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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Helping Out and formally Re-Opening

G98 Edit: Hello again..sorry, but I do not know who made it…I don’t go there (the UN-CP wiki), I go to http://clubpenguinfanon.wikia.com, and not the UN-CP wiki. Sorry for the inactivity..

Dee edit2: I’m pretty much pissed off and freaking outraged at this site. It’s a fanwiki site of Club Penguin and it seems to have the CPUN in it. Everyone knows a wiki can be edited by anyone – especially fan wikis. I believe Sancho Nachos, our Chief Justice, was the one who made the original and later someone, probably a rival of Sancho’s, destroyed the page. Everything we’ve done here in this beloved community of ours has been insulted and stepped on by pigs on that wiki site. Our rules and pledges and history has been changed and immaturely made fun of there in that site. My name is clickable in that page by the way and it links to the word you refer to when you mean the male private organ. Freaking noobs. I’m gonna sue this page or whatever. Who’s with me?

Dee edit: I’m just going to sticky this one to get a little more of the information out. I’ll remove it in a while. 😉

June 5, 2010

Hey guys. It’s finally the month of June. So here we go. You’ve probably read the title and you are probably ready to read this post. 🙂

For weeks now, one of our most active armies have been coming to us asking for help. The Defense of Club Penguin needs help against the Doritos of Club Penguin and we’re going to help them.

Server: Yukon (ur capital)
Time: 1:30PM EST,12:30PM CST, 6:30PM UK,
Date: Saturday June 12 (I think its the 12th),2010.
Reason: Invasion
Who will be invading you?: DW,DCP,
Rules: Defense of cp is not allowed allies. No bots

As quoted by Zayer, it says that the Defense of Club Penguin is not allowed allies. I don’t understand why the one invading is the one who made the rules. The reason for the invasion is.. invasion? Anyways, I think the true reason behind it is that the Defense of Club Penguin won’t give up their abbreviated name (or the name as a whole) which is D – C – P. I know there’s been many who armies who have suffered the infinite number of times changing an army’s name and site and losing 1/3 of it’s original soldiers. We’ve already discussed the on-going execution of good army names by Disney by Club Penguins’ filter. In the end, all of us will have to choose from the several available choices of names left for us by Disney.

Maybe the Defense can work out a better rule for the battle. How is it that the smaller army gets to have no allies? It’s unfair and not the way a major army should act. This brings back a lot of memories of how major armies used to be. A generation after we had saved the lives of smaller armies, those small armies were able to grow. With the cruelty of major armies tamed, they allowed armies to reach their size. Now, these small armies take the opportunity of being the new leaders of CP Warfare. They handle this carefully. I’m sure a lot of you were around during the times when we all wanted some sort of power. We wanted our armies to be just as popular as the major armies back then. When we did get that opportunity after Order 67 was executed, we handled that opportunity with care. We got our armies high up and we raised them how we thought major armies during those times should have raised them. We raised them to treat allies and smaller armies the way we though major armies back then should have treated smaller armies.

Now I wonder if these people are still one of those types of guys left. I think this is a great way to get everyone together and start to bring back the original goal of the CPUN and one of the most successful goals we’ve ever tried to achieve – helping our members.

In the recent months, we haven’t done much helping. No one who joined their army into the CPUN since January has ever experienced our sort of aid. If you can remember, we had the CPSS, the MA2 and the Freedom Warriors, and Nate’s army here. We sure did advertise them well with links to their latest news at the bottom of each post. I always hoped this helped their hits. I’m sure it did.

So I’ve decided to open the CPUN. Tomorrow I’ll finally be updating the CPUN Hall of Fame including people I might have not mentioned. Tomorrow, the nations page will be re-opened. I’ll be making a mark on the comments to show that the people below that mark will be the ones added and not the previous ones before my mark. Now, since we don’t have official positions yet, I’ll get a few people to have these temporary positions. My plan is to get as many armies as we can into the CPUN between the confirmed date of the war and when we re-open the Nations page. During that time, we’ll have enough armies to, if allowed, help the Defense of Club Penguin. We’ll be able to re-open a lot of our old pages again. We’ll be able to have the Top CPUN Armies again – leading them to recognition by those who view our site. Some major army leaders use to look at our site and observe the latest rising stars. Soon, those people got into the recognition by the CP Warfare World.

