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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Osprey037’s Retirement (3 of 3)

Dee edit: It’s once again too soon to see an old friend leave. Furbur, without anyone else left of our experiences back in the days to be around, I don’t know what I’ll do. 😥 Like you, I’ve always thought of going the other way around. Destroying the system that the ACP or Nachos have planted into the hearts of armies. I’ll do my best to strengthen the ties of the CPUN and the RPF. I’ve figured out the code – I don’t know what I could be but I hope it’s not too bad. May you pick the right road, and not the obvious road.

The other parts of my post can be found here, and here

I have said this in so many posts. Armies are pointless, they wont benefit your life. They exist to help kill time. I leave because I simply have found better ways to kill time.

As long as youre sill here in armies though, I have unfinished business. I came back to change armies and to prove I could lead an army. I proved I could lead an army, bur I want you to be the ones to change armies. I have wisdom to share. I wont be leaving chats, and you can come pick my brain whenever you want.

In armies there is no massive plot. There is no conspiracy. THings are the way they are because the people with the most influence want them that way. I spent 2 years trying to change armies by changing the people’s opinions of what they want. In those two years I haven’t changed a damn thing outside of a few individual armies.

Success isn‘t being a suck up to ACP or Nachos. Success is basically saying f*ck you I’m doing what I want. Armies are at a point where anyone can get an army big if the just know the right people. No one takes big risks anymore. Have your armies be the armies that went for it. That risked their existance for the sake of doing something big. Maybe it’s something stupid, maybe its just a lost cause, but the way to change armies is to break the chain of command.

I speak of rebellion. Sometimes the reason and the spirit of a war is more important then the outcome. Sometimes wars that have already been lost are the ones most important to fight. As long as the chain of command stays intact you will have no results. When you are called upon you must answer and fight, or you wont get anywhere. I know this sounds like alot of rambling, but when the time comes you will know exactly what I mean.

– Osprey037, Retiring today, July 10, 2010


12 Responses

  1. Solve the code

  2. Well I guess… bye.

  3. I think I need to pick a new leader soon.. I’m getting tired. I need one who’s known the CPUN for long and has good army experience and if possible a high rank in an oldschool army.

  4. That’s true, Dee’s turning 16 this year. I never expected Osprey would retire with a post like this.

  5. Im only 11 I think im retiring when im 13 or 14.Dee this is going to be a tight year.I really dont think we can make it until December.If your looking for a new CPUN leader thats gonna be tight.Though I have been in CPUN for 2 years I dont think I would be up for the job.I think this is the end guys.We should hang it up right here.

  6. I’ve been here almost 2 years (almost 1 yeas as part of the heads). Though, I thought speed was here from the beginning. He isn’t gone.

  7. Kingjared, don’t think like that, this is the reason I came here!!! This is my story:

    After playing club penguin for about 5 months I looked up club penguin cheats. They were really cool and CP had much more glitches back then (2007). I never stayed to any of them until I came across a site called http://ogojoe100.wordpress.com/ . It seemed nice, a great place for me to stay so I stayed. He also had a friend/partner site called http://gjmc784.wordpress.com/ . It also seemed like a nice place so I just checked up on both those sites each day. As well there was my first army I joined, the RBS, that ogo and gjmc made. So I checked on all those sites and it made me really happy. Then came 2008 when they started losing interest and cursing at each other. Ogo made his last post on July 6, 2008. Gjmc just sorta randomly made posts. I tried to be active on my own site but it didn’t have the same niceness. Then in December, I found this site. I was finally happy again. This place had good atmosphere and everyone was nice and everything. Then on July 31st, 2009, I joined the heads. It made me even happier and I felt important. Everyone made me happy. Now it is July 2010 and you think we are just going to quit? I am not going to go through this again! I went through it 3 times through ogo, gjmc, and RBS! WE ARE NOT JUST GOING TO QUIT!!! ALL WE NEED TO DO IS GET MORE ACTIVE!!!

    P.S. Do you think I should post this?

  8. Soccer we dont have anyone with experiance of leading battles.Yeah,I might have led a few patrolls and a couple small battles but im low experianced in leadership.Lets look at our possible opptions as CPUN leader……………………….

    Artic-2ic of IW (Hes Active) former CPUN member

  9. I’m not talking about you or me.

  10. You never thought i would retire with a post like this one? You obviously don’t know me all that well. :p

  11. […] Osprey037′s Retirement (2 of 3) Posted: 10 July, 2010 by Osprey037 in Uncategorized 15 The other parts of my post can be found here, and here […]

  12. Found your code at Osprey.

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