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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Preparing To Promote the CPUN

ATM Edit: Yeah people. Shout out to the new army me and my buds from SPAAF are making. http://clubpenguinarmywarriors.wordpress.com/ for more info on the new army.

Dee edit: Thank you for the support everyone. Thanks for all who are willing to contribute and help out. 😀 To anyone on the site, please share stores and reviews of anything you’d like about Club Penguin or anything new in the World of Club Penguin Warfare. I’ll be leaving for a while but it’ll only be for a day or two so I won’t be gone that long. I hope you guys keep the posting tidy while I’m away. Goodluck. 😉

May 8, 2010

Howdy everyone. It’s Dee here. In the last post, a lot of you have been talking about how inactive we are even if I had just recently posted. 😐

Well, thank you for pushing us forward. I have some good news. 😀

A few days ago, I was PCed by Godplaya, our Head of Secretariat, and he said he could promote the CPUN in, wait, let me think. I think it was the CPA Central. 😀

CPA Central is one of the biggest Army News sites in the world and it is managed by army leaders themselves. Many have tried to become as good as this site but I believe the CPA Central is still one of the best out there. Here’s a little info from the site itself:

CPA Central provides accurate information about all of the news around Club Penguin Armies, upcoming battles and more. It strides to be only factual, and does not usually post opinions, simply facts. CPA Central is one of the only remaining Club Penguin Army News sites remaining. It’s goals are to: provide readers with an accurate news description of the latest events in Club Penguin armies, provide opinions when needed and help to bring Club Penguin Armies back into the Golden age. Back in the Golden Ages of Club Penguin Armies, blogs like this would help “noobs” find out what Club Penguin armies are all about.

I think it’s an opportunity for us to regain commercial success. We’ve come to the part of our life in the CPUN where people hardly know who we are anymore and what we do. We have been misunderstood too many times in this era, and we had nothing to explain ourselves with. We didn’t help armies, and we didn’t serve the community.

I was thinking of retiring. I know a lot of you want to retire as well. Speed, you’ve been with me since the earliest days of civilization. Everyone who is still here discussing is considered a Hall of Famer. I think we can go for one last run. I think I can go for one last run. We’ll see how long we can stay up for this coming reconstruction. If we finally fall in the end of this run, then so be it. If we can run for at least two months, that would be alright for me.

I’m gonna need everyone on the site to start preparing. We’ll have about a week to get ready and by next, next week, we’ll have Player finally promote us. We need to clean up the website and draft inactive pages. Be prepared for everything. I’ll be putting a sort of mark on the Nations page comments so that we would know that everything below that comment of mine, would mean the most recent. I’ll be putting that mark up a few days before we get promoted.

So here’s the people I’m putting in charge of everything through-out the week:

In Charge of Spam and Comment Moderation:

  • Speed015
  • MollyCruel

In Charge of News and Starting Discussions

  • Soccer793
  • Atm23
  • CasiusBrutus
  • Mollycruel

These are for the guys who want to start the usual opinions and news. We need to keep an on-going flow of posts before and after the promotion. 😉

We also need banners. If you can make a good banner, please comment here. We might be able to let the banner show up in the promo and we’ll have people put them up on their websites for us. 😀 I’ll e-mail Aan10 if he has time to make a banner for us. 😉

Here’s what I did during the last era of the CPUN. Everyday, I’d go to every CPUN member and see their news and comment on their site. Everyday I’d take their latest news and put it in the bottom of each post if you can remember. I promoted each of our members’ sites until it got too hard to do that one day. I’m going to need help in this when we get back and we need to do it slowly. Army by army. If you have any idea how to make the job of adding members and deciding whether they are active enough to stay, easier, then please! We welcome your suggestions here!

Soon you’ll see the nations page cleaned up (with comments disabled temporarily through-out this week), the Hall of Fame updated, and the inactive pages drafted. 🙂

For those who are active on the site but are not staff (ex. Chuckisthe), we just need your comments for now. 🙂 There will be opportunities to join us after the promotion we get from the CPA Central. Everyone, promotions at the end of this will be based on your performance, cooperation, and contribution to our run this week until next week. Do your best. 😉 Suggest everything you can think of.

We used to have a CPUN Force and it was led by Itachi6Dark. We didn’t really get enough troops for this. Actually, we had some members volunteer their armies to be ready to serve their fellow members (not completely controlled by the CPUN of course). These armies were given special mentions and privileges. The thing is, whenever a fellow member was threatened, we had a way of getting other members alerted and come straight to the aid of that fellow member. That is why many people felt safe under the CPUN. They were assured that we would aid them and in return, they gave us hits and commented on our posts and were active. I feel sorry for the armies that joined us during this era. they were never assured – thus, people don’t think we’re reliable and don’t come back to the website.

An example of how we were able to alert members by just announcing something in one post was when a soldier of one of the Green Guards of Club Penguin, died. I had everyone go to the site and pay their respects – with just one post. People back then always saw the site so it was easy to make a simple tournament without having to go see each site. All you had to do was post once in the CPUN, and the ever-so-active members would see it. Well, a lot of people followed that post and went to the site to pay their respects to the real-life dead guy. In the end, I think was just a lie. 😐 People like Ads354, Miroos, Person1233, Articsledder, and KJ Bulldogs went their and payed their respects after I posted of his death. Click here to see that post. 😀

That’s all for now. I think everyone knows the plan. I post again on Monday for more briefing. 😀

Remember, let’s show who we are. We aren’t a news site. We aren’t a tournament site. We’re the Club Penguin United Nations. There’s nothing out there like us in CP Warfare that’s lived as long as we have. 😉


12 Responses

  1. Nice Post

  2. Woah, since when were w e able to rate our comments?

  3. Dee,I rencently talked to artic on IW chat.He says he is thinking about coming back to CPUN.After all he is IW 2ic so he is pretty busy.

  4. I can get it promoted on ACP.

  5. yahhh! i can handle comments 🙂

  6. Feel free to email me Dee with any graphic requests. I would be more than happy to make anything, free of charge, for the CPUN! It would be an honor! 😀

  7. Oh Dee, if we want to promote CPUN then we can make videos and put them on Youtube. I am good with videos. I can make HD videos and get them popular. If you like the idea I can make about 5 0:30 – 1:00 long vids.

  8. Fine, I’ll comment until me and my majestic pony are needed 😛

  9. Dee. You are my friend and I am here to help you. The site isn’t interesting because you mainly focus on small armies. No one cares about small armies. It’s either medium are major. Post about the current war going on. How GT and Tg surrendered. How IW surrendered, but the UAF declined. That is what amazes us. Not what some small army is doing

    • Yeah, so you just come in randomly and insult all of these leaders of small armies? Thats insulting…

  10. Ads, if you remember, back in your time here, we posted about small armies and other armies getting up as well. I agree with you about needing more interesting news but for the past months, we really got lazy and few of us put effort into looking into others sites. What got us up during your time was the effort and commitment of everyone. Let’s just see how we go after the promotion.

    Atm, if you can make a video sample, even a short one, please post one! 🙂
    Aan, thank you for volunteering and contributing. You too Ads. 😉

  11. congrats molly soccer and others. Sorry I havent been posting at all lately- I don’t rally have a specific topic, so I just try to write about what ever I can, which usually ends being someone elses job. lol, I’ll try harder,

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