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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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The Real Dryvit

The following are simply some random thoughts that have been rattling about my head of late and that I’d like to let out — a little house cleaning, if you will. One of the first facts we should face is that Dryvit is an opportunist. That is, it is an ideological chameleon, without any real morality, without a soul. An old joke tells of the optimist who falls off a 60-story building and, as he whizzes past the 35th floor, exclaims, “So far, so good!” But it is not such blind optimism that causes Dryvit’s coadjutors to think that they can promote mediocrity over merit. Dryvit embraces conformism with open arms. And if that seems like a modest claim, I disagree. It’s the most radical claim of all.

I use such language purposefully — and somewhat sardonically — to illustrate how Dryvit keeps trying to legitimize the fear and hatred of the privileged for the oppressed. And if we don’t remain eternally vigilant, he will really succeed. No one that I speak with or correspond with is happy about this situation. Of course, I don’t speak or correspond with quasi-devious, jaded rotters, Dryvit’s deputies, or anyone else who fails to realize that Dryvit’s prevarications are not an abstract problem. They have very concrete, immediate, and unpleasant consequences. For instance, solecism is not merely an attack on our moral fiber. It is also a politically motivated attack on knowledge. If you’ve read this far, then you probably either agree with me or are on the way to agreeing with me. Call me a cynic, but it is singularly apt that I haven’t the foggiest idea why Dryvit wants to rally for a cause that is completely void of moral, ethical, or legal validity. The mere mention of that fact guarantees that this letter will never get published in any mass-circulation periodical that Dryvit has any control over. But that’s inconsequential, because only the impartial and unimpassioned mind will even consider that the picture I am presenting need not be confined to Dryvit’s Right Wing Policies. It applies to everything he  says and does.

What a cunning coup on the part of Dryvit’s slaves, who set out to overthrow democratic political systems and got as far as they did without anyone raising an eyebrow. Dryvit does, occasionally, make a valid point. But when it says that it is not only acceptable, but indeed desirable, to commit confrontational, in-your-face acts of violence, intimidation, and incivility, that’s where the facts end and the ludicrousness begins. Dryvit loves getting up in front of people and telling them that he  is the ultimate authority on what’s right and what’s wrong. He then boasts about how he’ll  impose ideology, control thought, and punish virtually any behavior he disapproves of one day. It’s all part of the media spectacle that is Dryvit . Of course, he  soaks it up and wallows in it like a pig in mud. Speaking of pigs and mud, Dryvit’s worshippers claim to have no choice but to remove society’s moral barriers and allow perversion to prosper. I wish there were some way to help these miserable, dim-witted dunderheads. They are outcasts, lost in a world they didn’t make and don’t understand. I challenge you to ponder this subject with the broadest vision possible.

If you need the hard facts, be my guest.

  • Dryvit Corrupted the ACP Senate during his term, Appointing people to the senate, He Even Appointed myself in the Hope to Control me. That was where he made his mistake.
  • Dryvit Bribes People For His own Gain, An Example you Might Ask- There was a proposal going around to remove a Senator, who will remain unnamed. i was going to vote FOR this proposal, However I was told if i was going to vote to impeach this senator that he would have me removed from the senate.
  • Dryvit Removes People who are against him. Example- Motor20,Former 3ic. Motor Spoke out against Dry and was apparently accused of not doing his duty and GUESS WHAT! …………..DEMOTED!
  • When dryit stood down as leader, His Reign of Tyranny Continued, According to My Reliable Source, Dryvit used his Recently Promoted Brother Divotoo To Exploit His Gains. Dryvit also made himself co leader which is illegal due to the Re-joining Law. He Remained a Main Owner on Chat, Banning and Guesting people who spoke against him.
  • All Of this Led up to his removal by the very own Boomer20 and Oagalthorp. This my friends was the one of the best things that ever happend to ACP.
  • Much to My Sorrow Dryvit was Awarded The Medal of Honor By Saint The Former Leader putting a bad name on all the legends like David Shawn and Orcacam and Boomer20 who earned that medal through they’re devotion and service, Dry continues to remain an owner on ACP Chat.

And His new Army ”Gators” What a Joke. I’ll say no more about that…. for now

If you still believe Dryvit  is a ”God and Saviour”, Then im sorry to say this but you must have some sort of mental retardation.

Now For Dryvit’s Response to My Post- I’ll post that as soon as he does respond or if that coward does respond.

Hope You Found that Helpful.



3 Responses

  1. Hey everyone, just posting to show I’m not dead. I’ll try to be more active but school works keeping me busy.
    Anyway, maybe you could give me more of an advisor or a lower rank if this has not already changed. We need a more motivated 2IC of the CPUN for the time being.

  2. Hey Dee, what should I write about? Should I be a CP news reporter, or get information about armies? I need to know what my job is so I can start writing! 😀

  3. well that was insightful lol cool

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