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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Why I Should be Your Prime Minister

27th of May, 2010

Soldiers,citizens,delegates,ambassadors and my fellow ministers.

I am writing this post to explain to you all why i think you should vote me for the position of prime minister, if i am voted into office i promise a future for this organization, I will personally make sure we are an elected democracy, every army that joins CPUN will each have a representative on the general assembly and security council, I promise to remove all the corrupt buerocrats from our ranks. I pledge to have a cabinet with a Deputy Prime Minister, I will uphold the rights of our Secreatery General Mr Deedledoo. My Political Party is yet to be decided.

I have numerous opponents and they may say the same thing, I have more experience than anyone that is running i have been around club penguin for 3 years and i have been in CPUNfor 2 years and i have watched this most glorious organization rise and fall. Together we can bring back CPUN and once more serve the citizens of club penguin.

I have not chosen who my Deputy Prime Minister will be yet but i will soon inform you of that.

Yours Sincerely,


CPUN Minister of Foreign Affairs

Independent Candidate For CPUN Prime Minister


27 Responses

  1. Your talking all like you already are prime minister. I vote Chuck, as he has been really active the past few days. You’ve only just appeared because I’m back. And i don’t care if your not going to offer me your “Deputy Head” I don’t need it. So vote chuck.

  2. Flipper,

    Your just a sadistic liar who only comes back when an election is taking place, you vote for someone because they have been more active than someone else for a few days, when i have been doing a job here for 2 years.

    Chuck is a Good Candidate, Im considering offering him Deputy PM.

  3. Um Cas… I remember that I had a HUGE problem with you around a year ago. But then you said that I would be good for some job that I don’t remember anymore lol. But yay um just to let you know… like some people want me to run right? So um, I would have more EXPERIENCE (spelled wrong but whatever) and I’ve been here longer then you. I’ve been here for I think 4 or 3 years or something like that… yeah I think it was 4. And I have been in Club Penguin for I think… hold on, 5 years (around 1385 days). So um yah I don’t know if i am going to run though. But I don’t have a problem with your post tho

  4. Thanks Speed, i know you have a good ammount of experience so i will definetely make you Minister of Foreign affairs if i am elected, i am also considering you for deputy PM

  5. cool

  6. Could you go on ACP chat please?

  7. ummm sure

  8. wats ur name and wats the link

  9. I accept the Deputy PM (wary)

  10. Is anyone running against him??? Cas you have my nomanation =).

  11. ill run against him if anyone wants me to

  12. Cas, I might be thinking of someone else but weren’t you the one who took all those authors off the site?

  13. I think speed should run for prime minister.

  14. Nice speech by the way! Very convincing!

  15. Molly, I think I may run but idk

  16. We haven’t even had elections for the cabinet yet. The PM elections will be much later. Whoever wants to run for PM can run for a different position for the coming board elections and then later run for Prime Minister. 😉

    By the way Cas, I believe you’ve been here for about 1 year and almost a half to be exact. XD


  17. when you say the most experianced, you may need to check your facts beacuse i have been in the Cpun for around about 2 and a half years and i too have seen it rise and fall. even if i wasn’t active i still checked the site went on club penguin and helped small armies.

  18. If anyone is running against me please do nominate yourself.

  19. and soccer, no youa re incorrect

  20. then who was it? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… :confused:

  21. Cas it was you… i know it was

  22. Casius is just persuading everyone with “Deputy PM”. All he wants is Admin, he doesn’t give a hoof about CPUN. He wants to form a government because that’s the only thing that he;s good at. And no Cas, i’m not returning because of an election – You are. I’m not running. You know that

  23. Flipper, I tottally agree!! We haven’t even started the elections yet for the cabinet and he’s trying to run this all. If I remember, last time he was here he deleted 99% of the authors and then tried to rule the CPUN. He kinda went crazy with power and stuff like that. And then I think he disappeared for like 3 or 4 months. I haven’t seen him since school started, or around that time. And now he’s back running for PM? I think he just wants to become admin and delete more people from the author board. Which it isnt bad to delete some but its bad to delete the ones who are active.

  24. Flipper is a sad sad liar, he is a fail.

    Speed, i dont know what your problem is but you will not stop me from running

  25. I wont try to stop you… Im just saying what happened in the past. I only explained what happened

    I dont hold grudges 🙂

    So have fun running!!

    ‘Sept I may run against you

  26. That stuff isnt true speed.

  27. well i thought u were the one who did tht…. i culda been rong

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