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Elite Penguin Force Review

                        May 28, 2010

Note: Please don’t post over for a day and a half or two! Thanks.

King:Im so sorry I posted over.I didnt read the note until after I posted.


Hey guys, it’s Dee and Color Peng here. 😀 🙂

Well, it’s Dee on this part. I’ll be making a review on how to pass the EPF test! It’s actually pretty cool. It’s been a while since I’ve looked around Club Penguin’s latest features. They added a lot more things to Club Penguin. They actually have penguins interacting with walls or cages. Previously, you’d be able to go through walls and furniture. Well, now there are some things that are solid, touchable, and see-able by everyone. 😉

The EPF Commander Room

Well, as you can see in the picture above – I’ve finished the test! I rock! 😀 See the tips below!

In the Facility

You may or may have not noticed that the Sports Shop has turned into a building called the Everyday Phoning Facility. Once you enter that building, you’ll be in the room pictured above. There are other ways to get to it like opening your mailbox and clicking go there on the EPF invitation that should be in your mail. Check out your Spy Phone too, it directs you to the Facility.

Hit the Target

So here’s what you need to do first. When you get into the room for the first time, you won’t see any welcome sign like the previous picture. Instead, you’ll see some giant, random phone ringing in the middle of the room. After clicking on the phone, a screen will appear and a target on the top right side of it. Hit the target and you’ve just activated the mission. This already tests your aim. 😀

Run to the red square!

Next, you’re going to be told to stand on the green square on the bottom right side of your screen. You’ll be caged into that and you won’t be able to get out. The following task will test your speed. The screen will then tell you to run to the red square as fast as you can. Well, each penguin in the Club Penguin world has exactly the same speed and we can prove this with a proper race and an exact click of the button by each player in a race but what the hey. When the screen says go and the front of the cage is dropped, click the red square. My brother, Color Peng, had a faster time than me though. As you can see in the picture – I’m pretty good at this. 😀

After this, you’ll be told to hide from the cameras. This will test your stealth. The screen will tell you to move away from the red square and will ask you ‘How well can you hide?‘. Color Peng finished this before me by the way. I followed him and stood behind the left pillar at the back and faced front. In the end, camera two didn’t see me.. but camera one did. So maybe, you’ve thought of a genius plan just now and you’re congratulating yourself for thinking of it:


Well, if this was your plan – I guess you’ve already failed. 😀 Apparently, being invisible doesn’t hide you from EPF Cameras. Well, I’m thankful for that. We don’t want any intruders or people like Herbert to come into our base now do we?

That's done it

I re-did the test after finishing it for the first time and tried a different plan. As the screen counts from twenty seconds and the screen tells the cameras to shut down, throw a snowball at the second camera and hide behind one of the two front pillars until you can’t see your penguin. If you still see your penguin, make sure you’re hiding behind the right pillars. The back pillars make you visible to the first camera. The test goes on to the next task if you are not able to hide. You’ll notice that the first camera is you. 😉

At least it works

The next task is to move into the blue square. This will test your problem solving. I don’t know if this is the right method. It doesn’t look like the right way but I was goofing around. The test continues to the next task if you do this.What you really have to do is go into the cage and find a way out. I won’t tell you how to get out though. Let’s see how good you really are in problem solving. If you’ve found a way to get out of the cage – comment here. 😉

After finishing the problem solving task, the screen will see if you have passed or not. If you were able to pass or not thanks to this guide, please comment below! 😀

The next pillar will open and reveal a purple square. Now don’t get all excited to see the purple stuff because I was just kidding. 🙂

Here’s Color Peng on the last few notes:

Okay, it’s Color Peng here. I’m sure some of you have heard of the latest news in Club Penguin..


The HQ is destroyed!

As you might have heard, the PSA Headquarters was destroyed by a certain Herbert P. Bear. He destroyed it with popcorn. The Sports Shop was also destroyed in the process. The Sports Shop was replaced by “The Everyday Phoning Facility“, but it’s really the Headquarters of the EPF- which has now taken over PSA business. 🙂 Here’s how it looks like from the outside:

The Everyday Phoning Facility

I’m going to miss the Sports Shop. But the Sports catalog has been moved to the pitch, so no worries.

You also receive a new Spy Phone!

The New Spy Phone!

It seems less convenient than the Spy Phone and when you teleport you have to wait a few seconds. Anyways, there are still a few upcoming updates so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open and be sure to check out the latest news on the Club Penguin site or even here!

That’s all from us today. Hopefully, someone will be able to make a post about the new mission! 😀

Until then,

-Dee and Col. P.

P.S. If there happens to be two or more people who make the same posts about the new mission, please try merging the two or working together. If you wish to make the post about it, comment below and work together. Maybe leave posts as a draft for someone else to edit.


6 Responses

  1. I was planning on making a post about this!

  2. throw a snowball at the power thingy

  3. When it says go to the blue square, throw the snowball at the power generator that is glowing slightly blue- you will avoid the trap all together, and you will get a full score. Also, I’m going to try that snowball thing with the two cameras, and let you know what happens.

  4. i liked the stealth thingy with the camera it helped me out alot trust me alot! 🙂 thank you so much for the answer and im am goin to try the problem solving thing with the snowball 😛 😀 and you can solve the problem solving thing by throwing a snow ball at the power generator thats on the right or dont get in it and just wait.. 😀 😛 its funny 🙂 😀 ROFL

  5. thank so much, this has helped me alot. =]

  6. Hello, I’m the leader of the new recruit army Cpuf Known as clubpenguin united force we’d like to be excepted as a army to war.

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