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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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A Little Out of Hand

Zayer EDIT: Also, REALLY sorry about posting over you Chuck, but I know DCP will keep attacking us, and it’s not so much becuse it’s the army I’m in, but the principle of the thing.  I hope you understand ): .

Sorry if it seems I’m dragging my own armies problems into this, but this I think this is worthy of CPUN attention.

A small army I’m in known as DCP (Defense of Club Penguin) shares its acronym with the other DCP(Doritos of Club Penguin).  Now, for some unknown reason, they found our website, and threatened that if we didn’t change our army acronym, they would invade all our servers, constantly battle us, and even hack us until we changed the army acronym (they denied ever saying this, but we compared two IP address’ and the DCP leaders comment was exactly the same as the one left on our site by him). So, we tried to tell them to stop, that we were only 5 people big (now we are 7 :O) and yet they continued on. They invaded one of our servers, and finally agreed that it was pretty low. Now, a few months later, I found another comment on our site. Here it is word for word.

” Lool, I like ur new post. BTW the real DCP will be invading a server of yours! Heres the info:
Server: Yukon (ur capital)
Time: 1:30PM EST,12:30PM CST, 6:30PM UK,
Date: Saturday June 12 ( I think its the 12th),2010.
Reason: Invasion
Who will be invading you?: DW,DCP,
Rules: Defense of cp is not allowed allies.
No bots


So, a few things. #1, you’re so low as to invade a server from an army that is 7 people big (if that) and, you don’t want us to use allies, but you can. HOW IS THIS, in any way, IN ANY conceivable way, fair? I would like to call on help from the CPUN, to get DCP to stop this invasion, as it is completely and UTTERLY outrageous. If anything, if you cannot convince them, please do what the united nations does in the real world, and get the armies in the cpun to help us defend our server, and stop this heinous and inexplicably ridiculous invasion. Thank You for reading-



8 Responses

  1. If they can use allies so can you. Gather everyone you can. Idk about CPUN as a whole, but I’m sure any individual army that wants some action would step in and help out.

  2. ^^^^^ That guy is working on his way to author.

  3. Technically. Defense of CP was made before Doritos of CP.

  4. I’m back. 😀

    Right now, my internet connection’s really, really slow so I can’t post. I’d like to post about this tomorrow. Surely, if there’s a better way to make a comeback to the CP Warfare World, it’s this. This isn’t good showmanship. There we go, for years praising the thought of how we can all become successful and then now, behind it all, we still see smaller armies abused by the bigger ones. I’ve heard how the Doritos were a great army and how they grew fast but now we can ask how many more of these armies are truly ‘great’? Now I see we still have a purpose here. Without us, who would hear of the complaints of smaller armies? Everything’s so commercial now that I myself haven’t heard of any small army truly abused for the recent half a year.

    Just by looking at that schedule disgusts me. Where’s the respect and honor? How many more major armies do these things? How is it that the Doritos are the ones making the rules if they’re the ones invading? 😐

    Osprey, if I’m correct, that’s you Furbur. 🙂 You’ve decided to make a comeback. You were probably removed by Godplayer the last time we erased some authors. I apologize. If you are willing to help us out, we’ll let you back on the site. 😉

    P.S., I know about the inactive authors thing. I myself want a clean-up. But we’ll need one good active count before we do remove people. But for now, let’s work with who we’ve got. 😉

  5. I was about to post the same thing. I know one thing for sure, not many people “respect” the Doritos. The are rude and cheat! A larger army invading a smaller army seems kinda stupid to me.

    We should try to make some bill that says the DCP can keep their name since they made their army first, and that the dorito army should not invade them just for the name. The dcp didn’t even tell the Doritos to change their name! They had no problem….

    We need to do something fast!

  6. Yes, it’s Furbur, I changed to Osprey last August. I’m already working on my first post which is somewhat related to the first half of your comment, Dee. 😉

  7. Welcome back Furbur!! Well in my opinion who ever was made first should get name rights.Im sure if hacking is involved DCP should really take action before its to late.This has happen in the past and the army who won got name rights.

  8. My new army is looking for some fights to pick, I just have to pick them wisely as my army has been around less then a week, I might look into helping.

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