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MFW Returns!

Aan10 Edit: Hey Dee would it be ok if I drafted a Banner page? I can’t keep up with comments for the banners and think things would be more organized with a “Banner Service” page to take those orders.

July 30, 2010

Greetings CPUN members! It’s Dee here posting. It’s finally Friday and August is coming up fast! 😀

Well, I have news – and just about everyone has heard of this news already! For the past few days, I’ve already been seeing Xat users holding this army’s name in their Xat screen names.

The Mysterious Freedom Warriors have returned to the stage and are fighting their way up to the top again. Let’s have a brief history of the MFW, shall we? 😀

Now, the whole army started out as the Mysterious Army, created in September of 2008. It was then hacked by Escargo or also known as Sblingsnail but later gained full independence on the 10th of July, 2009. The United Servers of Club Penguin merged with the MA to form the MA2 – which was the name it was known for when it first joined the Club Penguin United Nations in July 2009along with Riotor’s Club Penguin Secret Service, ally United Servers of Club Penguin, Wiggle Nn’s United Ghost Armies, Alighf’s Democratic Penguin Rebels, Donut’s The Army of Great Penguins, and much more. Houndy66’s Freedom Warriors decided to merge with the MA2 to form the Mysterious Freedom Warriors at about the same time the Club Penguin Secret Service merged with other armies to form the Golden Troops. After some time together, the MFW fell apart and became inactive unlike their fellow Golden Troops who went on to become a success.

On July 22, 2010 – the Mysterious Freedom Warriors returned and it quite a surprise to everyone! It was mainly revived by Miroos, Donut, and Panters Bas.



Interview with Miroos

July 30, 2010

Interviewed by Mr Deedledoo

Mr Deedledoo: Hello Miroos

Miroos: Hai.

Mr Deedledoo: So what made you think of bringing up the MFW again?

Miroos: I think it’s great. A new Top 10 army for sure.

Mr Deedledoo: I see. And who’s involved in restoring the MFW this time? Are the original creators involved?

Miroos: Me. We’ve had a few disputes.. about legends not getting leader. Nothing major. But since we started out clear, new people will get opportunities. But on the other hand, legends are getting quite high ranks because it’s not fair since without them, MFW would never have even started.

Mr Deedledoo: Well then, that’s good news for our viewers who are looking for opportunities at this very moment.

Miroos: Yes. We have a 2ic spot open if you are interested. Unfortunately, Flipper retired. We are looking for a loyal, experienced, and well-known person.

Mr Deedledoo: Alright. I hope Flipper sticks around and that you may find the one you are looking for to take his place. Who inspired you to revive the MFW after having attempted several times yet – failing?

Miroos: Me being fired from the Nachos. After being fired, I made an army called the “Army of Lulz”. It failed miserably.

Mr Deedledoo: Interesting.

Miroos: So then I remembered the MFW. We still had our domain, so I restarted it. In the first 4 hours, we maxed 25 on Club Penguin and got a full chat. It was a sensational day.

Mr Deedledoo: Was it also sensational in the days after?

Miroos: Yes. We didn’t get as many on Club Penguin, but we still got a fair amount. We then invaded Ice Shelf, Club Penguin Nitrogen’s capital at the time. We didn’t manage to get that many people there, around 10 but they didn’t show.

Mr Deedledoo: Success?

Miroos: Yes. We are currently sharing it with TAGP.

Mr Deedledoo: That’s great to hear. So two armies have risen from their graves?

Miroos: Yes, but I think MFW rising are more of a shock. I mean you know Donut, he makes 200 armies a year and brings back a lot too. 😆 In the next few days, the MFW will be getting CSS, hopefully. So that should make our hits and recruits rise.

Mr Deedledoo: Thank you for your time Miroos. And may you have a good month ahead of you and your army.

Miroos: 🙂 Thank you. Best of luck to CPUN.

Thank you once again Miroos! 😀

Note: Click MFW to go to their site and click here to go to their chatbox. Add ๏мƒω๏ to your Xat screen name to show you are one of them! You may soon start seeing many people with this logo attached to their name.



So, we also have the The Army of Great Penguins rising once again with Donut and Sky. 😀 We hope to hear success from them soon.

In other news, the CPUN will be posting the CPUN Top 10 in the weekend so please stay tuned to this site! We apologize for the delay. Also, Atm23 and the Club Penguin United Nations was mentioned in a CPA Central post recently! Click here to go to that post! Atm was credited for his video of the Rebel Penguin Federation vs Ice Warriors battle for Thermal last Saturday. 😀 Great job Atm!

I’d like to extend my greetings to Itachi6Dark, an old friend of ours, a CPUN Legend, and a UMA Legend. Hey there Itachi. 😀 I hope you know that the after your time here in the CPUN know all about you and your comrades. 🙂 Found Red Destoyz yet?

Reminder: It is Soccer793’s birthday on Sunday – August 1st! We will wish him an advanced birthday and share the greeting with a post we’d have this weekend. 😀 CPUN Members! If you have a coming birthday, please comment here. It is one of our most humblest acts to greet you whenever possible! 😉

And to those who want a banner, keep commenting! 😀


If you know it’s not gonna be a good weekend for you, please comment here and tell us why! Comment anyways even if you think you’re going to have a great rest! 😀




11 Responses

  1. Its nice to see things picking up the pace.

  2. When SPAAF retired we gave MFW Powder Ball. I’m glad MFW is coming back strong and thanks for mentioning me! 😀

  3. Great to have you back Itachi!

  4. Dee, you still need to add me back. When you do, I have a great story that will blow your minds…

    • Dee, might not be seeing you comment about adding you back. I’m gonna make a post for tomorrow morning and I’ll put this on it.

  5. 🙂

  6. Nice post Dee! :mrgreen:

  7. Nice Post dee, Also ATM when is the CPUNTV gonna start I subbed it on youtube.

  8. also is Soccer a horse?!?

  9. Hey guys, can someone tell the nachos that we had to surrender today? Also, read my Sorry to SS post on my blog.

  10. it was my freedom warriors too

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