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The State of Armies – What You Can Do About It [Rise of Small Armies Post 1 of Many]

Dee edit: I’ll send more people to read this post. It’s been a long time since we’ve had anyone else write about the state of smaller armies on this website. I’ve sticky-ed the post for a while since this may bring us good information. In other news Aan10 has given us a new badge! His post about it was initially above this one but we’ll put his back on top later on. 😉

This post has many parts, but if you’re an army leader, it is crucial that you read it all. It involves the future of armies, and how you can make your army flourish.

The History

This post will be long, but bare with me it will be of great importance to your army. I’m going to start off by traveling back in time. Not to the start of armies, but to may 2008, around that time. At this time everything was balanced. I know I’m just jumping into things with no introduction about anything, but like I said bare with me because in a couple paragraphs you’ll know what this post is about. Anyway, just over two years ago everything was relatively balanced in armies. There was a tournament, I remember it because it was my first. RPF won in the first round to UMA relatively easily. Then we managed to beat ACP in the second round, but ACP had slightly more troops. Then in the final of the tournament we lost to golds. I talk about this because it shows that any of the major armies could have beaten each other in a battle. There might be a favorite, but you never knew what would happen.

Then over the summer RPF and UMA, and many others collapsed. Since then they have never fully recovered. Other armies vanished, new ones formed as always does happen. Then over Autumn and Winter something happened. ACP and nachos, but in particular ACP began to grow, and grow alot. Suddenly things were getting out of balance. I aways like to dig for the reason why stuff happens, but here I can only say that because of the collapse of a bunch of armies, ACP was suddenly much larger. And ACP didn’t see a collapse also. Same with nachos.

Now were in the early months of 2009. Everyone is screaming doomsday for armies. Every month there is a new movement against ACP. Nachos are the only army that can challenge ACP. IW is gaining steady numbers but they aren’t the monster they are now quite yet. At this time there is a vacuum. Those three armies are growing larger, and everyone else is shrinking.

Now it is present day, and there is a bubble. IW has grown to be extremely massive along with ACP and nachos. Any army that has been around at least a year, those three armies are about twice the size of it, if not larger. Not only that but these new armies show up and get massive extremely fast and then die out a month later. The bubble is that the three massive armies can attack each other and have a fair fight, or they can attack the medium armies half their size. As a leader attacking the small armies is a wise choice… You can’t lose, but your troops gain morale. But we want the balance of 2008 back. things are more fun when they are balanced. When things are balanced, all armies flourish.

Gimmick Armies

I spoke about armies that rise fast and collapse just as fast. Well I call those armies gimmick armies.  I call them that because they get attention because maybe they have a trendy name or the latest cool item is in their uniform. The point is n00bs join up. But then when suddenly there is a trendier army out there, they go to it and the gimmick army dies off and a new one is born.

Gimmick armies don’t all die. They don’t die if they have good leaders. Leaders that can keep the n00bs interested in the army after a new trendier army has started. Nachos are a classic example of a gimmick army that got big and stayed big. In WWIII the trend on CP was the black and red colors, the whole punk thing was in. That’s how UMA got huge. Then, RPF comes along and the n00bs say ‘here is this newer looking UMA. Why dont I go join it instead’. That is probably how RPF succeeded in its rebellion. Because of Commando’s leadership, they survived after that.

So, you can be a gimmick army. But you had better be prepared to go from zero to sixty really fast if your gimmick works. Once you get up there you want to stay up there. You do that by keeping noobs interested in your army. I can’t tell you how to do that, you have to figure that out on your own. But if noobs aren’t interested in your army you wont succeed. 9/10 soldiers stay with the army that they graduate from noobhood with.

Where do we fit?

You haven’t been here since 2007, or 2008. You can’t just go through your friends list on xat and get everyone you know to join your new army. Your army doesn’t have the newest uniform item in it, and you don’t have much as far as gimmicks. where do you fit? How can you succeed. Like I said before, you have to attract people to your army.

Think of it as you work for a company. Let’s say it’s a shoe company. The first thing you do is you start work on your shoe. More importantly who do you want to buy your shoe? Say you want girls between the ages of 3 and 10 to buy your new shoe. You probably couldn’t go wrong then, by making your shoe pink.

Now for your army. You have to search for what will attract n00bs to your army. now noob is a negative term. But the noob is the life blood of the army. The day you become a non noob, I always say is the day you have to be ordered to get on CP. So, with that said, you should think of yourself as selling your army. You can even try targeting your army so girls will join it, or members, or non members, or people in Europe, or whatever. tHe thing is, once you have them and they’ve joined, what is next?

You aren’t done. Now the next part begins. You have to keep these new recruits in your army. The most basic way you do that is make it fun. Have activities weekly. Not just weekly, try to have multiple activities a week. If the soldiers still love getting on CP, have scheduled recruiting sessions, have them everyday. It works great in two ways, the new recruits have fun, and you probably can get more new recruits out of it.

Another great thing is medals. Soldiers who are sort of over getting on CP will be more motivated if hey get medals.But are medals worth anything? They are if they make them worth something. Think of medals as the money of your army, soldiers earn them by coming to events, and they can use them to get a promotion or whatever you can think of.

All of that can be summed up in one word. Innovation. You have to innovate in order to attract noobs, and in orderto keep them. I could tell you all my ideas, but then every army would be the same. You have to innovate and come up with creative ideas. Then you army can flourish.