Those who’ll be checking and welcoming the latest armies who join us will be anyone willing to. I’ll be helping out and visiting the army sites. If you want to help welcoming each army and be a site checker, please follow these guidelines:

  • Welcome them
  • Ask them politely to be active if they wish
  • Politely tell them they’ll be removed if they aren’t active (lol)
  • After you first welcome an army, check on them after a week and see if their site is active or has posts. Within one week, when they’re still not active in the CPUN, you can urge them to be. If their site really doesn’t have any people on it and posts only every decade, remove them from the Nations page. Believe me, I’d put them back on if they ever came up. 😉

Now for the Nations page updaters:

  • Please comment here if you are willing to update the Nations page from time to time.
  • If you do, I suggest you only update it weekly since this is hard work and I don’t want anyone feeling this heavy voluntary work on their backs. 😉
  • If you’re a page updater, you can add newly registered armies from the comments and remove them as well if they’re inactive.
  • Please follow the way the other armies are added to the Nations page: Name, Abbreviation, etc. in bold and the site link they give needs to be linked to their site so we can click it once it’s published. You’ll know if it’s linked if the link is in blue. It’ll also be blue while editing the page so don’t worry. If you can’t find a way to hyper link the page if it’s not blue just leave it and continue your day. 😉
  • If someone comments a form in the CPUN without a site link, don’t add them yet. If one of the answers to the form is incomplete, please put a question mark (?). 😀

The volunteers to welcome new people and check their sites can only remove inactive people from the Nations page. If you’re a want to be a site checker, please comment here! The Nations page updaters can update and remove armies from the Nations page. So if you’re a site checker, leave the adding of people to the Nations page to the Nations page updaters. Equal work for both.

As for me, I’ll be doing both. I urge you guys not to try both as it’s very stressful. XD

So, to the Defense of Club Penguin 🙂 . Please give us the confirmed date for the battle and hopefully, make it an allies allowed on both sides battle. 😉 If within the week you’ll be able to give us the details, we’ll work on inviting armies to help you guys out.

If now, you are willing to have your army help the Defense of Club Penguin, please comment your Name: Army: and Leader:. We really appreciate the voluntary help we will receive from anyone who does volunteer. You will receive recognition and a place in the future Top 10 once we finally get the original size of the CPUN Community back. 😀

I’ll be e-mailing Aan10 for some new graphics on our badge. I’ve also seen Chuck’s new banner. 😉 I’ll download that one and use it for next month or so. Then I’ll interchange with Playa’s and Aan10’s banner. XD

As for Osprey, or known as Furbur a few years ago. He was with us during Order 67. I’ll re-add you on the site. Thanks for making a return Furbur and Flipper and for coming to our aid Chuck. And thanks for the help for everyone trying to get us back up! 😀 Thank you for everyone who is still here.

Hopefully, we can do a good job. By the way, thanks to Soccer for suggesting in a comment that we should open. 😉

I’ll make another guideline for how to post. I’ll just a little guideline for some editors here. XD As for the inactive authors, I myself want to remove some. But we can add more than 35 if we pay. Hopefully, I can. 😀 I’ll save. I’ll also try contacting the inactive editors and see if they can be active again. 😉

Until then!


March on!

P.S. Nations page opens tomorrow. 😀


16 Responses

  1. Nice post Dee!!!!! I dont have an army so ill probably just join to an army thats helping Defense Of Club Penguin.Isnt helping small armies our main job?We give them a little help!

  2. You know, one of the problems of CP armies with the CPUN is that they forgot that they are even in it, once they sign up, they seem to be done with CPUN. One of the people who stayed was mollycruel and look how much appretiation the Defense of CP is getting.

  3. I can help with the Nation’s page and during the war, even though im not in an army, ill come and supporte you guys and fight by the Defense of Club penguin.
    ps: very nice post dee

  4. I may be able to help one of those two things. As for defense of CP, I think my new army which will officially join CPUN once the nation page has opened, can help. 😉

  5. I don’t have an army…

  6. Tomorrow is gonna be big (CPUN standards)

  7. I’m going to join the Defense and help out if I’m still awake that time.
    Let’s get some random penguins to join the Defense before the war starts.

  8. I would help, but all my major armies I was leader of died, or I got fired/overthrown in xD.

  9. the times are correct and date…. If any one can help me contact DCP “friends”

  10. Ok Dee, here’s what’s happening. DCP refuses to stop the invasion, and so we’re preparing for the worst, so we’re allowing allies to help us out, and the times you put up are correct. Any armies that join our alliance (we will be the Defending Alliance 😆 very creative) and if you want to know anything else, check out meh post. –
    Thank you Dee for your help, and thank you all supporters of our cause. Good luck to everyone!

  11. p.s. our home chat room will be Defense of Cp’s chat.

  12. #iamthewalrus is also pissed off by those UN-Club Penguin freaks and say that they would make a hilarious target.

  13. By UNCP, I mean those freaks in Un Club Chicken wiki.

  14. I want punch all of them.

  15. Dee, Can you help me with my army CPN? I like you comment and i really want my army to rise. Thank you.

  16. When people are that stupid there isn’t much you can do about it but ignore them.

    Also, I realized I forgot to give you my email so you can add me. meeeekeaton27@yahoo.com

    I made it when I was like eight…

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