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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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A Renewed Group/Hall of Fame Update

ATM edit: What about me?

Add Super Bo Bo4 To Hall Of Fame :p

Dee edit: Lol. Yeah thanks guys. This’ll probably my last check in for the week. Speed, I apologize for forgetting you. I thought I added you to the HoF ages ago. XD I inducted General98, Wombat 99 and more along with you. I believe everything’s okay now. 😉 To those who aren’t in the Hall of Fame yet, soon guys. When we all start anew officially, you guys will be there. If you’re on the site, please be sure to help out the Dashboard! 😀

Flipper: Red for life. :D. As i said in my comment Dee, your leaving CPUN in great hands. Have a nice break Dee!

Chuck: I wanna add something.  Try to post only once per day. If you wanted to post for the day, but somebody has already posted then either draft your post or put a set time so you know exactly when the post will be published.

Speed: Lol, I haven’ edited anything for a WHILE!  But I remembered my color- PINK!!!  Anyway, Dee I got an issue- I’ve been here since forever and I’m not in the hall of fame… why?

Cas: I wish to run For Prime Minister, i believe i have the best talent and experience around. i have added myself to the list below.

General98 and Wombat99 should be in the hall of   fame.Thanks for putting me in the hall of fame Dee!

May 25, 2010

Hey guys! It’s Dee here! 😀

Sorry I’ve been out for a while. I had to do some studying since it’s almost time for exams. I have been reading the recent posts though and I’m happy we got a good flow. 🙂

Chuck is right. We need to remove some people and start making professional posts again. We had the opportunity to make harsh, biased posts in the past since we got inactive in January but now it’s time to get back to the old self again. 😉 How do we do this? Well, here’s a list of things we’re going to do:

  • Get people positions – not all positions will need you to be an author or editor. As you rank up, you will soon get a position that has the power of editorship. I think there are some authors I’ll have to remove for a while and hope they follow what our plan will be. Don’t worry. I won’t be removing anyone yet. 😉
  • Teach everyone how to post well. I think we need to proper training for everyone so we can have an organized posting system and a neat overall look.
  • Re-open the Nations page for comments. 😀

Now onto positions. I know the UN itself has their own set of Justices and Security Council representatives. We once had this but to be honest with you all, when the CPUN just started out we had a simple little board of active guys. Soon, suggestions were given by others and we formed the true positions. I think it’s safe to go back to simple positions with names that are easy to understand. XD

Well Chuck, I know you may want to run for Alternate Head of Site but many people here and beyond do too XD . You did volunteer to help and you sure are doing a fine job at it. I’ll be giving you a position similar to head advisor though. 😉 Don’t worry – there will be elections for Prime Minister or Alternate Head of Site. So this time, I’m not gonna be appointing anyone for positions. After a whole year.. we’re finally going to vote for the positions.

Last time, which was first generation of CPUN, which was a long time ago 😐 .. we voted for our Prime Minister or Second in Command. Ktman won that election and he’s still in that position until now. Since he’s been inactive for half a year now without notice, I think we’ll need to elect a new Prime Minister. That will be for a different time. We need the rest of the little board as soon as possible.

I urge you guys to see this post I archived out of the stack of posts deep down in this site. It was the first post that we had actual voting and campaigning. This election started the whole organization of getting everyone together and making each other feel important in the hard times of small army life in CP Warfare 😉

Well, I ‘ll be gone the next week but I’ll try to stop by. At the end of this week though, I’m going to give you guys the last briefing of the elections and I believe the people who will be handling it are:

  • Chuckisthe
  • Atm23
  • Godplaya123 (if he’s still around)
  • Flipper (If he’s really come back)
  • CasiusBrutus

You four will also be able to participate in the elections as well. Voting will be closed to us only this time. The voting will take place next week until the Monday after that week. That’s where I’ll be able to come in and help supervise the elections. Anyways, I’ll be posting about the info this week so don’t worry for now. Just decide if you wish to run and for what position. 😉

Now for the Hall of Fame. I know a lot of you have been urging me to update the page and I believe you guys are right. This has been the longest gap of time between the last time we put new Hall of Famers. Well, without any further a do (or how ever you say ado or a do), here’s the list of people I’m gonna put in the CPUN Hall of Fame: 😀

  • Soccer793
  • Houndy66
  • Flipper
  • Riotors
  • Casiusbrutus
  • King Jared
  • Hollow2446 or Shadow2446 (re-inducted)
  • Speed015
  • General98
  • Wombat 99
  • Batintrenche
  • Red Destoyz
  • More will be added soon!

