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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Active Armies

ATM Edit: uhh Sorry, but that was the old cabinet. Heeres the current:

Secretary General – Mr Deedledoo

Prime Minister – Ktman

Chief Justice – General98, Flipper

Justices and Speakers – Atm23, Gjhdhgfgkutf, Rapidy, Aan10, ~Extreme the Great, Articsledder

Head of Secretariat – Godplayer123

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Casiusbrutus

  • Ambassadors and Diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Under Casiusbrutus):
  1. Ambassador: KingJared
  2. Minister and Consul General: Speed015
  3. Consuls: Color Peng, Soccer793

Minister of War and Defense – Ads354*and Batintrenche

Advisor of the Ministry of War and Defense – Houndy66 and Monsterfully

Minister of Communications – Houndy66

  • MinCom Staff (Under Houndy66):
  1. Pwn – Reporter for Small Army News
  2. Greeniedude – Reporter for medium events in the CP Army World
  3. Taco858snowbomb – Page Updater (With the guidance of General98)
  4. Mr Deedledoo – Helps update the Nations pag


Well, now let’s try and figure out the cabinet. I’m a natural overachiever and in summer my activity in armies goes way up. If it wasn’t summer I wouldn’t be bothering with this.

Secretary General – Mr Deedledoo

Prime Minister – Ktman

Chief Justice – General98

Ambassador- CasiusBrutus

Justice- Flipper

Head of Secretariat – Godplayer123

Minister of War and Defense – Benu2

Advisor of of the Ministry War and Defense – Houndy66,

Minister of Internal Affairs – taco858snowbomb

Minister of Labour and Penguin Resources – emilylondon

Minister of Communications – Batintrenche

Secretary of the Ministry of Communications – Mustang

Advisor of the Ministry of Communications – Articsledder, Hidude45

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Atm23,

Advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Color Peng

Consuls – Swat Bandit, Speed, Ads354,KingJared

Senators – Soccer793, Iglookid, Markjonny

Those were all the positions. I say we start by just getting input on what positions we want to fill and how to fill them.

I’ve been at the beach all day and am super tired so I’m going to make this quick. i have more to post about but I’ll just edit it in tomorrow because I still have another post to make on my army’s website.

Anyway, I want to get a list of all the armies in CPUN that are active. Tomorrow I’ll edit this and put in stuff about the cabinet positions, but I feel like I will fall asleep. So I know of 3 armies that are active not including the massive ones like ACP. So I’ll put them on the list now.



Defence of CP

– Osprey


23 Responses

  1. Guys,It is summer take a break for a minute.Im not saying become unactive .Most of you are going into highschool (im not XD) so enjoy your time free while you have it.My sister has to read a long chapter book over the summer for advanced english.Furbur swimming does take ALOT out of you.Your working pretty much all parts of your body XD.

    P.S My birthday is on sunday woot!!!!!!!!!

  2. DCP is active. I was away on vacation.

  3. Lol. Don’t worry about it. If I was stressing over this I wouldn’t be doing it. Last night wasn’t a big deal, if I hadn’t stayed up doing this I would have stayed up doing something else.

  4. Guys I just talked to Ktman on ACP chat.He’s a legend just think what great thinks we could do if he came back.I thought he would never come back.I hope Jedi come’s back lol.

  5. What great thinks?

  6. Lol I was typing at night !!!

  7. I hate these periods of inactiveness

  8. me too

  9. Jedi is actually online right now.

  10. How do you know?

  11. Jedi is long gone we all know that -.-

  12. Every now and then he comes for a visit.

  13. The Aqua Warriors are active.

  14. we had a battle that we won thats right the acpn an army of 6 beat the dcp for a server! dont we deserve a position on the cabnet

    winterburn13 acpn leader

  15. were active

  16. What the? Thats the old cabinet postitions. I’ll edit it to put the current one.

  17. I know you said “Dont bother asking” but give me the password.This is information I MUST KNOW!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Just edit the post and go to the password protected thing, it’ll say it! It won’t say ***

    • Yeah, thats what I did.

  19. I forgot meh password thats why I havent been posting .Someone please tell me ilke in secret code.

  20. We’d need to tell you the secret code then (think).

  21. If you guys haven’t noticed – that’s quite a lot of people who have participated in the active count in a LONG time. To the CPUN staff, please help me by giving these people special care. 😉 Well, I mostly go on their site and see how they do and remind them to be active. If you don’t know their army, find the person’s name in the Nations page or in the comments. 🙂

    Btw, thanks for bringing this topic up Furbur. Thank you very much for helping out with the posts. We’ll surely make a reform including our new members and we need to remake the General Assembly and Security Council so we can have the newer memebers, who aren’t on the site, to have a position in the CPUN anyways. 😉

  22. I wish new penguins came here more often.

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