You want it? You got it!/The news

OK, you wanted a restart, so I’m going to give you one! BUT. I do have 1 request. The DCP FRW battle was last night. I looked at your complaints this morning and said “Wow, this is screwed.” The only battle that was successful was DCPvsFRW.I will be restarting the tourney, getting new armies, but DCP and FRW can stay. They will be battle 1. Or they WERE battle 1. Take a look at the pics:


Here is the small army news:

Brownies: Moved out of the “Small Army Zone”

FRW: Had a battle against DCP

DCP: Had a battle against FRW

RCP: Their 2 main leaders and founders retired, leaving the army to a new era, or to just fall.

Chips:A new army, but already a decent size!

Militia Soldiers:Pretty good! They recently had a pretty big victory over, well, they didn’t say :/.

FR:They claimed victory over UPA and, well, WOW was it big!

This week, if you think YOUR army is newsworthy, comment the link and I will check it out!

One more thing about the battle:

To see FRW pics, go

To see DCP pics, go



9 Responses

  1. Mine has been kinda active lately


    MSCP’s first ever BATTLE! We ahd 7 people, too!

  3. i have a video on the battle , but on the last 5 mins

  4. Hellz ya my army is newsworthy

  5. my army is new too. we are looking for a enemy army. Please comment on our site if you do the following:

    1. must be a fairly new army like us
    2. must be active
    3. must not be extremely mean to us. No cursing ect.


  6. ya brownies arnt going to enter again since where major now

  7. Testing some smileys: :thumbup: :thumbdown: :XD:

  8. k they don’t work

  9. Well that’s a lot of news. 😀 Thanks.

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