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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Meeting For CPUNTV and CPUN

Pwn: I maybe can make it. Dee, Can you tell me what job I should be doing? Right now I’m kind of useless, and I need work XD.

ATM Edit: I only posted over your post because I remember a long time ago, you said “Only make a new post if the older post is a day old and has atleast 5 comments”. Well, I think I’m going to reschedule the meeting. Because no one can come. IF YOU CAN’T COME PLEASE TELL ME WHEN YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO COME! But I’ll still be there tomorrow just in case anyone shows up.

Dee: I’ll see if I can come. 😀 BTW, the day after the meeting, I will re-sticky the Top 10 post because I still haven’t notified all. We’ll also have a new and easier system of notifying members which I will introduce soon and we’ll have applications for two staff members in the next post I make. 😉 To those CPUN Staff who haven’t notified any members yet, please notify one or two from the bottom of our Nations list page if possible. Comment if you have notified. Even if you are not in the CPUN and wish to get a job here, maybe you could do at least one too and tell us which army you notified! 😀 See you all!

Hello everyone! I am calling a meeting for all members of CPUNTV and CPUN. In the meeting we will discuss Filming Schedules, Any Issues that need to be discussed, problems, news, and anything that is needed to talk about. Here is the info on the meeting.

Meeting For CPUNTV and CPUN

Chat: http://xat.com/TheClubPenguinUnitedNations

Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2010


11:00 PST AM

12:00 MST PM

1:00 CST PM

2:00 EST PM

Reason: To Talk about CPUNTV Filming Sessions, Any Issues that need to be discussed, problems, news, and anything that is needed to talk about.

NOTE: If you have any other Time Zone and you don’t know the time please comment and I will find out as soon as possible.

NOTE #2: If a lot of people can not make the meeting the meeting will be re-scheduled.

Please try and make it to the meeting!

Thats all! Cya!

-ATM 23 RPF Colonel, GT Master General, CPUN Justice and Head Of The Security Council


19 Responses

  1. can I be the top ten person?
    I can do Small Medium Large and Major
    I would like to do it a lot
    heres my email: mrdunningacp@gmail.com

  2. Prob can’t

  3. I may be able to come, and I belive I am the top ten person. The new top ten will come out this week 😉

  4. I cant come

  5. I’m in GMT +8 and I don’t know what time I should come.

  6. I went to a time zone converter website and the time for you should be 2:00 AM. I think I’m gonna re-schedule. So far no one can come.

  7. I would like a job and i notified DCP lol

  8. I will try

  9. ATM I will be 4:00AM thurs. So I maybe could get up wat earlier?

    @pwn It already has

  10. Sadly,I have camp…………………………….

  11. Cant come soz

  12. I think 3:00 cst or 4:00 pm would work for most of us.Some of us have school and camp.

  13. I ment 400 hours est.

  14. Hey, I was look at the list of jobs, and noticed you have a few vacant. I am interested in being the Executive Producer. Please reply to this comment or let me know at my wordpress email. Thanks 😀

    • Sure, I’ll add you later.

  15. i cant make it

  16. If you made it yesterday I could have come. I had no school yesterday and today. When are you going to reschedule the meeting?

  17. Maybe you could reschedule in to a weekend. I might be able to stay up late.

  18. Sorry, I have friends sleeping-over all week, can’t come.

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