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What do you Think? [TOPIC: LEGENDS]

Donut: For a chance to meet Gugu, he sometimes hangs around the Ice Warriors chat, so if you would like to talk to him and meet him he will be there. Although he doesn’t come on all the time, just the occasional visit. 😉

Cas: Sorry for editing this post, but I do feel that the truth needs to be spoken, this post is a load of lies. I was Co-Leader of GPR untill GuGu retired, after that I went to ACP and then eventually started up GPR ocne again, I am the ONLY GPR soldier who still plays Club Penguin – Gugu did not create the first dictatorship, we were only a dictatorship in GuGu’s second term, the army had a council of high ranks which delivered and debated issues to GuGu and then he took a vote. However I do agree with Donut’s good point about him being a ”CP Army Legend”.

A well written post, but without the real facts.

Hello CPUN  Readers, this is a new topic, where you can share about what you think. Todays topic is about “Legends” what do you think about them. First of all, what is a legend?

★Interview With Miroos★

Me: Hello Miroos.

Miroos: Hello Don.

Me: What do you think defines a “Legend”?

Miroos: It depends. I think a legend is someone who contibuted a lot to CP Warfare. And usually led, or co-led a major army. But of course, you must have good personality and be an “Idol” or people will deny your a legend.

Me: Who would be your main example of a legend, and why?

Miroos: Person1233. He has contributed so much to CP warfare, when he was Nacho Leader, they went to the top. He’s a fun guy, with a great sense of humour. But If I wasn’t an ex-Nacho, I’d probably say Oagalthorp.

Me: What would your opinions on a Legend be if I said someone like… Commando717?

Miroos: I think he’s definately a legend. I remember meeting him on CP in my noob days.

Me: How do you think you can become a “Legend”?

Miroos: You need to be active, Patient and Intelligent, and need to have a “Uneventful real life” and become Famous or something.

Me: Thank you for your time.


So, overall some great advice, and explanations there from Miroos. But, what do you think it takes to become a legend. Now, let’s read into the story of one legend. A legend who changed CP Warfare.

~The Story of Gugu Pengu~

Now, Gugu was just one of many who lived in the UK. He was quite the popular penguin, and was known for his Youtube videos. But then, he decided to make an army of his own, and he advertised it through his youtube channel. It was an instant success. I can’t remember the first name, but it was later re-named the “Gugu Pengu Romans” or GPR. For a long time, it was the most popular and active UK-Based army ever. Their first war was against the ACP. But, not only were the legendary in so many other ways, but it was also the first ever “Dictatorship” army made. So, for as long as CP warfare remain, Gugu, will be a legend.

What do you think?



11 Responses

  1. Great idea! Nice post! I’d love to see more opinions. 😀

  2. I dont think you have to be a leader to be a legend.You could be a regular joe ilke me that has been around for 3 years.Matre once told me “Your rank doesnt matter but what you did in your service does”.

  3. Nice one Jared. 🙂 Anyone could be a legend. I try to make tht happen here. I’m not even done with our HoF yet.

  4. I don’t think being a legend has to do with CP Warfare. Saraapril would be a legend in my opinion for making a contribution in cheatsl

  5. Its cool how a bunch of people who used to be in CPUN went on to become major army leaders. Miroos, Ads, Rio, etc. Commando is the legend of all legends in CP warfare to me. I see him on chat these days but I’m scared to talk to him because he might think I’m a noob.

    Here is what Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets in the NBA said:

    “Anybody whos good at what they do can be called great. But to Become Legendary you have to make a statement or make a stand or have something that you live for or live by. Some guidelines, some morals. Really put a marker on the event you did in your lifetime. Well, you have to be on your A game everyday not just on the court but just in life. I put my all into it, I put my best effort into it and I work hard at being the next best. Did it the right way. I did it my way.”

    Thats what I go by…

  6. I could make the best post CPUN has ever had. (D)

  7. Shadow2446 is the greatest legend CP has ever had because of how he helped many armies. He has helped Nachos, UMA, ACP, etc. Also, he has helped me during the first weeks of my reign as Nacho leader. Without him, I wouldn’t be as good as I am right now.

  8. The Nachos are basically major because of how he got the Nachos to 7 troops all the way up to 200.

  9. This post somehow reminds me of my n00b days here. It amazes me that from being a n00b nobody respected, into a Nacho leader that is respected by many people all over CP warfare. Time passes by so fast 😦

  10. Hello CPUN, I just wanted to ask why aren’t the Silver Soldiers on the CPUN Members sidebar?

    Reply: We at CPUN apologize, but, if you mean sidebar by “Banner” it could mean you do not yet have one. If you mean it by “Blogroll” it could be simply a matter of we forgot. The site is going through a lot of changes, and lot’s of new things are going to be introduced to CPUN. So, we would appreciate your patience, and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

  11. Thanks but I was talking about the thing that read:

    Aqua Warriors
    Army Of Club Penguin
    Christmas Crackers

    And alot of other armys.

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