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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Banner Makin’ Service is OPEN!/Top 10 CPUN Armies!

Aan10 Edit: Check the CPUNTV post, I added my version of the logo. Give me your feedback please!

ATM Edit: See my post below entitled “CPUNTV?” https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/cpuntv-3/

Donut’s Edit: Dee, I think it would be beneficial if you were to make a page for the “Graphics Crew” like Atm 23 suggested. It would make it easier for people or order, and collect their Graphics. It’s just a suggestion. 😉

Dee edit: I’ve made the Top 10 CPUN Armies poll for everyone to vote. Anyone can vote, and only once. The best technique for this is to get your whole army to vote for their army here on this site. I’ve already invited armies! If any CPUN Staff would like to help out inviting the armies to vote for their position here in our rankings, please do! I’ve made this poll similar to the Club Penguin Army Express‘s one and they took the idea from the CPA Central. This makes everything much easier and a lot more challenging. Good luck! 😀

July 21, 2010

Greetings people of the Club Penguin United Nations! It’s Mr Deedledoo here with yet another new post. 😀

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. We finally have the Banner Making Service open exclusively for CPUN Members! I’ve been checking on your sites and the majority have, well, banners that can be improved. With our Banner Making Service crew, we can bring to you guys enhanced banners. I myself used to make the banner for my army using Paint and some cut out pictures of penguins.

Banner Making Service Crew:

  • Head of Crew – Aan10 (Aqua Warriors 2nd Gen. Founder)
  • Distributor – Mr Deedledoo
  • Crew Members – vacant

That’s about it. We need more people in this crew so that Aan is not overloaded with work. We need people with experience of making pictures in Adobe Photoshop, Paint.net, GIMP, and any other graphical program. If you’d like a position in the crew, please e-mail me attached with an example of your work (a banner would be a good example 😉 ) at mrdeedledoo@yahoo.com.

So here’s our first example made by Aan10, for the Defense of Club Penguin lead by Ben Quincy! They have been the lucky winners of the first banner and a free custom penguin. Aan10 made them using photo shop! He has inserted his custom penguin into this banner and even included the custom penguin itself for the DCP to use! Custom penguins are hard to make and take a lot of time, take note! 🙂

Here it is! Enjoy. 😀

Aan10: Here is the custom penguin for DCP’s personal use:

As you can see, it looks simple, and just right. Simply click the picture to view it fullsize and then save it from there. Upload it to your site and make any adjustments in case the banner is too large. There’s also the exclusive custom penguin that Aan10 has added to this package for DCP’s personal use. What a delightful gift. 😉

Aan made our current CPUN banner. He’s pretty much the handler of our graphics around the website. He also created the CPUN Badge for us. We have a lot to thank him for. 😀

In the future, custom penguins will come with a charge that will be paid to the creator of the penguin. I don’t know how yet, but I think we’ll need special conditions for any other special banners. 😉

If you want a banner, please request now and we’ll try to get you your banner by the end of the week. We’ll be choosing really slowly. Delivery will either be by e-mail or by post. Don’t give us your e-mail now because we might also be the ones roaming around to choose who will get the next banner!



Top 10 CPUN Armies


Major Armies:

  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Golden Troops
  • Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Nachos
  • Underground Mafias Army



Before I end this post, I’d also like to mention that I’ll be putting Atm, Cas, and Donut in charge with me of bringing this site up again. Thanks for notifying our members all the time about posts Atm and thanks for all the contribution Donut. Also I’d like to thank is Speed, King Jared, Color Peng, and Soccer for being active until now. You guys will soon lead your own departments. 😉

Have a great week!



43 Responses

  1. Wow, Aan10. I heard he is great with the Graphics and stuff!

  2. The problem is, with most custom army pengs, they look like they are frolicking through the flowers. -.-

  3. Great job Aan10!!!!!!!!!!!! My monitor is kinda in its last days.So any day its gonna go black.

  4. I got this laptop for Christmas so it will still live for a lot more years.

  5. hey aan10 it is popcorn penguin army here we have moved to a new website club penguin caveman army i was wondering if you could do a banner with the cavepenguins on and also a puffle border that would be so cool thanks oh and contact me on connor.kowalewski@yahoo.co.uk

  6. by the way dee ppa has changed and is being called club penguin caveman army visit the site location at http://cpcaarmy.wordpress.com/

  7. hey Deedledoo
    is there a way me and Aan1 can talk
    Im also a graphics maker

  8. cpun please get back to me on the above comment cus need to get it sorted urgently any info is the same except the location and name see ya later

  9. Pretty good Aan. We should open up a order form page. It could ask what there army name is, what colors they want, do they want a slogan on it, etc.

  10. Dee, I would like my old job of medium army reporter back. Thanks!


    Dee: Howdy. It’s been a month. I’ll put you back on though.

  11. Hi Ian im from UACP (UNITED ARMIES OF Club penguin)
    and i was wondering if you could do a banner for us u can contact me at

  12. I think the club penguin cheese army doesn’t exist anymore.

    P.S. Now Donut gets Itachi’s color!?

  13. I thought united armies of club penguin was a duplicate of what we do.

  14. why isnt DCP on there


  16. Can we have a banner?

  17. Mfw is dead Dee. xD

  18. Vote for Strong Troops!

  19. Congratulations! I see CPUN is rising again. May I question the fact that the poll on CPUN is very similar to the CPAE one.

    LadTom2 aka lentalsoup

    • You really don’t know how to shut up do you? lol You should change your name to “mentalsoup”. lol 😀

  20. elite romans are medium-.-


  22. How come the CPBA isnt on the poll.


  23. Orange Republic should be in there were a medium army.. 🙄 . Here’s the link we got 16 at our event orangemafiaofcp.wordpress.com

  24. Hey people, I just joined RPF so you can find me at RPF chat and I’m also starting the GTShow for GT.

  25. Can we please have a banner? I don’t know how to make custom penguins.

  26. MFW are back!

    Also, I can make better graphics than that but you need to pay me.

  27. Can you please include the Aqua Warriors in this poll? We would be considered small- medium and are an active member of the CPUN.

  28. Yay! Miroos is back , oh BTW its Mustang…..

  29. Holy Smokes. It’s good to see that the CPUN is still up
    and running. 😀 Keep up with the good work guys.


  30. When does this end?

    p.s. Vote for the Ninja Troops of C.P.!

  31. http://cpcaarmy.wordpress.com/ visit now

  32. I dunno but I think some armies are cheating.Some of these armies i havent even heard of and they have 20 votes. -.-

  33. yes, whoo we are beating our enemies

  34. Ninjas are winning!!! :]

  35. When will we know the final results?

  36. Please vote for Silver Soldiers.

  37. when is this over!???
    we ninja trops win any ways

  38. um yea i need a header and xat bg.
    Thunder Warriors of Club Penguin

  39. wtf i know snow republic merged but that top ten sucks.

  40. What about CPFBI?

  41. […] The busiest day of the year was July 24th with 511 views. The most popular post that day was Banner Makin’ Service is OPEN!/Top 10 CPUN Armies!. […]

  42. um

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