The Epic.

Flipper: *Alliance

Well, as you probably know, war has broken out between ACP and the Nachos. The Nachos recently took out White Out, Blizzard (Wait, wasn’t that a Nacho server?), and Ice Breaker. They took White Out and Blizzard tonight (Blizzard invasion, White Out epic raid). Some of you probably know I’m in the Nachos. Most of you also know, “Wait, isn’t he small army reporter dude?” Well I am. I’m creating the Red Alliance. We will be against ACP, and any other army(s) that oppose(s) us. The tournament isn’t doing so well. So it will be put on hold. Current Armies:

Armies in Red Alliance:

Fantastic Red Warriors

Leaders: Dash A, Pwener1 (Pwn)

Site for the new Red Alliance coming soon!


P.S. Dee, I’m getting bored. I have time on my hands. I can be taking another job if needed.


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