The Plan – Breaking the Bubble

Now, the reason I’ve told you this is because we need to break the bubble. Gimmick armies break through and are usually neither massive nor getting 5-10 soldiers per battle, but they generally die off. You want to break through, and stay consistant. An army is only strong when it grows. When it shrinks it may still be large but morale shrinks with every soldier that leave. That sets a chain reaction, and more troops will follow.

The theory is that if you break through then troops from the massive armies will see you. They might just join your army. There are alot of people who drift through armies they hear about waiting to find one they love. You need to be that army. We want to reverse the vaccum and balance things out once more. That will happen if your army grows. So take my advice, and innovate.

Other Random Notes

I can never tell you how many times I’ve given a speech to a soldier about the importance of answering join comments. Most of the time if someone wants to join, they go to the website and click on the thing that says join. Most troops dont get on your chat and ask to join. If you dont answer their comment in the next few days, they’re off to join the next army. Almost as important is adding them to the ranks. If someone isnt on the ranks withing a week or two they will think you forgotabout them.

Another thing that I sadly always find myself telling RPF soldiers who have been in armies for years is a speech about not getting caught up in internal sh*t. By that I mean when everyone in the army is arguing. Typically when you’re arguing you aren’t out there answering join comments and planning events. I always ay that actions are more powerful then a rank. If you’re second in command you can make a biggere influence in your army then the leader does if youre the  guy who is helping troops, making posts. An incompetent leader is a chance for every high ranking soldier to become a great leader. Now I wont go further into this subject, I’ll save that or what will be a shorter post then this one.

I wrote this because I want to pop the buble, and I believe the small armies here can do that. – Osprey037, PCC Leader, RPF Legend


18 Responses

  1. First!

  2. Josh, stupid, you haven’t read that yet, I linked you to it 1 minute ago.

  3. Great post! I agree. WIth ALL of it.

  4. Excuse my lack of posts. I’m currently dealing with family business. I’ll get back to posting by the end of the week.

    • No problem Chuck. We’ll do okay. 😉

  5. hanks so i have to keep my army fun, would “how to draw penguin” and movies be a good incentive for them?

  6. Awesome. I agree with those stuff, it will help a lot of people.

    I was thinking of remaking The Navy, but I’m losing my membership.

  7. And also please contribute to the CPUN wiki at http://cpun.wikia.com/


  8. Small armies are doing good.Let me tell you why……..

    Low ranks are tired of being low ranked and making armies there own.It’s Kinda ilke in the late 1800’s when most americans went out west for new land.People back east heard about what the west has to offer and they moved. Iike Icy warriors,Night warriors,and RPW are in top 10 armies and most of them have been around for a couple months.Ranks are ilke land and everyone is trying to get them.People know that new armies offer new ranks.

  9. Great post Osprey! I agree, we need to balance armies out. POP THAT BUBBLE! 😀

  10. Very observant of you King Jared. I think you hit the hammer on the nail there. I fully agree with your summary. Way to go! 😀

  11. I’ve also noticed the so-called ‘Gimmick Army’. There are many around. Though they are not meant to be labeled ‘Gimmick Army’, they may be called that in the end, if they ever fall.

    I’m getting the feeling they’re starting to become some sort of ‘third party’ like in Presidential Elections when there’s two candidates up against each other, then another party comes along and tries to take the votes of others knowing that they won’t win but also knowing that the two candidates didn’t take all the votes of the people.

    These tips are also the tips I would’ve been writing for eternity if I wanted to help others. This is exactly how we all should be. I’m sure I’ll re-post this post in the future when we have a bigger community.

    Furbur, I’m starting to wonder if Order 67 ended the Golden Age. It allowed other small armies to grow and evolve and gave noobs (noobs like us back then) an opportunity to get high ranks and recognition. This resulted in the many Major Armies that followed and took over the original Major Armies who used to always be on top. Don’t you think that? We were noobs who didn’t get enough attention back then because we lacked experience. Then we got our chance. Have we ruined CP Warfare after that? 😐

  12. Come to think of it order 67 was right at the start of Summer 2008, and that’s when armies began growing apart from each other. I was a somewhat high rank in one of the top armies at the time and my small army was pardoned from the order. I was told that the reason for the order was that small armies were claiming major army’s servers. Idk though…

  13. I joined in late fall, 2007. I was still a noob when Order 67 came out. Please explain to me what that order was all about. I got a rough idea from Dee just now, but I am curious to know more.

  14. Order 67 was basically saying that all major armies would go to war with all small ones. I believe the main person behind it was then nacho leader, Shadow. As I said, most soldiers were told it was because of small armies claiming servers that the major armies thought belonged to them. Some armies were spared if the leader was high ranked in one of the major armies, that’s why the army I had at the time was spared from the invasion. I was honestly still a n00b then, but one with a high rank, but I don’t remember what happened clearly.

  15. In July,ANTA had executed order 67 which meant that they were going to destroy all small armies.They let some stay,CPW,TRA,and some others.It lasted for about of week of fighting.The ANTA has officially won.They then decided to make a small army division of ANTA which they called NGAA.Many small armies soon joined it.And there was peace again in Club Penguin. That was a long time ago tho. Now more small armies have returned and are again reviving strength.

  16. July, I think now. I remember because Kg007 was still RPF leader and he retired in June.

  17. I just sed July

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