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How to devise the plan

June 8, 2010

Howdy. It’s Dee again. The title of a post may not seem to be what it is. It’s actually sort of a question. XD
We need to work together to help out the Defense of Club Penguin in their upcoming defense against the Doritos of Club Penguin. Not all of us have anything against this army, but since nature calls for help, we shall help. 😉 I myself do not have anything against the Doritos but since our friends ere have brought up the case and feel like we can do something, let’s show them we can.

My only plan is to get the recent armies that joined us and other armies we might now and bring them to this invasion and invite them on June 12, 2010 to help defend Yukon, Defense’s capital. It’s a pretty basic plan but what can you do? Hopefully, many will come. There have been many times in which we’ve called upon armies and they did attend. This includes times when the the Nachos, who were then lead by Person1233 and Akabob, would attend some of our occasions.

So far, we got about 1 new army since we re-opened the Nations page. There will still be more to come and we don’t know how many of these people will actually respond this time. From some of our other pages, there have been recent comments of people wanting to join so I’ll check their sites again. While there are still few, please go to each new army’s site (as of now there’s only 1 but you may see more later as this post won’t update itself XD) and invite them to the cause. I usually start with a welcome but since right now we have an emergency, I also apologize them for the inconvenience of asking their aid so early after they just registered.

If you have an army, please help us help the Defense of Club Penguin. Those who join us will get special recognition here in the CPUN!

I’m putting some of our most experienced people in charge:

  • Chuckisthe2
  • Osprey/Furbur
  • Flipper
  • And of course, we need Zayer

Assistants of War will be:

  • Myself (Mr Dee)
  • Atm23

I was wondering if Furbur can help us with the plan. I’ve finally made you an editor again and it seems like your old posts you made on this site are back as well. That’s a feature I didn’t know. XD

Anyways, I’m also going be changing a few things. To those who have only been with us for a few months, I’m going to have to make you guys authors especially those who signed up recently for reporting. Hopefully, you can work your way up. While we do not have positions yet, it’s best we have some way to symbolize our positions here so that no one in the community will feel that there is no way one can work here. Like I said, work your way up. No one who’s ever tried, didn’t reach what he was trying out for. 😀 The editors on the site will be the ones publishing posts by authors. Authors can request us to publish a post so don’t be afraid to ask me or the site to have your post published anytime.

Back to Furbur – maybe you can make the first post of the plan. Then, the ones in charge, like Chuck and I, will edit-in their suggestions including mine. We’ll need one post that consists our plan and if someone else posts over it later on, it will be fine just as long as at least 2 days before the war, we will sticky it to the top. We need registrations for any army who wants to volunteer including their site link, and if possible get them to join the CPUN (people who come here to this site eventually join anyways. 🙂 ).

Zayer, we also need a good confirmation about the time and date of the invasion. We can’t end up getting armies to come at different times or getting armies to stay on the server with the Doritos not appearing. 😉 I suggest sending the DCP a good note that you accept their challenge and then send us the confirmed details. 😀 I believe you already have though. Good thinking of making an alliance. Who knows, it might be temporary. 🙂

Well, that’s all. Soon, Furbur will probably be posting the plan over this and people will start editing and volunteering.

Until then!

March on! 😀


P.S. The Wars page now has an asterisk (*) and this event will be added to that page if it does happen. 😉

Also, I’ve already added a few people to the Hall of Fame but it’s not yet finished as I haven’t had time lately. I still have school. -.-


10 Responses

  1. mr.dee I have a small army the navy of clubpenguin adn i sorta need help making it grow coukd you please help my army its called http://www.cpnanoarmy.wordpress.com If so could ypu comment there we really need help growing bigger

  2. I did some recruiting on clubpenguin, then I went on some army sites and asked them if they wanted to join the CPUN. The more allies, the better. I might not be able to come. 😦 If it was later in the day I could. I am leading ponies around for pony rides. It is like my summer job.

  3. I think the doritos might also be doing this for more popularity. Just a thought. If everyone makes a big comotion about this, they will be MORE well know. It’s a werd idea….

  4. Time to bring out the big guns, eh? I had other plans for my first post, but I’ll start working on something. being a former RPF leader I know alot of leaders of major armies, I may see if some of them would like to offer assistance.

  5. ok Dee, I have left a comment on the DPC site stating that we accept their invasion, we will be using allies, no bots, and may the best alliance win 🙂 Thanks so much for your help and everyone else aswell, and thanks for putting me as someone in charge XD. Quick Details-
    -Our base chat will be on our chat (www.dcpdefenseofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/chat)
    -Our Uniform=Blue. Color Blue, Blue viking hat, raincoat, whatever. JUST MAKE SURE IT’S BLUE.
    -Not everyone in the alliance can lead, so it will most likely be the leaders/assistants that you put in charge Dee, and maybe 1-2 people from DCP 😉
    That’s about it. Thanks EVERYONE 😆

  6. A problem came up. I’m now DCP Leader in Training which is basically 2ic. I’m sorry, but If I want to stay in DCP I’m going to need to be with them. I’ll still try to maybe gather some armies to help, but during the actual battle I’ll be with DCP.

  7. Dee do you think i could lead as i am leader of DCP???? (also can i get a “job” at CPUN?????)

  8. RPF will send any forces that are on chat during the battle to help DCP defend.

    However we will not commit to an offical miliary movement as it is much to risky for our liking.

  9. Cool, what will my job be as assistant of war?

  10. Ben Quincy (XD) sure you can help us leader- du ist meinen fuhrer ja? (german- lol look it up lol) as for the job i have no clue XD

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