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Happy Birthday Soccer! and an interview with Flipper of the GT

Cas: Thankyou Dee for this promotion, I promise to uphold the constitution of the CPUN.

August 3, 2010


Howdy all you folks! This is Dee here with some surprises. it’s finally the beginning of a new month – August! And I believe my favorite season of the year – fall or Autumn is about to start! Well, my favorite season if I was still in Europe at least. 😀

First of all, I’d like to apologize to all people here in the CPUN who I greet late for their birthdays. But I don’t understand why you should feel so sad, because we are merely people in a virtual game – strangers. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know each other’s virtual penguin personalities here in CP Warfare. 😉 All I’m saying is, don’t be sad if someone over the internet isn’t able to mention your birthday. That emotion is best not to be felt. What should be felt is the happiness of your real self and how many real people (friends, family, neighbours) in your life actually greeted you! Being sad about not being greeted online is just an extra, heavy feeling you’d have to carry with you – but imagine the people who aren’t on any online games and simply enjoy their birthdays. 😀 You could be like them, and I encourage you all to do that. This goes for all penguins. 😉

Now, it’s been some time, and I’ve thought of a solution for some of the problems on this site:

  • I’m appointing Soccer793 as Head of the General Assembly. You will be supervised by our our Second Minister of Foreign Affairs. Basically, you can now make an assembly and organize it! Just tell us what to do, and the schedule and we’ll help you notify the nations with your help. 🙂
  • I’m also keeping Casiusbrutus as Minister of Foreign Affairs and appointing him as Justice.
  • I am appointing Donut as a Justice as well.
  • And lastly, I’m appointing Atm23 as head of the Security Council. Info will be briefed soon.

The Justices have the right to make posts, brags, or critical reviews of wars, armies, leaders (political leaders, leaders in warfare, leaders of organizations) and more. Justices must show proof of their claims as well and bring as many people as they want to their posts if they want arguments. Arguments within the post of a Justice are allowed. 😉



I recently came across our old friend, Flipper7706 who now leads the Golden Troops along with old friends, Riotors and Wiggle Nn. I was able to interview Flipper on the status of the Golden Troops and their plans for the coming month. Here it is! 😀

Interview with Flipper7706

Interviewed on July 31, 2010

Mr Deedledoo: Howdy Flipper

Flipper: Hai there.

Mr Deedledoo: How has the GT been in thep ast month? Any notable successes or failures?

Flipper: Not really. We have had a rebellion from a former, now hated, leader, when he created CPST. He took nearly every soldier from us to his army, and Ganger retired. Then we came back, and CPST died completely. Oh and Ganger did come back :mrgreen:

Mr Deedledoo: Great! That ends our interview for today.

Flipper: Thank you

Mr Deedledoo: Just kidding.

Flipper: 😐

Mr Deedledoo: So what do you expect for GT in the month of August?

Flipper: I expect GT will get at least 4th place in the Legends Cup – probably higher.

Mr Deedledoo: And do you have anything to say to or have any advice for the small and medium armies here in the CPUN who were once your size and once, like you, dreamed to be as big as you are now?

Flipper: Just keep trying really. I’m sad to admit we got size through merging, and not hard work, but we have kept the size high, so that counts for something. MErge if you like. If not, just recruit harder and maybe get a domain or CSS.

Mr Deedledoo: Thanks for your time Flipper. The good thing is, none of you have ever stopped admitting the reason for your success. I don’t think merging is a crime. To some, it is cheating – but I am also surprised you guys have stuck around this long and are still growing compared to other thousands of armies who have merged but have gained less success. Congratulations, and may you and the Golden Troopers have a good month ahead of you. BTW, it’s Troopers right? Not Troops?

Flipper: Thank you Dee. I hope CPUN becomes a major part of armies like it was before.

Flipper: And it’s Troops. Troopers sound like poopers.

Mr Deedledoo: 😆



A Happy Birthday to Soccer793

May you have a good year ahead of you and may there be many more to come!

Thanks for being with us and sticking with us until now. you truly deserve your place in the Hall of Fame. 😀

-Dee and the CPUN Staff

And no, contrary to Atm’s comment, I did see your birthday and I’m never too busy. Once again, it’s just a game afterall. If the game starts to feel too heavy on you – there’s something wrong. Enjoy your, uhm, birthday week! Please share us what you did for your birthday! 😀 I’d love to hear it.



Thank you all for your contributions! I am in full support of all the CPUNTV shows and I will work and contribute with the channels! If you make something here in the CPUN, only you will have the true power over it, and not me or anyone else higher in the ranks. Remember that. 😉 I’m also in full support of Aan’s Banner Making Service page and Donut‘s Take Me Back posts. Thank you all! We have several posts coming up this week and I myself am excited to read about them!

Have a great week everyone! I believe school has already started for all of us. 😀


P.S. I’d like to thank Rex55555 for his activeness here in the Club Penguin United Nations. Your name will be remembered. 😉


13 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Soccer. Also 1ST. And Dee my name is Rex5556
    4didgits 3 letter. 🙂 JK it’s ok

  2. dee i will make you admin of my site if you put your email on my site http;//cpcaarmy.wordpress.com

  3. Thanks but trust me, I will probably stay here for years.

  4. Same Socccer im probably the youngest of the CPUN crew Im just 11.So I think ill retire when im out of Jr.High.Happy birthday Soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy b-day Soccer. We need a chat…..

  6. Happy Birthday again Soccer! I like how you have been interviewing army leaders. I think we should keep this up. I might try to interview Commando. And good job with the new promotions.

  7. Ads,We have a chat but no one is never on.

    • If others would go on, I would go on.

  8. I go on but nobody is on. and I’m a guest 😦

  9. Someone should make a post about the chat thing.Its been de-funct for almost a year and a half.

  10. kingjared, for some reason I think there is someone even younger than you.

  11. We should schedule a meeting on chat so we can member everyone and well, chat.

  12. I’m still deciding what to do with this new 😈 power 😈 .

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