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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Top 10 CPUN Armies – July 2010

Dee: Since we have armies that have recently merged, I put in a couple of armies who are in 11th and 12th place and may have taken a place in the Top 10. 😀

August 8, 2010

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Howdy all you CPUN Members! How’s everyone been? Did anyone have a good weekend? It’s great that we now have a Twitter and a YouTube channel thanks to Atm. Also, thanks to Rex for making videos! I was wondering if there would be anyone out there who could make a graphic for us which could be a link to our Twitter and YouTube site! Volunteers accepted! 😀 And about the CP Awards, we used to have something similar done monthly during our first generation. If we have people who can maintain it, why not? 😉 Also, if it’s only annually, and not monthly, then I guess it won’t be too hard.

Well, I’m here to finally announce the CPUN Top 10 of the month of July! I’m sorry it took so long. I also missed some armies and decided to watch over them for a while. I apologize for the few who were left out of the poll. Here are the results based on:

  • Poll 15%
  • Performance 25%
  • Activeness 60%



Club Penguin United Nations

~Top 10 Armies~

Major Armies:

  • Golden Troops
  • Nachos
  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Underground Mafias Army

Small-Medium Armies:

  1. Mysterious Freedom Warriors (8)
  2. Defense of Club Penguin
  3. Screaming Swords of Club Penguin (10)
  4. Aqua Warriors
  5. Silver Soldiers (5)
  6. United Armies of Club Penguin (19)
  7. Strong Troops (23)
  8. Elite Romans of Club Penguin (10) – merged recently with the Orange Republic
  9. Elites (12)
  10. Ninja Troops of Club Penguin (44)
  • 11. Club Penguin Army Builders – CPUN Top 10 Runner-Up
  • 12. Army of Club Penguin Ninjas – CPUN Top 10 Runner-Up



Legend: (Small-Medium Armies)

Rank#. Army Name (Number of Votes)

  • Gold status
  • Silver Status
  • Bronze Status



We also have a couple armies who have fallen. I’ve always hated to see people end up like this. It is truly a sorrowful moment. I wonder if all of us have felt this feeling. 😦

Popcorn Penguin Army – Lead by Chumpo

Storm Warriors of Club Penguin – Lead by Spy Derek, Bluesockwa, and MrCoolio

Pwn: I have one more: Fantastiv Red Warriors, Led by Pwener1 and Dash A (now dead)

If there are any complaints, please feel free to comment and tell us what you think. I hope you guys are proud of this achievement and I hope it is one of the many achievements all of you may achieve. 😀 If you’ve never won anything for your army, this is one thing to post about in your site. It will increase the morale of your soldiers. 😉

Until then!


Have a great week everybody! (lol)


31 Responses

  1. Ummm Dee, if you want you can interview me for the reason why the ER is dead really.

    Im usally on Orange Republic chat and CPC chat.

    The sites are here:



  2. Goo

  3. Nice post Dee. Its good we have a facebook. And I agree with the Top 10. 😦 More armies dead (shakes head)

  4. Epic.

  5. I’m gonna be scheduling a meeting for Tuesday or Wednesday. We will talk about CPUNTV and get to know everyone.

  6. Alright, Spiff. I’ll look around for ya. 😉

    That’s great Atm. I’ll help notify the members.

    Btw, I haven’t notified the armies IN this list about them being in the Top 10. I’ll do it after school. If any staff is around, please at least notift 3 armies and tell me you did here. 😉 I’ve seen staff comments on sites and I’m thankful for them doing the job. 😀

    And yep, it’s about time we had a meeting!

  7. I have informed the 1, 2, 4, and 7 about making the top 10. I would’ve done more but it is time for dinner. I’ll try and do the rest after.

  8. Dee, y are ER above us, they are inactive they never attend wars and such and such

  9. hmmm I think if CPBA was ranked itd be at least in the top 3 or 4…

  10. Pwn, I had already told the SSCP that they were number 4. What the heck?

  11. What does the 8 mean on MFW?

    • I think it means that in the poll we had the MFW got number 8.

  12. 8 is for * lol JK

    Dee: Inappropriate comments will be removed.

  13. Sliver Soilders deserved Gold status really.There are most active small army.

  14. Dee, you go to school in the summer, or are you on the southern hemisphere?

    • Some people have already started school this early. My sister has, and I’m in California.

  15. whatabot DCP and an i be part of the staff

  16. lol, silver soldiers has silver status!

  17. WTF why is UACP 6?!?!??!
    we were 3rd in the poll we have lot’s of active numbers.

  18. check http://www.gonebaty.wordpress.com is it a medium army????? plz make a post

  19. hows it goin you guys. I really miss doin this and i hope that people carry on with the armies. Just a quick Q. Who owns saber-tooth? Im really excited. I just came in second place in one the the national youth martial arts championships. I came first in four more contest before i qualified for that. Just got back from band camp and getting ready to leave for Cross country camp. Then a bunch of soccer practice. I want to know what sports or activities you all are in? Ive had a great summer and i hope all of you enjoy it as much as i have.

  20. Hey Freshzac!!! You’re here! You should check out what’s happening in the earlier posts.

  21. Congratulations in your championship. We’re all fine here.

  22. Dee I would like to inform you that the ninja union filled out the form and we would like to join back.

  23. I am a Golden Spartan legend.
    The Golden Spartans merged to make the Elite Romans.
    The Elite Romans merged into the Orange Republic.
    If the MFW beat CP Lightning and OR beat Snow Fighters, we will be against them in the CPAT tourney.


  25. Orange Republic-Medium-Large(15-20 at events) 😎

  26. Strong troops were second here in the same post anx you changed it to seventh what happened?!?!

  27. Hey Mr. Deedledoo, want to be an admid on my site?

  28. The American CP army is medium.

  29. Thanks for that comment about SS, but it is not as active anymore. In fact, we are not the Silver Soldiers anymore. Chumpo took over, and made SS an empire; and made both of us emporers. I refuse to be an emporer and need your help.


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