’s Cup/A Failed Coup

This is it! The Legend’s Cup has come to the final round! The Semi Finals were: RPF vs IW and NW vs ACP vs Nachos. IW won their battle. But 3 armies? What’s this all about? Well, after the Nachos won their Quarterfinal battle, the ACP and the NW tied!

Judge fiasco had this to say: “Since neither army could properly fight eachother, and considering that the sizes were so close, there is only one decision that is really fair.”


So the battle for the Championship began. This may have been a better battle than the Championship! After some fierce fighting, with the ACP having 70+, the Nachos having 60+, JustinBieberZone having 46, and the NW having 42, One army had to be eliminated. At the time, the Nachos were winning against a small ACP force in the Snowforts, while the rest of the ACP were covering up NW. That ment the NW had been eliminated. They put up a great fight though! So the fighting continued on, with the ACP being slightly larger, and the Nachos being faster. Once again both armies tried to move to the snowforts, with ACP being locked out. Then the judges had to choose the winner. And the winner that moved onto the finals is…

THE NACHOS!!! Congrats to them.


Now this next piece of news also is about the Nachos. Yesterday, Videogamer57 and Billy Mays, along with others, tried to overthrow the Nacho leaders, 2ICs, and 3ICs! They had the site and chat. Gamer reset the chat, and he had it in control. He changed the password. He did it! He was congradulated! Until Ads354, current leader of the Nachos reset the chat on Gamer. How did he do it? Gamer forgot to press the password “Save” button. FAIL. So the current leadership remains in control.



16 Responses

  1. 😦 RPF should’ve went to the Finals…
    Its good Ads stayed in command.

  2. Announcement: The Lucky Defendants have been added to the Nations page.

  3. Wait…………………………………………..I thought we were at championship already.Isnt it IW vs. Nachos for number 1 army??

  4. It’s good to see the Nachos as the winner now and not just ACP.

    But I really wish the other major armies would get as strong as them. We need a big three or something so we can get more varieties of people.

    • Yeah, RPF needs to get big.

  5. Yeah,Nachos need the spotlight the have came back over the last 5 months.

  6. Ha A.C.P. failed, you guys aren’t so strong after all 😀

  7. To clear up confusion, The Nachos have moved on to face IW in the finals. this was the semi finals. ACP took 3rd place, and RPF took 4th.

  8. Announcement! PH has died

  9. I’m sorry to hear that Harv. It’s been sometimes since we’ve heard from you actually.

    Post coming tomorrow from me. 🙂

  10. Guys,Well good news first I GOT ON THE BALLOT for IW Sentor.Bad news I have 5 votes (3rd place) .I need you guys to help me a little.This might be my only chance to brake through from being a noob.So please go to http://www.theiceywarriorsarmy.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/government -elections/#more-1919

  11. Well the links dont work.So just go to IW website and help your old pal .VOTE KINGJARED7!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Great job Jared. 😉

  13. Kingjared, you put icey warriors instead of ice warriors. Anyways, I voted for you and now you are in second place! 😉

  14. Icey warriors…………………………That was noobish of me!

  15. Sweaty pants

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