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Preview- Angle of Death

So some of you know that I write stores.  And in fact I have right now over one hundred stories.  This one is one of my newist ones that is not about Club Penguin.  I am also working on Club Penguin Story 4 but it seems to be going everywhere.  I am about 3/4 done with it. 

A tall nineteen aged boy with emerald green eyes and black shaggy hair walk into the empty round room that had tall chairs which where other Demons other than himself sat. He cautiously walked to the center of the room and stood there, he didn’t like the looks of things.

‘I don’t like this either. We should get out, now.’ A dreamy yet nightmarish voice of a female sounded in the boy’s head, it was his Scythe, Zohariel, speaking to him. Right as he was about to speak to his five other Demons come in the room. Kalas, Gouka, Lexro, Vandheer, and Rakurai formed a circle around the boy and papered for a fight.

“Leon,” Gouka announced, the boy turned to face him, “you are too dangerous to remain in the Demon community. You have been exiled.” Rage boiled and filled every part of Edwards’ body.

“What?” Leon shouted razors in his voice. All the Demons flinched away from Leon except Gouka.

“You can no longer remain here, so before you leave you must hand over your Scythe.” Even though Gouka wasn’t smiling with his lips, he was with his eyes. That only made it harder for Leon to not let his anger get in the way of his fighting.

“If you think that I’m going to hand Zohariel over peacefully, then YOU’RE MAD!”

“You have no choice Leon. As soon as you stepped into the center of this room, you Scythe lost her power. There’s nothing you can do, Zohariel can’t use her powers. So just give him to me.” Kalas shouted, getting annoyed at Edward’s head-strong attitude.

“NO!” Leon lunged for Gouka, pulling Zohariel far behind him and getting ready for a powerful blow.

Gouka’s lips pulled back to revile a smile. He lifted his Scythe- it looked like a giant isosceles with a silvery blade near the point- off the ground then let it drop. Gouka’s Scythe went threw the ground like it was water; as soon as the whole Scythe disappeared the whole room was covered with ice. It reached up from the ground and grabbed Leons’ arms, lags, and even his Scythe.

“Have I ever told you my Scythe’s name or power?” Eric teased flipping his white hair out of his ice blue eyes. Leon refused to answer Gouka’s question. “My Scythe’s name is Frostbite, and he has the power over ice and snow. Frostbite this is Leon and Zohariel. Zohariel has the power to make illusions out of someone’s dreams and nightmares, sometimes his enemies completely lose their minds from his power.” Leon could stand Gouka’s teasing tone.

Gouka took advantage of Leon gaping at how crazy the Ice Demon sounded and had Frostbite force Zohariel out of his hands. An instant before they parted, Zohariel burned a plan in Leon’s memories and an image of a beautiful girl Demon of Light and Darkness.

‘We will get our revenge!’ Zohariel shouted. Leon repeated his words with a murders cry.


2 Responses

  1. I don’t get how you are so good at making stories.

    If I were to write one I would go:

    I left the kitchen, I saw my friend a few hours later, and we talked

  2. lol… idk i just write a lot… i get in trouble for writing so much

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