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We need to talk, so let’s meet up

Dee edit: SCHEDULE UPDATED! I’ve inputted the time now. Please comment if you can come. If you’d like to make adjustments, please feel free to comment. 😉

March 30, 2010

Greetings everyone! It’s Dee here.

Everyone knows it. I know it, you know it. The CPUN is falling in popularity. These are the days I ‘half-expected‘ would come. We’re old fashioned. We’re out of place. We’re just not the thing anymore. No one needs our help.

Maybe I’m over-exaggerating. There are still people there who probably need help.. but they need real help. People want war. They always have but there was really a time when small armies were desperate for help and the only help they usually got was from other smaller armies, not from the big guys. Patriotism jumped into CP Warfare months ago and that was probably the beginning of the reasons we may start to not be useful anymore. Maybe it was even years ago when Patriotism and the interest to bring back great, straight-to-the-fighting, wars came into the people’s minds, right after the ‘Politics Era’ of CP Warfare (war declined, negotiations were being made instead). I believe it is helpful to look at our past. Every history teach asks every class – Why do we need to learn about our history?. Well, we can learn from our mistakes. I believe each and every era helped us. We didn’t learn that politics sucked. It didn’t suck that much. It helped us in a few things. Negotiations probably saved an army a couple times from complete annihilation.

The CPUN once had something. A really unique thing. We weren’t people who tried to get people to like each other. We weren’t a Bill Clinton who tried to make a peace-settlement between Israel and Palestine. We weren’t big people. We were the minor people who experienced the same things other minors did. We were the alliance of small armies.. I welcomed anyone who joined. The first people who joined soon became big figures.

Nowadays, we just aren’t the same. A couple or more people once told me the CPUN may be a little getting-in-the-way of the fun. Maybe because small armies are easier to bring up nowadays because no one would’ve ever said that. Back in the days, people NEEDED help. Many people were hopeless and in a mess. I just don’t think we’re that useful anymore.

Here’s a simple diagram I made. Sorry for the simplicity. I started it a little before dinner and finished it after eating half a chocolate bar.

CPUN Diagram
Diagram of what’s happened in the past years

This diagram may be a little hard to understand, and I think it will be hard to understand but I just want to emphasize one thing. We are falling behind. Armies, people, and time has already passed us. So many have passed us. We are like a school, proud of the students we helped graduate and get big. But generations of people have already passed and more and more are passing by – but not through us.

It’s getting hard for us to do what we used to do. We had a pretty active staff back then. We’ve had hopeless times but we got up. I don’t know if we’ll be able to get back up again this time. Godplayer once said something like this, “If you start getting lazy now, you’ll stay like that. Something like that. Yes, we may have started getting lazy. We’ve had many great ideas and projects that were never finished. But we were strong once, but that meant we’d fall hard if we ever did fall. We have fallen from that spot and it’s gonna be harder to reach it again. I expected more in our Active Count. Have we really lost so much? I’d like to thank Cas for volunteering to help out and thank everyone who says they’re still with us. Thank you.

I was glad people who were once in the CPUN are now huge figures, but then I realized that they soon had to retire. A lot of whom I knew already retired and their armies are led by people who don’t know me. I appreciate everyone who puts up the badge “Warning, I am a CPUN Member“. 😦 We really once had power. But what’s to fear from the CPUN now? We are powerless. It’s hard to get armies loyal to us because it seems like the things we do that used to be interesting and great, aren’t so much anymore. If someone threatens us, who do we have left who knows how to fight for us or even would be willing to fight for us and fight for the sake of the armies in our  community? 😦

Well, I’m not gonna make a long speech. I’ll hold a meeting. It’s been a long time. We need a proper assembly. Here’s the info:

  • WHAT: Meeting (Not a General Assembly yet)
  • WHEN: Sunday, April 4 – 8PM Penguin Standard Time (Please see the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts to find out the Penguin Standard Time 🙂 )
  • WHERE: CPUN Chat
  • WHY: To talk about what is to become of the future of the CPUN – important

There is just one request I ask from you guys. Bring any person you know who was once in the CPUN. There are hundreds. There’s gotta be people left! I have something in mind. Oh yeah, Miroos, if you read this, this isn’t the plan I talked to you about earlier. It’ll come. 🙂

For those who want a spot in the CPUN, if you are able to come to the meeting, and things go well, hopefully, we can get a spot for you. For the meantime, tell me what you are interested in. 😉

See you all I hope!


Comment if you can come or not! 😀

ATM Edit: Hey Dee, do you think I can do a weekly post every Thursdays about what the news is for the army world?


41 Responses

  1. Sorry I never put that badge on the SPAAF site… I guess I’ll put it on now. I’ll try my best to be at the meeting.

  2. Hello long time no see CPUN !! I know ive been havent been around In a while so i stopped by.I havent been on in so long i type much slower and i can hardly touch type anymore!!

  3. Even my typing skills are bad now!!

  4. Alot of new rookies I see

  5. There are still armies who need help! If we keep advertising, we will get more popular! We are VERY popular on google.

