ACP VS Nachos

ATM Edit: Hey people, look at my latest post and comment please!

Cas: I Believe Your the Deputy Prime Minister (3ic)

GP: Hey everyone! I’m back from Jamaica, and I’m going to be trying to put some ideas together in the coming days and be active again! Welcome aboard everybody else! By the way, what’s my position Dee?

Sorry I couldn’t post this earlier. WordPress wasn’t letting me log in.


It was 43 to 9. The ACP was very successful in defending the snowforts this Wednesday. Although it is unclear how many nacho troops attended the battle, it is obvious the ACP had more soldiers. The ACP may have had more soldiers fight, but the nacho army claims they won because the ACP used joke bombs. So who won the battle? ACP or Nachos?

Tune into my next news report for the answer. Or, you could save me the time and find out yourself. 😛 I’ve been busy lately. Mostly on Saturdays. I will try my best to get some more awesome news!


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  1. Well ACP are raiding Snow Fort right now; 5:10 EST Time :mrgreen: !!!

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