Hey There!

Dee edit: Finally, welcome aboard Sam. Sam’s been blogging with me in my blog for about a year now. I’ll put in some pictures she made in my site. They’re really awesome. I’ll post ’em below. 😀

Cas Edit: Welcome to the CPUN, nice to know theres another brit here.

Hi guys, it’s Sambabeat96 here! First off,  I just want to apologize for not posting this earlier. I’ve been kinda busy with life and all. But now I have a few minutes on my hands, I’ll introduce myself a little. I’m a girl, I’m 13, I’m British, my birthday’s in September and I love to doodle. If you ever want a doodle of your penguin, don’t be afraid to ask!

I’ll try my best to help around the site!


Dee edit: Here they are. I wonder if Sam is taking requests? 😉

Dee Sketch

One of Sam's sketches of Dee!

Sambabeat Sketch

A picture of Sam's work of herself!

Welcome new reporters. I’m going to be posting about an issue I want to further discuss with you guys more. Until then! 😀


4 Responses

  1. Welcome Sambeat to the CPUN I have saw your work on his blog . We need new members anyway we can get them!!!

  2. Dee,we should start planing the celebration for the CPUN 2 year anniversary party it is only 3 days away!!!!!!

  3. Welcome sam! I’m sure you will be a big help to the CPUN!

  4. Welcome Sam! I’m glad to see another girl who is interested in cp warfare!

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