  6. Atm, it’s no problem. A lot have put it up anyways. Thanks if you do. 🙂
    Welcome back KJ, good to see you. 😉

    Molly, you’re right there. We get hits thanks to people searching in Google. We’re also the number 1 site for discussions about Panfu vs Club Penguin. Sometime ago, when you’d type any major army in, the CPUN site would not be far below, sometimes even right below the major army link. Now it doesn’t seem to show up..

  7. I will try my best to come my friend!

  8. What the freak!? Who deleted my post!?!?

  9. Dee, I think I’m gonna make a new army. A new name, new website, new everything. It might be called the “Penguin Armed Forces”

  10. Your look at one of the only first generation CPUN officals that are still active.Thinking about retiring not for another month or two though.

  11. I mean ONE of the only.

  12. Totaly agree with you dee were not the CPUN when i joined.This is the 4 generation of CP armies i think.When i joined we were only the 2 generation still we have the same superpowers.ACP has been majorly changed thats why i quit. Good leaders ilke Jedimaster and boomer are not around any more.Now its more about war than having a fun time plundering each other with snowballs.The old fashion type of wars ilke the battles of mammoth we use to have in the dojo are gone no longer here.When the first part of the 3 generation came thats when the bad stuff started happening.We are losing what we once had and i dont think we can get it back

  13. I need a list of active army sites so I can get news from them. I’m having trouble getting good news!

  14. Molly, I think we can cover stuff about the ACP, Nachos, Ice Warriors, UMA, Golden Warriors, and I’ll think of more. The best thing we can do for them right now is show some news. 😉

    Oh yeah, KJ, I think you can change your name for simply King Jared now. I’ll think of a place for you. 🙂

  15. I can help with news and updates and stuff like that. I can post at least every other day so we’ll almost always have a new post. I’m also leader of many big armies and can start advertising…

    Dee edit: Thanks Chuck. Probably after the meeting we’ll see to those who want a job. You can attend if you’d like. Thanks again. 😉

  16. If you want to add me I can help.. Just a thought though 😛

  17. cpun is falling because CPAZ have come back. I am leader of CPAZ and please visit my site- http://armyzones.wordpress.com/

  18. I don’t see how we’re falling because of you. I’ve seen your site and you have a history. How long have you guys been around?


  19. sorry but i cant come that’s late for me

  20. sorry for being inactive too

  21. poor Dee. Im most suprised that the best name you can think of is “Dee” Powerful Brainbox. You want to start a fight? Well I dont. email me at roman.mitra@gmail.com and we will talk there privately I want to make you an offer……..
    we have been around for 4 days.

    • ROFL!!!!!!!! Get out of here noob. “Dee” is an awsome name.

  22. Look whose talking! What kind of name is “lentalsoup”! Come on. Was that all you could think of?

  23. I have some ideas on a story. I had writers block for a few days.

  24. Yeah, I can come

  25. What happened, you used to be on of the most popular sites in 08… I remember it, because I couldn’t forgive myself for missing Order 67 which ended days earlier before I joined..What happened…

  26. Plus can you add Elite on the blogroll? We are still going. The site is elitescp.wordpress.com

  27. I’ve already talked to Lentalsoup guys. Thanks anyways. Atm, I don’t think it’s that awesome. But thanks. Everyone’s names are creative somehow. XD

    Supperz, I know. Sadly, we’re not the usual thing anymore. There’s little anger and, I don’t know. Probably when we started getting small armies to become major armies, our goals changed. Since we brought people recognition, there was no point in fighting major armies – and basically, fighting major armies was where all the fun was – there was real anger, real hope, and there were two ways of lives here. Major, or minor.

    Several generations of the Elites passed through here, I’ll put you guys back on. 😉


  28. Long time no see Dee. I can help with CPUN. Although I might not be able to post everyday since I have gotten alot more busy since I met you 😆

  29. I want my Army to join CPUN, but sadly I can’t make the Meeting 😦 !

    My Army is CPU aka Club Penguin Union and the Site is: http://cpunion.tk .

    • Mchappy, go here and fill out the form to join. https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/members/

  30. I might, or might not make it.

  31. Dee, I could probably make it. I didn’t know it was at night for me. Happy Easter!

  32. I missed it because I was too tired. I was up late, then I had to wake up early and run around all day.

    • There’s still two hours to go O_O

    • Molly, for this meeting we aren’t going by Pacific, mountain, eastern, etc. time. It is Penguin Standard Time. For this meeting we are going by the time on the CP clock in th Snow Forts.

  33. […] We need to talk, so let’s meet up […]

  34. I know, and I couldn’t make it. What I wrote was confusing for everyone, so…um, just forget it. Sorry i couldn’t make it.

  35. how about we start order 67 again? 😮

  36. Lol, Happy Easter to you to Atm23. 😉

    XD Supperz. It wasn’t us who started it. And there are few armies with the heart to fight major armies.

  37. I fell asleep at that time and was partying before that anyways.

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