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A Royal Rumble Practice Battle/Active Count

Dee edit: We’ll post the uniforms of those armies who will join in the next post. 😉

July 12, 2010

Hi guys. After Furbur’s retirement, I’m sure a lot of you felt discouraged. I myself feel that way too – but we have to move on and do our best to rise again.

If you’ve noticed, this year, we’ve had several competitors. Several organizations have started to form and with the same job as us and probably with even more things to offer. We need to get off of our butts and once again show the world who we are and what we have done. We are being forgotten. We are not anymore the number one place to come to if one is looking for a place to aid small armies.

I’m giving out promotions to those who can help revive the CPUN. Other organizations have started making pages like ours. Ideas very similar to ours have already been permanently implanted into their communities and actually work.

We’re going to revive the Security Council and the General Assembly. We’re also going to have a Head for both of those. I’ll post again about what the Security Council is in the future.

So we’re going to start with four armies. I think getting these four to have good relationships will give us a good boost.

I’m also going to make this an Active Count. If you are active, state your name. Whether you are not in the staff or are in the staff, please join the Active Count. To those in the staff, please notify the armies in our Nations list about this post (about the tournament) and about the active count. If you are CPUN Staff and did notify at least four armies, please say so. 😉

  • Name:
  • What position I want to get and why:

If you want to enter your army into the tournament:

  • Name of Army:
  • Leader:
  • CPUN Representative: (Can be found in the Nations page if you already signed up)

We also have a new member on the staff! Well, he was already here last year and has come back to help us out. His name is Donut of the Dark Warriors which has recently returned. Please see his army if you want to join. They’ve started anew and looks like they” be doing good.

So, please join the active count! 😀



26 Responses

  1. Name: Donut67890
    What position I want to get and why: I want to get co-head of site, along with Dee. So that we can both bring back CPUN together, and once again make it the number 1 website for the army community,

    Name of Army: Dark Warriors
    Leader: Me
    CPUN Representative: Me

  2. Name: CasiusBrutus/Max

    What Position I want to get and why: I want to get Prime Minister because I have been in CPUN for 2 years and I am well respected in armies, I can bring this site back to its former glory, with my motivation and mr deedledoo’s wonderful posting skills we can outrun CPAC and take back whats rightfully ours.

    Thank you for all your support over these many enjoyable months.

    Yours Most Sincerely,


    CPUN Foreign Minister

  3. Name:Rex5556
    What position I want to get and why: Foreign Minister.

    I want to get Foreign Minister because I have been in Club Penguin Armies since 07. I have a lot of experience in armies and is respected in my armies. I will bring the site back to former glory. I have good motivational skills. With me and Deedledoo we can bring back CPUN to it’s rightful place in Clubpngin Army History.

    Thank-you for taking your time to read this,


  4. I also will post 24/7

  5. Name:Kingjared7
    What position I want to get and why:Ambassdor (Fine with old positon.)
    Do I have to do this ?? I just woke up………………


  6. Name: Ben Quincy
    I would like to join the staff

    Name of Army: DCP Defense of club penguin
    Leader: Ben Quincy
    CPUN Representative: Ben Quincy

  7. Name of Army: Screaming swords
    Leader: Caveyy, pam penguin,zamman5, philzzz42, etc, (we have LOTS)
    CPUN Representative: Caveyy

  8. Name: Speed015

  9. •Name: LadTom2 aka lentalsoup

    What position I want to get and why: I want to be Deputy Primeminister. As you may know I am retired leader of CPAE, the army news site which has been disturbing you. I also know that CPUN is under a serious recession which needs to be improved quickly. I am suggesting myself as I am one of the most active soldiers in cp. My army experience is satisfactory, as I used to run my news site. I suggest that CPUN, should merge with CPAE or become close allies in the future, to form an alliance were both would reach there all time peek. I wish to work with CPUN as I check the site regulary and wish to do so more often.

    Thank You and I hope you consider my post.

    LadTom2 aka lentalsoup

    P.S- You may be discouraged about that fact that I am in CPAE, but the same goes to Cas, who is Co leader and CEO of CPAE. Im sorry to say Cas, but are you a glory hunter? 😀

  10. Name of army: Club Penguin Builders Army

    Leader: Waddles0

    CPUN Representative: Holo2


  11. Sorry, I ment Chief Justice, not Co- Leader

    LadTom2 aka lentalsoup

  12. Lol Lad

  13. Wombat 99

  14. Name: soccer793
    What postition I want to get and why: I’ll lead the republican party (unless you want to form a conservative party, then I’ll go for conservative 😉 ). I like having big parts but leading a party sounds good.

    P.S. I somehow don’t trust Cas for prime minister.

    P.S.S. Sorry for accusing Cas for all the editors going off. That was godplayer’s fault.

  15. Also, I think the inactiveness time is over! Just by posting this Dee, you have got 10 different penguins commenting on this! As well we are posting more often.

  16. Name: Speed015

    Position: I really don’t know what position I would want. I just want tot help out and be active here

  17. * Name: Bmf7364
    * What position I want to get and why: I dont care, as long as im a part of the CPUN

  18. Name: ATM 23
    What position I want to get and why: I can pretty much play any position. I just want to help. I’ll be any position that you want me to be.

    And I just informed each army on the nations page about this post except my old army.

  19. lol Look 12 people have done the active count.

  20. Name:elimz
    Leader:layne and elimz
    CPUN respresentive: Me or Aan10..(who has retired)

  21. Name: Storm Warriors
    Leaders: Spy Derek, MrCoolio605 and Bluesockwa
    CPUN rep: Spy Derek (ME!)

  22. Oh, If there is a place available I will take it. No matter what it is. I will help CPUN rise to it’s former glory.

  23. * Name of Army: Elite Romans
    * Leader: Rjse1, Hardy Storm, Samlit22, Spiff, Ads345, Cattank, Allworth, Adster124, Pringle64
    * CPUN Representative: Hardy Storm

  24. idk why i cant post on nations page but here is my form:
    Name: Clubpenguin Royal Defenders (2nd generation)
    Leaders: Nascarman43/Hamburgerhelper344(backup)
    Abbreviation: CPRD
    Government type: Obilarchy Kingdom
    Date joined: July 4th 2010
    CPUN Representative: Hamburgerhelper344
    Site: http://clubpenguinroyaldefenders.webs.com/
    Council leader: Nascarman43 (me)
    Council Judge: Hamburgerhelper344

  25. hi guys just dropping by. Wow I remember RRPW i came up with it then Dee made the name. Good times.

  26. I gave you a thumbs up or being here, itachi!

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