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Really ACP? A message for ACP LEADERS

Dee edit: I agree that we shouldn’t put biased posts out here in the CPUN. First of all, if you’re going to complain about an army, do it in a clean way. I don’t think you’ve seen much of our earlier work here Pwn 😉 . But anyways, so that we can be unbiased at the same time, I’ll allow this post since it’s the first post in a long time in which we can argue and discuss on. If ever we have another person complain about a different army, at least we’ll be okay to post that one as well since we left this one posted. We need rules for posting too.

This is for ACP LEADERS, but anyone can read it.

ACP, you’ve gotten very big. You can be proud of that. Or can you? Think about it. What if your name was something that wasn’t Army Of Club Penguin? Where would you be today??? One reason why you’re hated is because of your name. That’s how you got to be so big. Another thing I question about you. Your tatics. The Nachos and a lot of other armies agree on one thing. You really don’t have tatics. I was watching the Nacho vs. ACP battle today. The Nachos said this: “All ACP can do is make a circle!” I think they’re right. I’ve seen lots of battles, and all you do is this: Clover Bomb, Jbomb, Fart, and circle. Those are the main things you do besides make a blob. Which happens to be the next issue. What the heck. A blob. It just consumes everything in the room. You may think that’s good, but what does it make other armies think? “You’re the green menace.” Thats what I think to. Being a blob and slowly taking over the entire room totally takes away the fun. You don’t have any fun doing it either, I’ll bet. That’s what armies are supposed to be about. Fun. Think about it ACP leaders. Think about it.


P.S. ACP members, this is for your LEADERS.


17 Responses

  1. Yeah no one throws snowballs in ACP

  2. We throw snowballs xD. So WHAT if our name is ACP. We got created with this name and it so happens our name gets us more recruits. What are we supposed to do change our whole website our name our entire army culture so a few whiney people can be number 1?We’re big. We’re not going to shrink because “IT’S NOT FAIR. MOMMY THEY TOOK A GOOD NAME NOW I CAN’T WIN A VIRTUAL WAR. WAAAAAA MOMMMY MAKE THEM CHANGE THEIR NAME WAAA. Get a life.

  3. What if YOUR army was named ACP? Would YOU change your name, or stop recruiting so little babies can “feel like winners” on a COMPUTER GAME? This is just pathetic. Oh and here are all of the NACHOS’ tactics. 1. Joke Bomb 2. Several Emote Bombs 3. Run and hide then say you claimed all the rooms 4. Blame it on ACP.

    Pwn:Go cry to your leaders.

  4. Most new recruits think ACP is the real club penguin army.So that is part of the reason they are so big.You may not agree but ACP was ilke the first army to really modernize CP warfare.So give them credit for doing that.I still ilke ACP after 2 and a half years there.They grew to large for me.Seems ilke after Boomer it just went down hill from there.I think one day everyone (even small armies) are going to rebel on ACP and take them down once and for all.Think of ACP ilke the planet Jupiter its the biggest and pretty much all of the space rocks go towards it.Thats kinda ilke ACP it has so many small armies it would never die.

  5. Oh, you don’t want to bring astronomy into this (favorite sub-subject). I still like ACP but I was in one of the wars on ACPs side and all they did was bomb the Nachos.

  6. herp derp.

  7. ACPN merged into UMA, so u can delete me from the site

  8. Lolwut? The reason were so big is because whenever we fall we get right back up. You think that we are big, just because of our name. But im going to proove you wrong through HISTORY! You know, UMA was bigger than ACP. UMA’s name was Underground Mafias Army, now thats not a good name is it. But then, why was there a time, when they were bigger than us. Oh and please! You guys to the same exact tactics! You are being hypocritical. Your trying to make up a reason that we are big, just because your not as big as us. Trust me, you can’t judge someone by its name. We are just a great army, thats nice and does the right thing. Your probably going to say “NOOO!! ACP STINKS”. Really, WHATS YOUR PROBLEM! The soldiers of ACP are having FUN! Maybe thats why its the #1 army! Because you actually have a good time in ACP!

  9. Actually, ACP was the frst army so at the time you could only join ACP. It got popular and others came in and some made their own. Also when you search club penguin army or armies, the first one you get is ACP making it even more popular. And plus not all of us think that ACP is so bad. It is bwn’s post. I’m not saying that it s so bad.

  10. I think most armies are not active. Maybe a war will perk us up. I’m not the war type, but we need something exiting to happen!

  11. I agree, we’ve tried tournaments but they don’t make armies more active.

  12. I don’t think CPUN should really sponsor anti-ACP Propaganda when half of CPUN’s active armies(RPF) are in an alliance with ACP.

  13. CPUN is full of penguins. bwn is the one who is anti-ACP. Just because bwn said it doesn’t mean we all said it.

  14. well, as a leader of AACP(1 of many) aka NUCP/NRCP(ninja union of cp(alliance)/ninja republic of cp) i am totally alongside bwn

  15. This is all very true and correct. For all of the Acp members who have commented I suggest you actually THINK about what was said. I do not think this is an Anti-Acp (even though I’m strongly on this side) post and it might actually BENEFIT you. I do agree that these tactics are used a lot and Acp really needs to consider new ones.

    Yes I’m taking the Anti-Acp side when I say this but Acp leaders – you REALLY need to work on your loosing side. Your army says they won when clearly – they lost. Your army is annoying and is basically full of pathetic spam. You go in and make a mess of all things. You also need to speak with your troops. They are very racist against the soldiers (this includes other army civilians and regular c.p. civilians) who are non-members. You treat them like dirt and you always think you can just walk right over them. THEY. CARE. TOO. Just because they can’t wear the same clothes or go to the same places as members doesn’t mean that they aren’t penguins. Acp – you REALLY need to get lives, and DEAL WITH YOUR ISSUES!

  16. Sorry for the double post but this is directed to MrMrMr8.

    I’m sorry but MrMrMr8 you DO use the same tactics contently. Acp IS a biggest army because everybody enjoys all the people and power. Acp would have NO power OR control if all their allies went against them. Acp ISN’T nice because during the 3 years that I’ve been on C.P. I’ve seen Acp soldiers terrorize servers, civilians, and other armies. I don’t think you’re doing the right thing because all Acp does is spam all the servers and step all over other people that think only about themselves. Acp ISN’T fun either because all you do is make people annoyed, frustrated, angry, and sad. THINK ABOUT SOMEBODY OTHER THEN YOURSELVES!

  17. ACP spends to much time make them bigger, before a battle, they recruit, after a battle, they recruit, for no reason, THEY RECRUIT! I know why, but there troops arent really troops, there more like noobs

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