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Club Penguin Feild Op’s

Okay, so some of you may have noticed that if you are in EPF then you are able to Feild Op’s in Club Penguin every week.  Some of you may have some trouble with it though.

Feild Op One

First of all, head to the EPF Command Room and click on the Field Ops mission screen.  Then a message will pop out telling you that the hidden bomb is somewhere near a big letter “S”.  That hidden bomb is at the the Town. Go there and click on the disk in middle of the big “S”.  After you waddle over to the disk, your EPF Spy Phone Light should be blinking green. Click on it and accept the puzzle by choosing the option “engage”. Your job is to connect matching shapes on the bomb’s machine to turn it off just as shown below:

After you complete the puzzle, accept your Career Badge and redeem items that you can.

Feild Op Two

Waddle to the Command Room, and then click the screen which says “Field Ops” to start the mission.  Then, a message will come up, giving you the mission. It will say that a securityantenna is broken, and that the antenna is up high somewhere.  You will need to find the antenna. It is disguised  as the pole at the Ski Hill.  Go to the ski hill, and go near the pole.  Your spy phone will start blinking green. Click on it, and begin the puzzle. You will have to guide your microchip into the recharging spots. Once all the chargers have a green circle around them, the puzzle will be complete!  After the puzzle, the mission will be finished! Claim your medal, which you can use to redeem Elite Gear items.

Feild Op Three

Waddle over to the command room, and click the screen which says “Field-Ops” to start the mission.  After that, a message will pop up, giving the mission to you. Gary will tell you that an old PSA Spy Phone has been lost near a large light bulb, and it must not be found by Herbert. Your mission is to locate and destroy it by overloading the circuits.  The large light bulb is the light bulb at the Mine Caves. Go to the Mine Caves, then waddle over to the snow ball powered light bulb.  The large light bulb is the light bulb at the Mine Caves. Go to the Mine Caves, then waddle over to the snow ball powered light bulb.  After you complete the puzzle, you will have completed the mission! Claim your medal, which you can use to redeem Elite Gear items.

Feild Op Four

This is what the Elite Penguin Force secret agents have to say about the Filed Ops mission:

Our surveillance network has had a major black out. We’re not sure what or who, is responsible. The broken network computer is disguised inside a couch. Search the island for it, then power it up!

Go to the Lodge Attic and walk over the couch till your Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone starts to blink green.  Once your Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone blinks green, open it and engage to the puzzle. Your job is to power up all the units in the machine. Remember to stay charged because the electrical lights will hurt you.  Once you complete the mission, you will earn another medal.

The Club Penguin EPF Items include two for Non-Members and two sets of EPF Uniforms for Members.  Each new point lets you buy a new item.


12 Responses

  1. Nice to see penguins care about cheats!

  2. Ironically, there is a new field op right now!

  3. yeah ik..thts number 4 i think

  4. Number 4 is in the post. It is number 5.

  5. It is the microphone one.

  6. ohh..yeah, i dnt have tht one

  7. Uggh i dont even ilke doing missons i just ilke getting meh check from club penguin…………………………

  8. Really, I liked doing the missions and I didn’t care about the check!

  9. well the non members can get 1 piece not 2

  10. they can get two, they culd whn i checked

  11. One is buyable, one is in a mission (EPF ear peice, EPF spy goggles). I would know, I’m not a member.

  12. Hey Speed, I know I keep asking but do you still make the Club Pengin Stories? I can’t wait for the next one. 😉

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