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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Army Active Count!

Dee edit: Thanks for joining the active count. A few mroe armies will be joining the count soon. I’ll be posting tomorrow about some issues involving a couple of armies in the CPUN who are at war, the Banner Makin’ Service, the upcoming Royal Rumble Practice Battle, and Top 10 CPUN Armies of the month. I’ll be looking for a guest speaker to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of certain governments of the armies in this organization. We do have Government type in our form that is to be filled in – it’s time we discuss about it and make some charts on the most popular governments. 😉

Okay, this is just a quick count to see how many Active Armies are in CPUN. So, if you own an army, and Signed it up for CPUN, I’d advise you comment on this post. If you don’t your army may not be as privileged by this website.

  • Army Name?
  • Leaders?
  • CPUN Rep.?
  • Website?
  • Active?



29 Responses

    Vicky ange will take next weeks hearings and assembly
    please let us be part of cpun we have commented on nations oh and where did you make that banner mine is rubbish!

  2. contact me on connor.kowalewski@yahoo.co.uk
    p.s can i be part of the security council

  3. Screaming Swords
    Caveyy & palm

  4. 1 comment poor old Dee Maybe next time

    • There were 4 pending. lol

  5. Army Name? The Silver Soldiers
    Leaders? Orcaman4
    CPUN Rep.? Jawsfan1
    Website? http://www.silversoldiersofcp.wordpress.com

  6. •Army Name? Uma
    •Leaders? Wgfv.Draco Joe, Alfrondo
    •CPUN Rep.? Wgfv
    •Website? umaofcp.com
    •Active? Yes

  7. Army Name? The CP Kingdom Army 2nd Generation
    Leaders? Greeniedude1 and the Co-Leader,Chuckisthe2
    CPUN Rep.? Greeniedude1
    Website? http://tehcpkingdomarmy.wordpress.com
    Active? Well, not really, but I still want people to know that we exist. 😀

  8. Hi guys my sisters party was Saturday and I visited my grandma’s today.So I had a jammed-packed weekend.

  9. Army Name? UACP
    Leaders? Rex5556
    CPUN Rep.? Rex5556
    Active? YES

  10. My grandma lives with mme and my other is dead. I went to the NJ shore Saturday

  11. Army Name? DCP Defense of Club Penguin
    Leaders? Ben Quincy
    CPUN Rep.? Ben Quincy/ Mr Dunning
    Active? ?YES

  12. dee ppa still want to be part of cpun except we are moving to a different site with a different name contact connor.kowalewski@yahoo.co.uk for details ppa will still be active with you except for the site changing we are also hoping to be called club penguin caveman army cya

  13. oh by the way i will some how notify you the new cpca site link thank you

  14. the link to new site is http://cpcaarmy.wordpress.com/ soz for the hassel dee

  15. * Army Name? Elite Romans
    * Leaders? Rjse1, Hardy Storm, Samlit22, Spiff, Ads345, Cattank, Allworth, Adster124, Pringle
    * CPUN Rep.? Hardy Storm
    * Website? http://eliteromansofcp.wordpress.com/
    * Active? Yep

  16. Army name: DCP Defence of Club Penguin
    Leaders: Ben Quincy
    Website: I can get link if you need it

  17. •Army Name? Aqua Warriors
    •Leaders? Layne, Elimz
    •CPUN Rep.? I would like to be AW’s rep. Aan10 was the former rep. and would like me to take over for AW.
    •Website? http://theaquawarriors.wordpress.com/
    •Active? Yes

  18. I didnt even know AW was around anymore………………………..

  19. Well apparently it is… duh. 😉

  20. I hope you know that I mean that in a sarcastic, friendly way.

  21. •Army Name? Army of Club Penguin Ninjas
    •Leaders? Winterburn13(me), Bmf7364
    •CPUN Rep.? Winterburn13(me), Bmf7364
    •Active? yes we are

  22. Nachos
    Billy Mays and Ads354
    Ads354 and Billy Mays

  23. Hey dee, I would be happy to talk about the pros or cons of the of certain governments.
    You can contact me at http://unitedarmiesofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

  24. Penguin Counter Culture (Yellow army of CP)
    Jcool (Kcool 59 is Co-Leader)
    Most definitely

  25. WOW 25 comments When two CPAE posts have got 50

  26. Club Penguin Builders army





  27. * Army Name? Icey Fighters
    * Leaders? Buckleybeans
    * CPUN Rep.? Bam117,Aninjaboy,buckleybeans
    * Website? icyfightersofcp.wordpress.com
    * Active? 10 – 19 Yes we get 10 – 19 at wars

  28. * Army Name? Ninja Troops
    * Leaders? Wyoskyguy, Gostt, Duskshadow5
    * CPUN Rep.? Wyoskyguy (me)
    * Website?http://ninjatroopsarmyofcp.wordpress.com/
    * Active?9, yes, 15+ during wars

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