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Cheese Army’s End

June 15, 2010


The Club Penguin Cheese Army was one of the armies who were with us during the great age of summer-winter 2009. They were alongside Riotor’s Club Penguin Secret Service, Batintrenche’s Noobs of Club Penguin, Houndy66’s Freedom Warriors, Miroos’ and Ads’ Mysterious Army (MA2), Miroos, Ads’ and Houndy66’s Mysterious Freedom Warriors, Atm23’s Seperatist Penguin Association Air Force, Aan10’s Aqua Warriors, Flipper7706’s Ghost Warriors, Deet007’s Canadian Cup Army, Unicow’s Club Penguin Water Warriors, Emily London’s Elites, Godplayer’s Elites, Leaderbird’s Royal Empire of Club Penguin, Mix 1011’s Lava VAS, Alighf’s Orange Rebels, Ashpie’s Club Penguin Rulers Army, Greeniedude1’s CP Kingdom Army, Wiggle N’s United Ghost Armies, Harvin13’s Purple Heads, and many more. See here and scroll to the 2009-2010 area of the page. 😉

Here’s a short summary of the army:

The Club Penguin Cheese Army joined the CPUN on June 13, 2009 which was just a year and a couple days ago. They were a cheerful bunch who had a good amount of enthusiastic people willing to comment and have fun. They had a reasonable amount of Practice Battles and successful activities during their run and actually had chatboxes with people chatting with them. They were one of the most successful underground armies of the CPUN and the Club Penguin Warfare World and had been mentioned several times in other sites, even major army sites. They attended CPUN activities and mingled it the community here. On the month of December 2009, they merged with other armies and were moved to this site. Soon after, they became independent again and last a quarter of the next year on their own. On the month of May, comments and hits began declining on the CPCA site and Gorge, their leader, starting to worry. They closed for good on May 12, 2010.

These guys were one of the most enthusiastic bunch of people I’ve ever seen. I had always visited them and checked on their goofy plans and great posts. They were always welcoming guests and always welcomed and replied to me when I commented on their site. They were an example of a small army who didn’t need to big to have great fun. They were an example of a small army who had 5 people at first, and still had the complete 5 people present in their Practice Battles. It was great to see their posts with 40+ comments on them. Pretty good for a small army. Though many of the comments were of their leaders, this still showed the spirit of their army. They were so active that I never knew I’d be writing this post about them as soon as now.

As a matter of fact, I just happened to scroll to the right side of our site and see their news feed with the last two posts entitled A Final Goodbye and The End is Near. I was shocked to see this and visited their site. I’m feel so sorry that I wasn’t there to help them out. I had tried to make them feel we, the CPUN, would always be here to help them. They were once a featured army on this site. 😥

Well, the time had come to say goodbye. We have been around for over a year and yet we hung in there enough to enjoy the pride of surviving that long. But we cannot survive any longer. We have not been growing at all lately and I feel as if I’m talking to myself. I’ve been leading this army for over a year and It’s been an amazing experience, but nothing can last forever. I still remember creating a wordpress account and making this site. I still remember recruiting each and every one of you into this army and fighting along side all of you. I remember the pointless color wars on chat when we were bored. I remember when all of you would fight over who could comment on every post more. I remember the constant random conversations we would have on the random comments page. I remember fighting BCP. I remember when we got our first full chat. As you can see I remember a lot xD … But more than half those things are gone now and the spirit in this army has died. The spirit used to be like a huge burning fire, but now it’s a tinsy binsy little piece of burnt wood. We have had our time to shine, but it passed and now it is time to move on. I thought that maybe one day I could lead this army to glory and make it the #1 army. But I wasn’t a strong enough leader to make it there. I know I was a good leader, but not good enough to lead this army all the way to the top. But as one random hobo out there once said: “The strongest of all may not succeed”. So yea we didn’t succeed, but we had success (If that even makes sense). We did rise up into nearly the top ten. We did survive a whole year, when most armies can’t even survive a month. We did get full chats once. We did defeat other armies. We did what many armies never had the opportunity to do. I am proud to have called this my army and I am glad to have led this army. I hope everyone of you are proud to call yourself a member of the cheese army too. Now if you were wondering about me as a person, yes this is also my retirement from all club penguin armies (This does not mean xat!). I will still be on Elites chat to talk with some of you from time to time. I will not be on as often as I usually was, because I have a lot more to accomplish in life xD …. As for my penguin, well my penguin is over 1300 days old now and is a pretty rare penguin. I will not be banning my penguin forever as some people do when they leave club penguin and I will not be giving my penguin away. I’m the kind of person that likes to leave things for later. So maybe one day when I’m an old person I’ll go on club penguin and be like 5000 days old xD … Now usually now someone would make that long list of good-byes to people but since I’m still gonna be on chats that’s kinda be useless because I’ll still be able to talk to you guys….. I guess that’s it.

Remember: Forever and ever, no matter what happens, I will always be a cheese.

~Gorge out.

Continue to read at the CPCA site. I will leave comments on their site. 😉

I believe we should all go over to their site and simply wish them farewell. Especially those who were with them last year – if you’re willing to that is.

We will miss you guys. You are part of the history of the CPUN and will always be. I induct you all into the CPUN Hall of Fame.

Gorge 32


Sky 380

And more. Sorry I wasn’t able to fix the Hall of Fame page yet. I had my last exams the last few weeks. Also, we’ll be going on vacation for three weeks. I’ll probably be on during those days though but at times when the site is down and I don’t seem to be able to get on, I hope you guys can keep it up. 😉 Take a rest if you wish. But please don’t forget to drop by sometimes. 😀

I’m leaving tomorrow and I’ll comment when possible. 🙂

Thanks for the wonderful posts Furbur. I’m just wondering where everyone else is.

Happy Summer! 😀



14 Responses

  1. Hai dee. MFW is back….. we hope.

  2. That’s great. I hope so too. 😉

  3. I’ve been busy with school but now since its summer I will be able to get on way more. When I first saw the Cheese Army I thought they would be a major army in no time.

  4. Hey Dee can you mention the war that im currently dealing with

  5. I remember the Cheese Army a little.They were very active and always kept in touch with CPUN.Wow so many active armies are going down.CPR,CPWW,and RR (and the ones listed on the post) were the most active. R.I.P Cheese Army !!!!!

  6. Sorry to hear about the Cheese Army 😦

    Please visit the War Server Organization’s site:


    We promote fun warfare on the server of Outback! Your support is appreciated!

  7. The server was changed to Frosty. If you could post about us, that would be fantastic, but I understand if you can’t.

  8. Thx for the post, Dee. It means a lot to us cheesies. xD

  9. Hey dee, its Jmax09 of the SWAT Army. Yes, i really do wanna join. But if I do I really need some help in bringing SWAT 2nd Generation back up to speed. If you can do anything to help, please try.

  10. It’s always sad when an army falls. I convinced my cosuins to join an army and I’ve been recruiting on the weekends. Only 1 more week of camp yay!

  11. My penguin is 1435 days old……… Im super rare

  12. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I opened up that page you liked on the cheese army site, Dee. (: Here’s the link in case you forgot lol.


  13. i remember CPRA i was he leader ashpie

  14. you didnt add the paoc

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