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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Media, Alliances, and Recruiting [Rise of small armies post 2]

now onto my second post about how small armies can rise.


CPA Central, Rebel News media, and all the others. There is always a website doing CP army news, at least there has been for the past year. My problem with all of these is that they often act as if they are thorough when they’re not. They report on the major armies, and some small armies, but they often ignore CPUN type armies.

I don’t want to seem like i’m advertising, but I am one for big plans. My plan, to break the bubble. Part of that is a CP army news site that is mostly about small armies. The idea is that if you make a news site that is mainly about small and medium armies then those armies can get more attention. Anyone looking to join a small army could go to the news site and they’ll see stuff about your army and then they’ll join it. This site hasn’t gotten off the ground yet but you can find it here: http://cpwarzone.wordpress.com/about/. I hope this isn’t seen as advertising, it is really just part of my plan to bring the focus to small armies.


There is a pattern in alliances and unions that try to claim some sort of role as the  rulemakers of CP armies. There was ANTA, the there was the council that Boomer20 started. I like the idea of some general rules, but you can’t make rules for all armies unless you have representation from all armies.

There is still no solution to the server issues that prompted order 67. My issue, though, is that maybe the problem was major armies, not small ones. What if the problem is that major armies see a website of a small army and assume it is full of n00bs. The small army planned an invasion of the major army’s server but the major army doesn’t come because they think it’s n00bs. I realized that if your army isn’t large enough to have some one notice your server isn’t being invaded then your army shouldn’t own any servers.

This section of my post doesn’t serve you much purpose, but I felt I should make that point.


Remember back when the major armies all helped each other recruit? I think the CPUN armies (active ones with CPUN and CP) should do that. The idea is everyone goes on a server wearing the uniform of one army and recruits for that army. Since it is summer and most everyone should be out of school we could do a couple of these a week. This way all of our armies can help each other grow.

– Osprey037

On another note, CPA central has an army legends page. If enough people leave comments asking for someone to be added then that person will be added. I already left one. I think we all could agree though, that Dee should be on that page, he gave a voice to all small armies.


5 Responses

  1. ACPN accepts your invitation

  2. Thanks ACPN. Welcome to the CPUN. 😉

    We’re getting a good flow of people registering. Hopefully, we can maintain our height. I’m just wondering, where is everyone? 😐

    Sometime ago, the CPAZ wanted to compete against the CPUN. But the competition was between who made the better news. Sadly, we declined since we are something completely different.

    During last year, we had pretty much what you were asking for Furbur. People really did come here to get advertised. We had pages for their flags, pages for their banners. And some really did stay active and some went ahead and became big. We don’t have much of that now though.

    And yes, back then, I believe it was the problem of major armies. I don’t know but, it didn’t seem like they were being open or kind before as they are now. But there was also the real noobs. I know one can’t listen to a pile of noobs too long, but the ignoring of noobs played a major part of them starting to ‘think big’.

    • Oops, I don’t think it was CP War Zone that I meant, anyways. I’ll be posting probably in a couple of days about some important things especially, about some armies who have just fallen to their end, like the Cheese Army of Club Penguin – good friends of ours in the 08s.

  3. i need some help recruting my army is small

  4. we need help to get ppl to join my army
    we are very small

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