These guys have kept believing that the CPUN can still be a home and a great foundation for anyone and that’s why they’re here and have decided to stay here. This is home to them and the only means of keeping contact with people whom they’d have never met if they had never joined the CPUN. Some people on that list may have left long ago after experiencing some success but I can see how some of them have kept the CPUN by their side. I’m thankful for that. Anyways, I won’t be adding much about this here in this post because I’ll save it for the Hall of Fame page. You do know that there will be a comment under your name once you are there. Patience. Soon I’ll have you on the page when I have the time. 😉

Now there are a lot of people who are still here and are willing to help the CPUN. I assure you guys, Pman, Molly, Chuck, Zayer, Greeniedude, and whoever’s not a Hall of Famer yet – you guys deserve to be put on here. In the next couple of months, we’ll see how we roll. 😉 By the next couple of months, it won’t look like each of us are Hall of Famers – because we’ll have more members. We’ll have the usual flow of armies visiting our site again and checking out the news and latest stuff about other armies. Hopefully, we can work together and stay together for as long as we can. Thank you for actually being here and willing to help out. You have my trust guys. 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll sticky this post for a day and a half and then give someone else the opportunity to post. Please post well and combine posts when needed 😀 . I may not be as active these weeks because of exams but a few days after the beginning of June, I’ll be here. 😉

Until then! Please comment anything you wish. Whether it’s a question about the post, or if you think I forgot to mention your name for the Hall of Fame induction! 🙂 Soon, nominations and formal inductions of the Hall of Fame will be made. 😀

March on!



24 Responses

  1. Your leaving CPUN in good hands, dee. |-)

  2. Speed deserves to be in the halll of fame too!

  3. Wow 3 years and this is my first hall of fame.Thanks Dee it was a honor to serve.I wanted you to wait until July or August when I retire but thats cool.

  4. I’m glad they got in the hall of fame! They’ve done a lot of hard work.

    Clubpenguin has been quiet….too quiet. We need some battles!

    We had lots of battles molly,Check on the ACP,IW,and Nacho sites.We have a major battle almost every week.

  5. ughhhhh i dnt think ill ever be in da fall of fame 😦

  6. How about you run for prime minister because you have a lot of experience.

  7. soccer who are you talking about? me? or molly? or flipper? or king?

  8. YOU SPEED! 😉

  9. Id vote for you Speed. Theres no point in me running.

  10. “General98 and Wombat99 should be in the hall of fame.Thanks for putting me in the hall of fame Dee!”

    Was it Cas who said this? Because he said he added himself and then he says thanks for being added.

  11. Yeah.. how could anyone left possibly know Wombat 99?

  12. Why wuld you all vote for me??? I personally think that I would go crazy with power and like mess everything up. But I am willing to try if anyone wants me to. I have been in almost all of Dee’s armies and I am too old to go on Club Penugin but I’m not unwilling to go on once and awhile to check out whats happening. Actually I just went on and became an EPF and did the new mission. But yah if anyone wants me to I will

  13. I think I would mess up with power too.

  14. Hahaha! I would probably go crazy and try to become dictator of clubpenguin! > : )

    I think Speed should run for prime minister.

  15. Hey, can I run for prime minister? I completely understand the things that CPUN and real prime ministers do. I think I would be a great PM.

    P.S.In real life I LOVE politics(I know, its really weird for a 12 year old to be interested in politics, but thats just me. :D)

  16. Hey Dee! sorry i havent been active if you see in earlier post’s comments i have made my comeback but i may not be active sometimes! and for anyone that doesn’t know who i am hers a little bit from what happend in the earlier CP: I lead the MOCP, was part of the CPUN, IN ACP, and other armies i widely helped these until june 2008 when i moved schools then i had much harder work and homework to do and other activites so i didnt get much time.

  17. Wombat, funny how your e-mail is iceyfeet@hotmail.com. The last person who said the CPUN sucked in an older post also had iceyfeet@hotmail.com

  18. no, i just use it. it’s ice warriors one or somthing. but i am really back!!!

  19. it feels great to be in touch with eveyone! what happened to freshzac is he still around??

  20. hey dee, can i run for Pm seeing as i dont have a position in the CPUN yet?? i am in a few armies so that might help!

  21. If that is really you, use the e-mail you used for your account years ago. 😐 Please comment below. 😉

  22. Yeah. It’s good to see if that’s really you Wombat. 😀


  23. happy??

  24. ROFL!!!!!!!! So I don’t go into the hall of fame?

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