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Disney taking some action/ACP vs Nachos Conflict

Dee edit: Hey Super Bo. Since you don’t have a schedule yet, I’ll just leave this post up for a day because I was really planning on this post the whole spring break. Oh yeah, I suggest you have more judges because every single person who’s tried to hold a tournament here by themselves, has never finished. So I’ll assign Atm23 to help, if it’s okay? 😉

Super Bo Bo4 Edit:I Agree I Have An Army And When We Go To A Recruiting Session When You Say”Look Up” Or “Search” Disney/Club Penguin Makes Yo Loose Connection!Im Putting My Foot Down Im Protesting Whos With Me !Comment Saying This Has Happened To You And You Want To Take Action!

Hey everyone. It’s Dee here. 😀

I’d like to post about some things we’ve been having issues on lately. I agree with Pwner’s post down there. Small armies are going down and maybe because of Disney. But it’s not Disney who’s coming over to our blogs and seeing which army names they should block. And that is their technique, the CPUN would surely be done for for broadcasting each small armies name out there. 😀

I believe they’re taking chances in filtering certain phrases. I’m not sure about this, but they may be starting to filter phrases with “of Club Penguin“. I recently went on with Atm, his brother, and Color Peng, on Club Penguin after Atm told me about his new name for an army, “Penguin Armed Forces” was filtered. He also said he e-mailed Club Penguin and “the Club” said that he should change his name to something like “Club Penguin Elite Nations Guard” and they said Armed sounded violent. Well. 😐

I tried typing in Penguins of Club Penguin and this too was filtered. Can you guys believe it? There are only 3 words in that name and 2 of the words are part of the name of the actual game itself – Club Penguin! And this was filtered! I don’t know how many armies have had their names filtered but if this continues, we’ll have no chance of having a CP Warfare world.. with cool names for armies that is. XD

But yeah, it’s not just that. Why would Club Penguin be filtering words like this? Are they really targetting us? Who else would they be targetting?

I’d like to see your predictions: 🙂

I do have an idea though. If we have come to the point where we are hopeless in creating armies, we can always e-mail Club Penguin asking,
Why is ___Insert Name____ filtered?“. They’d then give you a suggestion in return. But this won’t go on for long.. There will probably be a time when we’d all just be sitting here reading blogs.



Moving from that, let’s go to the ACP vs Nachos.

An argument has risen from the recent battle at Snow Fort. The ACP and the Nachos have been going at each other once again and this one’s long. The ACP created a no-joke-bombing rule a few days/weeks back. Some people don’t like this rule but every army has to cooperate and follow these rules. I don’t know if it’s every army. Maybe every Major Army – if you know about this, please comment!

Well, from what I’ve heard, the ACP had more than the Nachos. I believe it was 9 vs 1. Nachos claim to have won because the ACP used a joke bomb and broke the rule. The ACP and the Nachos are still arguing about who owns Snow Fort.

In my opinion, I think the ACP and the Nachos should make another alliance. I’ve already suggested this to some people and they say it might fail, just like every other attempt similar to my suggestion. My suggestion is they recreate the ANTA. I know this was a big enemy of the CPUN and it brought us the height of our recognition but still. How will you get people to be honest, loyal, and promising, if you are all just armies who don’t care about one another? The ACP could simply say “We broke their own rule, so what?“. The Nachos could simply say, Away with the rule” and just joke-bomb anyways. What I’m trying to say is, there was probably never a real oath-taking in this agreement. If you broke the oath, would be kicked out of anything? Nope. Because there’s no organization. I’m not saying it’s necessary to build a super-powered organization again but, if armies are going to make agreements on particular things about warfare, there should be some sort of group in which these armies can take an oath in obeying in each others rules. With groups like this, it would be fair enough if each member contributed in the rule – like a senate. If one of the armies don’t like the rule, leave the group. If one breaks the rule – kicked or punished. Then you’d have to face the whole organization. Also, these organizations doesn’t have to mean an alliance. It could be something like the “Top 10 Organization” or whatever and then they could have rules for battles between Top 10 Armies.

We don’t need that if we can all agree on something, right? But if we’re gonna keep fighting about things, we’ll never have true proof or records. The major armies don’t have a constitution for all of them to follow,  thus, making it hard for each army to follow a rule a different army makes.

Anyways, I’d also like to notify you all about the rules of the No 24 Hour Rule Week. 😉

Here’s Shab’s post about it in the ACP site.

All opinions and corrections are very welcomed. Please comment! 😀





  • Please read and comment on Atm23’s post!
  • Renewal of the Nations page along with a meeting, will be announced this weekend or some time next week!


6 Responses

  1. I think late 2011 early 2012 we will see the small and medium armies fall.We need to have a meeting on this subject with all the CP army leaders..We have to fight until the last active people are on.Look at all the armies that have fallen Sleet empire,RR,CPR,and CPWW.People that wanna start armies cant because they cant get on search.So the only way acess to them is links on bigger army websites.This is a major subject bigger than any war or the biggest army.

  2. Do you think they put card jitsu in the dojo to stop wars from happening???Sounds ilke they did that for a reason. Think about it.

  3. I saw a play yesterday; The main point? “Think Positive.” :mrgreen:

  4. I think the end of Club Penguin Wafare will be this year or the begining of next year. 😦

  5. Hello,
    I guess i have a little explaining to do so; now’s the time to explain. I vanished because I needed some time away (dont ask me why) but now I am back. i don’t have an army any more. I broke it up for my time away. I currently do not play club penguin but am up for going back on it!!! it just feels nice to be in touch with you Dee again and everyone else. Once again I am sorry for my disappearance.

  6. I said Penguins of Club Penguin and i didn’t got banned, and i didn’t do it on my own igloo.

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