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ACP Vs GT (Interviews)!

Chuck Edit: I was wondering if I could make a whole new Nations page. Start out fresh. I’ll also be trying to spread the word about CPUN as much as I can.

Also made a new header, comment if you like it Click to enlarge..

Well, recently GT as gotten pretty big and made up a good portion of the AA and UAF. They were supposed to go against ACP in the CPA Central Tourney. The tourney was canceled, but GT and ACP still want a battle. GT has gotten big, but is it big enough to beat ACP? I’ve went to various chats and interviewed the mod ranks to see what they had to say to see what opinion they had. Pink is Me.

Interview with 8Rockhopper1 (GT High Mod)

Do you think GT has a chance to defeat ACP?


Stop with the caps ._.


What do you think ACP’s tactics are compared to GT?

I think ACP’s tactics are S**t compared to GT’s

Do you think you have a stronger, more experienced leadership?


What makes you think that?

Well, I’ve been in cp armies for 3 years now and I just well have been comanding people and I’ve been nominated for leader 5 times now.

Thank you rockhopper, that will be all.

Interview with Ryan (ACP Top Division General)

Do you think GT has a chance to defeat ACP?

I do think they are good… but just not good enough to beat ACP.

What do you think ACP’s tactics are compared to GT?

I think ACP has amazing tactics but we really need to keep up with the future and keep adding not staying at starting level as for GT they have good tactics but basically the same thing… Need more tactics.

Do you think you have a stronger, more experienced leadership?

That’s a hard one

ACP definately HAD the best but we’re going through leaders getting older and retiring.

So it’s hard to say

We need more active people though

What makes you think that?

Think what

Whatever you just said ._.

We need more active people?

Sure, lets go with that .-.

Well, we have so many division generals that right before that right before the promotion day we had 2 say they promised to be active if they were division generals and only 2 are active.. I will not say their names because they will start a fight or riot.

Okay Ryan, thank you for your time.


As you can see, both people have very different opinions. What do you think will happen during the ACP vs GT battle? Comment with your opinion.



5 Responses

  1. GT all the way! 😛

  2. I hate how leaders talk. If you a leader you shouldn’t talk all like “mhm” or “yes” or “k” you should talk more polite.

  3. Well, neither of them were leaders 😛

  4. Good idea chuck most of the armies on the nations page are unactive.No one even commented on my first post =(.

  5. I commented on it! Um… yeah atm23 I agree. Instead of “yes” they should at try to sound fancy and high ranked!

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