Cas: Ill make it 2 PM GMT, Thanks Cas.

Dee edit: Hmm, it’s midnight for me. Maybe an earlier time? My time is GMT + 8. And I start school on Wednesday but yes, it’s a good idea to get people to meet up again. 😉 Oh yeah, see post below too.


I request a meeting with you on the 6th of April

Time: 6PM UK

Place:  CPUN Chat

Why: To  discuss future plans for me and for cpun.

Who is Invited: All Members of Cabinet who wish to attend.


Lord Maximillion Casius Von Brutiiumus


7 Responses

  1. What would it be EST?

  2. Molly, in PST it would be 9AM Penguin Standard Time. Check the Community page in Club Penguin or that clocktower in the Snow Forts. 😉


  3. I dont think i can make it ill be on the plane by then.Ill check in if im not to busy on my parents computer.I wont be back until the 14 of April.

  4. Okay. Where you goin’ KJ? See ya soon. 😉

  5. Anyone can come?

  6. What would it be in Pacific?

  7. What Time Is That In CST

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