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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Global Parade Info/ ACP army rights?


ok, since almost no one here knows me, lol, I’m Zayer. I’m a new reporter, and I’ll hopefully be doing reports on medium armies, and if an important event pops up, I’ll most like add it in.

Ok, so first off, CPA central has organized a “Global Parade” in which armies who sign up get together with other armies assigned to the same server, and basiclly parade around about cp armies. Here’s the info directly from the CPA central site-

Global Parade Info!

Posted on March 7, 2010 by Godplayer a.k.a. Playa

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Leaders, be at xat.com/cpacentral to conference and decide on orders. Also, if you are involved in this, post it on your website!

Hey everyone! I’m glad to see a large portion of our community participating in this parade! Here is the information for our parade: Note: If your server is nearly full and your are in the Top 10, PC me.

When: March 14, Sunday, 2010
Times: (in PM)

  • 3:00 PST
  • 4:00 MST
  • 5:00 CST
  • 6:00 EST
  • 9:00 UK
  • 4:00 AM Western Australia
  • 7:00 AM Eastern Australia
  • 10:00 AM Hawaii
  • If you need any other time zones, comment.

Now, here is the complete list of armies and their server assignments. Note: the bigger the army, the less crowded server they receive.

  • Militia Soldiers of Club Penguin, Purple Heads, Vikings, Club Penguin Defenders, Fort Ghost Recon, Red Warriors – Server: Fog
  • Penguin Dynamite Warriors, Fire Warriors, Flamer Surfer Army – Server: Down Under
  • Pizza Warriors, Golden Troopers, Club Penguin Sun Troopers – Server: Ice Breaker
  • Snow Troops, Golden Warriors, Impossible Mission Army ForceServer: Ice Palace
  • Club Penguin Power Warriors, Flame Vikings, Free Club Penguin, Imperial Warriors, Shadow Force, Hydro Warriors – Server: Hibernate
  • Club Penguin Union, Team Gold, Black Panthers, True Green ArmyServer: Ice Age
  • Club Penguin Chicken Crusaders, ACP Alpha Division, Club Penguin Patriot Force, Snow Fighters – Server: Ice Berg
  • ACP Echo Division, ACP Delta Division – Server: Powder Ball
  • Tacos, UMA – Server: Snow Bound
  • Ice Warriors – Server: Icicle
  • Watex Warriors, Nacho Navy Hot Sauce Army – Server: Northern Lights
  • Nacho Army, Nacho Air Force – Server: Walrus

Well, those were all the armies that signed up. During the parade, I will be on xat.com/cpacentral if you have any questions. Just get on your server and have some fun!

ok? so, even if your army didn’t sign up, maybe you could jump in and help out. Finally, ACP, who originally were conjoined in a plan with the nachos to create the Anti Disney Federation(read mollies post below-) have now backed out. In a statement from ACP’s Dr. Nono jr.-

“It’s foolish and futile to think that we can overthrow Disney. As long as they’re making money off us, the best thing to do is to fight for ourselves, not against them.”

They have now created their own group, ACP Army Rights Movement, which, instead of fighting Disney, will try and help save Cp armies instead. Whether or not this is a good idea on their part is still unknown. Hopefully, it helps in the end.

“Getting news once we write it”-



3 Responses

  1. Please Join My Army At
    We Need Recruits War Comming Soon!

  2. Um, we have our own army..

  3. Guys I Am The Leader Of CPN We Are Going INTO War With The Nag Group Please Join Me And Help Defeat Them :

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