FRW wins! Tourney re-sign up.

Well, first off, FRW won the first battle in the restarted tourney. So DCP, you don’t have to go through any more


Second, here is the re-sign up. This time, I’m not going to look. The armies are going to sign up. Here is the form:





13 Responses

  1. Army: Fritos AKA Chips

    Leader: Panthers Bas, 381nascar, and Chuckisthe2

    Is this gonna be small army only?

  2. Army: Fire Rebels

    Leader: Coolguy12348 and Danny9632

  3. What are we signing up for?….

    Army: Penguin Liberation Army


  4. Oh, Jacstyle is leader too 😉

  5. Pwn , were re-doing the tourney 😐 ?

    Army : RUS ACP

    Leader : Nikeblack980 (Co-leader : Uga77)

  6. But chuck, your a 2ic not leader, well i guess your a leader, but your not a main leader like nascar and panthers. Just saying.

  7. Hey everybody! You probably thought I was gone. lol Well, I am busy with school these days. Please don’t remove me from CPUN. I’l be more active. 😀

  8. Goodluck to the next battle! Don’t worry Atm, we don’t remove people without asking them if they would want to stay. 😉

    I’m gonna put more people into the Hall of Fame soon so stay tuned for that. 😀


    • Cool! 😀

  9. Is it me or is speed lacking activeness?
    He was one of my favorite penguins.

  10. the fire rebels are now the ice fighters Join The IF!

  11. can u add me to the editors?

  12. hi boo

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